The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 2: New allies?

“Oh! I am so sorry, need a hand?” Queenie started to growl, but her expression softened when she looked up. A boy with brown hair and green eyes had bent down, offering her his hand. He had a navy shirt, tan shorts and an orange baseball cap on backwards. the wind blew soft strands of loose hair into his sharp emerald eyes. Queenie swallowed and reached out a shaking hand. “Th-thanks. It’s no problem.” The boy smiled, but another voice broke out. “I’m sorry too miss.” Queenie looked at see a white-haired, blue eyed boy walk up and bend down to her fairy college. Faye how rub her back until she looked up. Her brown orbs widened as she caught sight of the stranger. Faye gently took his hand and he helped her up. Faye brushed herself off and stood next to Queenie.

They looked at each other, utterly confused and embarrassed before Faye spoke up. “It’s… it’s quite alright. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Faye.” Faye bowed her head slightly and Queenie extended her gloved hand. “Name’s Queenie.” Baseball cap shook Queen’s hand while White hair nodded back to Faye. ‘I’m Gene Arte,” Baseball cap explained. “This is Pietro Maximoff. You come here for coffee too?” Faye perked up and jumped forward. “Yup! Queenie and I were about to get some. Would you like to join us?” Queenie frowned at her friend. How is she so friendly to them already?! it’s like she’s always known them. Oh well, she is very bubbly. Pietro laughed at Faye’s enthusiasm and nudged Gene. “Sure, why not?”

Pietro walked, a bit stiffly to the door and held ti open. A rush of the aroma of coffee beans blew into their noses and the soft lights seemed to invite them in. Queenie grinned and walked in, followed by Gene and they both went to the counter. Faye looked at him curiously as she walked past him. He seems a bit rigid. Why? He gives off an aura of the wind. A strong, free wind. Who is he really? She beckoned him up next to her in line. Pietro grinned and followed. “What do you usually get, Faye?” he asked sweetly. She grinned and pointed to the chalkboard. “I get a chocolate chip mocha latte with peppermint and raspberry. It’s really good.” Pietro grinned. “I usually get an energy drink. Gene gets some Ice-o.” Faye grinned. He seems nice, but why an energy drink among coffee? Hmmmm. 

Queenie laughed as Gene lightly tapped her shoulders. “You don’t scare me. What are you getting?” Gene smiled at pick up a bottle of water. “This. Not a coffee drinker.” Queenie looked mocked hurt and shoved him. “Shame! Fine, drinks are on me.” Faye perked up and cheered. Pietro and Gene grinned at each other. “You sure? Pietro and I can…” Gene was stopped by Queenie raising her hand in a dismissing manner. “It’s no problem. I insist. Faye, find us some seats.” Faye winked and took the boys by their fore-arms. “This way.” She lead the two bewildered, grinning boys to a window table and plopped down onto a seat next to the window. It was looking down the south side of the busy city road and straight towards the city hall. Pietro sat across from her, looking down towards the hillside outside the city. Gene sat next to Pietro, leaving the

Queenie returned with their four drinks. “Man, we are diverse in our tastes.” she remarked. Gene rolled his eyes, Pietro snorted and Faye giggled. Queenie merely grinned and sat down not he wooden chair. She passed out the drinks and they nodded. “Thank you Queenie.” they said one after the other. Queenie snickered and they all let loose of laughs. The smooth jazz playing in the backgrounds flowed through their ears and calmed them down. Even through they had just meet, to others they seemed like a tight knit group of friends. Queenie and Faye would later say that single encounter on the street would flip their world upside down, but in a good way. Pietro and Gene would say that they were swept off their feet in those few seconds. In a single moment after their laughing spree, screams rang out in the air. Faye and Queenie, Gene and Pietro exchanged looks. Trouble!


The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 1: Who are They?

Queenie lay flat on the wet green turf and sniffed the air. It’s colder then usual. Must be that North Wind she said she was bringing today. I hope she arrives soon. Queen’s sharp jacket nose caught a different scent riding on the frail breeze. She stretched out her arms and let out a large cat yawn. being half-animal, Queenie had some of their traits including habits. Queenie, known as the heroine Jackal, was a free spirit despite her large family. But the large portion was mainly adults, she only had a few siblings. Queenie’s jackal ears perked up at attention when a ringing, sweet laughter broke her train of thoughts. She watched as seemingly thousands of light colored lights flew around her, but only one stopped in front her. Queenie smiled. “Hello again Faye.”

The little red light bounced and grew in size until a young woman of about 15 years was in front of Queenie. She had wings on her back and was a true fay. Faye grinned. “Same here, sorry I’m late. Trying to get away from a family of thousands of brothers and sisters is kinda hard.” Faye winked at lights as they flew off towards the South. A stronger blew over the two girls and they held up their arms to shield it. “Is this the North Wind?” Queenie asked, Faye merely nodded. “Yup! Now, shall we go into the city?” Faye took out a small clear flask with a sparkling dust inside. Queenie’s ears flopped down. “Again?” Faye giggled. “Come on! We can’t walk around in our hero clothes or normal clothes!”

Queenie sighed. “Fine” she relented. Faye giggled and threw a handful of dust in the air. It flew over them and swirled around them until their outfits changed. Faye’s wings were hidden as were her pointed ears. Queenie’s bushy tail and ears were gone too. Faye wore a cowgirl theme outfit while Queenie had a blue converse vibe. “Now, off to New York City!” Queenie grabbed Faye’s hand and they ran across the green and flowered valley towards the towering bustling city ahead of them. Faye laughed and caught up with her best friend. Faye was of the fairy race, known as fay. Faye had meet Queenie only a few months ago, but they swore they were long lost twins.

Faye and Queenie ran up to the edge of town and cars honked at them as they both skidded to a stop at the light. “Man, this is why I am here. I am a proud city girl.” Queenie smirked at her friend who was rolling her big brown eyes. “Yes, I am the proud country girl and yet we get along.” Faye winked and stepped onto the crosswalk. “Let’s go get some tea and coffee.” Queenie grinned and followed behind. “Why were you late? North Wind hard to handle?” Queenie poked at her friend. Faye looked over her shoulder with a deadpan look. “You know how hard it is to lose my big family? You only have a big sister. I have thousands of them! Plus brothers that act like bodyguards. I made it though, oh look! A Minuti coffee!”

Queenie looked at the other side of the now calm street. Faye was pointing at a corner shop with the bright white words “Minuti” on it. She shrugged. “Sure, never had it before. I’m game.” Faye grinned and grabbed her bestie’s hand. “Let’s go then before it crowds up.” The girls trotted down the sidewalk to the curb. Faye looked both ways, clear, and crossed. Queenie felt herself being dragged across the hard, cold stone road to the tile curb in front of the tiny coffee house. “You sure you need coffee now Faye?” Queenie asked her bubbly friend. Faye frowned at her cautious accomplice. “Yes! As do you, now come on…” Faye turned sharply and ran into someone. She lost her balance and fell back. Queenie reached out to catch her friend, but someone bumped into her and the girls fell into a heap. “Hey!”

A Fairy Rare Adventure. Chapter 2 Fireflies, Flowers, and Mysteries.

Dinner was over, May was cleaning, the kids were outside playing and Adelina was on her bed, thinking. So much had happened in a few hours and she needed to be alone. Adelina sat the the soft cot and was gazing blankly at the boxes on the floor. Her mind was traveling back in time to the boy, the lord, the woods, the words Auntie May spoke and the heart wrenching question Rosy had asked. Adelina grabbed her stuffed animal and squeezed it. “I want to become a scholar, but I don’t want to leave them forever. I’ll still visit, but yet. I’ll be…alone.” Adelina stared at the bear’s blissful expression, wondering how something can be so obviously happy. At least it doesn’t have to make these decisions like I do. Also, should I go tonight? I don’t even know him, but…….

Adelina got up off the bed and went to her mirror. She brushed back here locks to see her pointed ears. She sighed, wondering what the boy meant. Martha has the same deformity so why did he say it wasn’t? I need to know, but I’ve never snuck out before. I better plan it out carefully. Adelina went over to her trunk and carefully opened it. It creaked a bit, but made no further noise. Adelina knew that pretty soon that Auntie May would put the children to bed and retire as well. “If I wait long enough, I can sneak out.” Adelina nodded to herself and jumped back onto her bed. For her view, the sun was starting it’s decent. She remained still and heard Auntie May trying to get the kids inside. Just a few more minutes now. Just a little longer now….

Minutes passed and Adelina gently placed her bare feet on the wooden, cracked floorboards. She took up her cloak on the true and went step by step, downward on the slim stairs. Her soft, bare feet made no noise to disturb the dreaming children in the operate rooms. Adelina glanced down the hall and spotted May sleeping peacefully. She took big steps across the hall until she was safe past the corridor of rooms. Ok, now grab boots and a snack. I know the way. Here I go. She seemed to dance across the woolen rug, through the kitchen and finally stopped at the door. She grabbed her gladiator sandals and laced them up. She tried the door, but it remained shut. “Storm it, she locks it.” she muttered under her soft breaths.

Adelina locked around her for the key, but saw a different way out. “The window.” It was a large window, wide enough for a teen to crawl through. She grinned and picked up a stool to place under the window. She undid the latch, pushed herself out and flew onto the soft grass below. “I’m out, but not free yet.” She closed the window and took off. The wind was blowing against her back, making herself go seemingly faster. Adelina pulled her hood up as she ran along the pale, dying sunlit path. The sun was big on the horizon and she quickened her pace. I gotta make it! I need to know. The woods seemed to be a blur around her as Adelina flew on the beaten track. Suddenly, a break in the trees appeared up ahead. She skidded to a stop.

There was before her thousands upon thousands of cornflowers, blue and purple striking against the dying red light of the evening sun. Adelina was breathing heavily, in awe and trying to regain her breath. Her two colored orbs took in the clashing colors until a dark spot broke it all. Adelina gasped when she saw him, but quietly advanced towards him through the delicate flowers. He was still wearing his hood and stood silent. Does he even know I’m here? She reached out her hand, but he turned around with lightning speed. She gasped and recoiled back until he grabbed her hand. “You actually came. I’m surprised yet glad.” He spoke softly yet with a sharp edge.

Adelina gasped at him speaking. She saw his hand on her hand and suddenly, she saw visions and flashes of images she couldn’t see properly. Adelina shook her head and her heart sped up in her chest. Why am I reacting like this? What is going on with him? She tore her hand away form him and glared at him. “What did you want from me?” The boy didn’t respond, but stared deep into her eyes. He seemed to pierce her own heart with those blue orbs. Finally he spoke, “I was right. You saw those images and felt those strange feelings didn’t you?” Adelina was taken aback, but nodded. “How did you know?” The boy smiled, a white encouraging smile, and spoke again. “First, you need to see me fully.” He threw back his hood and Adeline’s two colored orbs grew in shock.

Time speed to slow down for them. The dying light was snuffed out, the wind picked up and the trees groaned against the biting chill. The blue flower seemed to glow as the stars slowly perked out, dancing to the heavenly music. The pale blue moon also showed her pale face and smiled to softly smile and wrapped the two teens in her gentle light. The blue, lilac, pink and red flowers swayed gently in the night wind and seems to join into the melody of the night. Adelina saw these things, but her gaze was frozen on the boy in front of her. He at first was expressionless, but then a gentle smile crawled on his light-struck face.

Adelina breathed softly, daring not to break the atmosphere. Her lips and hands were shaking in shock at him. Her legs wanted to move forward, but she couldn’t find the will to move them. She stood as still as the marble statue that stood in the town square. The wind blew her stray red locks in front of her pale face. the boy walked slowly, walking gently among the buds, approaching her. Adelina gasped silently when he stopped a foot away from her. The silence stayed until he spoke. “I am Aiden. I came here to find you.” Adeline merely stared. ME!??!?! Why me? How come he has ears like mine, but says mine aren’t deformed? Adelina shook her head rapidly before looking back into his deep eyes. “Why do you say my ears are normal? What did that mean?”

Aiden sighed and ran a hand through his tousled black hair. “It’s a long story. Do you want it bluntly or softly?” Adelina frowned and crossed her arms, trying to cover the fact she was shivering. “Bluntly would get me to the point.” Aiden smirked and didn’t waste a second. “You and me are both fairies, according to mortals.” Adelina snickered slightly, thinking it was a joke. Yeah, that makes…… She saw his face. He was serious, yet he had a mischievous twinkle in his orbs. He’s not lying. But…..if I was a fairy, wouldn’t I have known? Aiden watched her as she processed his answer. Well, she’s quick. I hope she stays that way on the journey. he walked closer to her.

Adelina snapped out of her mental wandering when he grew close. “What are you…?” A shock vibrated throughout her body. She gasped for air sharply, but a warm flow then washed over her. Images, songs and visions pranced through her mind. Adeline tried to speak, but the overflowing feelings seemed to damper her voice. The sensations were suddenly too much and all went black for her. Aiden caught her as she fell into his arms. “Sorry, I guess I must have rushed it a bit.” He slowly sat down on the wet and soft grass and laid her down. She is a faye. The reaction to my touch shows it. But since it was her first, it must have been a bit much. I’ll wait until she wakes again. But, at least I found her. Please be strong, you have a lot to learn and don’t slow me down!

Aiden sighed and reached into his sweater. He pulled out a small marble and wooden pipe. He grinned and put it up to his lips. Soft, ringing, sweet notes sang out from the slim instruments. The crickets stopped their song and took up the tune, nightingales also sang to the silken melodia. Aiden played a tune he had heard as a child, he lost himself in the song and started to get up and dance. Adelina groaned quietly and fluttered open her eyes. What is that tune? It’s……like I’ve heard it before. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Adelina gasped silently as she watched Aiden frolic to his own melody. An urge to get up and join him filled her mind and she stood up quickly.

Aiden heard her moments and opened his eyes. He didn’t stop playing, but he did started to move towards her. Adelina felt her feet slowly move to the rhythm. Wait, I don’t know these steps and yet…I feel like I do. She cast aside her basket and her cloak and joined the dance. The fireflies came out as she spun through the flowers. Aiden followed her, madly playing the haunting song. Adelina felt like the moment went o for years and yet passed in a second. The fireflies’ light blurred together and the crickets, nightingales and Aiden’s pipe all intertwined into one harmony and Adelina was stunned by the next moment.

Music, a haunting sound vibrated the air. Adelina froze and her dance slowed to standstill. Aiden stopped playing as he knew the sound.

I rise slowly up, pale light falling
I see all the land, olden times ring
I watched the land from it’s beginning
I was the guardian, to whom night clings

Adelina inhaled and exhaled. “What is that? That voice…” Her bright eyes turned to look at him. “Who is singing that? I know the song, but how? How is any of this….?” Tears formed in her eyes. Aiden sighed and walked closer. “I know, this is much for you. But stay longer. Listen.”

Aiden looked up into the night sky and Adelina followed his gaze. The fireflies had come out and were swirling, dancing in the wind around them. Their small lights gave them a warm glow to the pale colors of the flowers among which they flew.

I know many a tale, some old and new
Do ye see not the faye, how far they flew?
Do ye not see the knight, salient and brave?
Do ye not see the dragons lay in their graves?

Adelina heard the song, suddenly an image filled her eyes. A child on a porch. The moonlight covered the small being. A hooded figure. What is this?! Aiden leaned to her. “I know. Sing it.”

Adelina listened to him and realized the words. She didn’t understand how she knew them, she just did. “Alright, but tomorrow you better explain this.” she answered shaking.

Moon, moon, singing through the night
I wish to see the land as you, so bright
I watched you set my path a light
Guide me now to the place of sprites

Your pale face has gone away
Why now do you wane?
Moon, I plead you
Why do I feel so blue?

The words she spun rang through her heart. It seemed so natural. She felt almost like the moon herself was listening. She looked up into the moon’s pale waxing face and slowly moved forward. She sang softly, yet loud enough for Aiden to hear. Aiden walked her walk, inching forward away in the field. He knew the power of the Moonsong and that she had to complete before tomorrow. I have to tell her. Plus, we only have so much time. He looked up at the pale ruler of the stars as he heard the next stanza.

Mortal child, are ye awake?
Why then do ye ache?
Hush now, and hear my song
If you can bear my tales nightlong

O young one, what do you seek?
The road you tread is not so bleak
Remember the olden days
For you will find your way

Adelina gasped inwardly as a small, cold yet soft voice sang back to her. She looked up at the moon and saw a figure there. It appeared like a glowing woman, sitting on the moon. She reached out her hand to Adelina, silently asking her something. She seem to glide down and danced slowly around the stoked teen. Adelina was entranced and her feet followed the woman in her swinging motion.

Pale ruler of night, why can’t you stay?
I long to find the hidden fay
Why don’t they not see?
From my world I wish to be free

Moon, thank ye for thy comfort
May I or you feel no hurt
I shall write a song for thee
May we sing it as a plea

Those few moments of song filled Adelina with strange desires. She couldn’t explain the joy and warmth that entrapped her heart, but she couldn’t stop to think. The dance and song thrilled her and kept her moving with the glowing woman. Aiden watched as Adelina dancing among the moonbeams and grinned. “I know. It’s almost time for her to go. I know.” he whispered to the wind.

Mortal, you have a heart of kindness
The night will always cure your blindness
Moon, I will await your silver light
My heart will never have fright.

There, journey on. Never slow your pace
May no one ever forget your grace.
Moon, I have been here for long
Forever will I sing your Moonsong.

Suddenly, at Adelina’s last word, the woman took her hand. Adelina felt her put something in her hand and the wind blew closer. Adelina tried to move to cover her eyes, but the dust entered her orbs. Was was that? I feel so….dizzy? Adelina swooned and fell down. Aiden was there and caught her. “Good night Adelina. I’ll see you at dawn.” He whispered. The fireflies retreated to their grassy homes and the moon hid behind the clouds. It is done.

A Fairy Rare Adventure Chapter 1 The Dawn

Many stories began the same way. With the grand phrase, “Once upon a time…” But why is it time? Why not a mornings’ light? This tale is different, it tells the tale of an extraordinary girl named Adelina. This is a story of her and friends’ fairy rare adventure.

In a land not far from one’s imagination, lies a prosperous region. It’s name was Whenua kanorau and the kingdom was named fakaafe’i Whare. The people who populated it called the city casa for short. It’s morning now. Light broke over the mountains top and forced its way into the sleeping kingdom. It wormed its path through the winding streets, the dark alleys, the closed glass windows and into the castle towering above it all. In the attic of one house, a young girl was awaken by her mother shaking her. “Adelina Rivers! You get up right now.” “Coming Auntie May.” Adelina got off her cot and stretched her bare white arms. She blew her red wavy hair out of her two different colored eyes. She walked down the stairs while putting on her robe.

Auntie May, a mid-aged woman with brown hair, grayish eyes and a tan complexion turned around. She sighed as Adelina slowly came down the creaking, wooden steps. “Could you be any slower? I need you to go into town today. The other children are already up, done their chores and are playing outside.” She shook a wooden spoon at Adelina, but with a smile. Adelina smiled as well. Auntie May wan’t her real aunt, no one knew where Adeline’s family was. But that didn’t stop Adelina from treating Auntie May like her own mother. “Oh Auntie, I was up real late studying from my book. I promised you that I would pass that exam! Besides, my chores are in town anyway.” her two colored eyes sparkled as she snuck a biscuit away from Auntie May. May sighed and lightly smacked the spoon on Adelina, “You rascal.” They both smiled, they truly were like mother and daughter.

Adelina hopped around her room while eating her small breakfast. She slipped on her boots, short skirt, tank top and slid her leather jacket over it. She finished her biscuit while put her red hair into a messy low bun and tie purple ribbon around her thighs. “Okay! I’m ready for town now.” She spun in front of her mirror before jumping downstairs. She ran from the narrow steps, through the living room to the small kitchen. “Thanks and cya Auntie May!” she shouted as she grab the list of items and a basket. Auntie May rushed to the doorway and shouted after Adelina, “be careful and be back for supper!” Adelina yelled back with a wave. “Yes Auntie!”

Adelina laughed as she ran along the trail to town. She glanced at the woods around her and smiled as critters watched her. Home. Auntie May works hard since she runs a kind of orphanage. Poor her, I want to help. That’s why this scholars exam is so important. I better hurry if I want to catch up to Martha. Adelina picked dup her pace, breaking out into a run as the town came into view. The magic exam she was studying for was for young adults her age in order to enter a high-brow magic school in the city. Adelina hoped to become the best magic welder and help her fellow orphans find homes, plus help Auntie May settled down.

Adelina thought of these things util she bumped into someone on the road. “Watch it! oh Adi! It;s you!” Adelina felt herself enveloped in a bear hug and laughed. “Martha! Sorry, I was lost in thought again. Any news on your family or just in general?” Martha laughed, brown curls bouncing and blue eyes dancing. “No, the kingdom is peaceful, the royal family, town….life is good. Now come on! Let’s go shopping!” Martha grabbed Adeline’s hand and they both ran into town. It was market day and small performances caused the street to be extra crowded. Adelina squeezed past people to head towards the candle vendor, but a sudden jerk in the crowd caused her to fall. Martha reached out…

…….but a different hand caught Adelina by her waist. She gasped slightly and opened her eyes to meet a young man’s face. He had deep blue eyes with stark black hair and a pale face. He wore a green hoodie with black pants and brown colored shoes. Woah, I’ve never seen him before….. Several people started to whisper and pointed them and he pulled her up. “Be more careful in crowds like this….” Suddenly, he too stared at Adelina. She sighed and rubbed her pointed ears. “They are merely deformed. Please…” He frowned slightly. “They aren’t deformed.” Adelina stared back at him as she looked at Martha. Martha shrugged and puled back her hair to show her pointed ears to prove him wrong.

He didn’t look and leaned towards Adelina. She moved her hand to smack him away, but his whisper stopped her. “Meet me at sundown, cornflower meadow.” He stepped back and walked away. Martha and Adelina watched him walk away. Martha walked dup to her best friend and nudged her. “Who was that? What did he say?” Adelina didn’t answer, she was wondering what he could want. Martha sighed and grabbed her arm. “Come on, we got stuff to do. We gaze away cute guys all day.” Adelina woke up from her mental wandering and nodded. “Yeah! Plus, we have to visit the library today.” The girls ran over to the candle vendor and their shopping spree finally started.

Adelina had been dragged all over the market, but Martha finally was at the perfume vendor while she walked to her preferred vendor. “Ho there Adelina! Coming here again today eh?” Adelina grinned and flung a rad wave out of her bright visage. “Morning Mr. Gates. Yes, I’m back more books. Same genre.” Mr. Gates was the old book merchant and funny old man. He always wore a stocking cap with a tiny silver bell on the end. He smelled like leather and knowledge as many would say and would always give a goof talk to anyone. Adelina personally thought he was the only other person besides Martha who didn’t mind her deformity. Mr. Gates walked up to the small desk facing the street from under the makeshift tent. “You know, you should have some free time to read other books child. I have the perfect ones.”

Adelina smiled and shook her head. “Mr. Gates-“ He raised his shaking hand to stop her. “I know, I know. I know how important that exam is to you, but you must not stuff your mind with facts all the time. Let lose your imagination and travel in your book. In addition to you history books, take this novel with you.” He went through his stacks until he came back with two good sized books and one smaller sized book. Adelina looked at them and grinned. “Oh well, there’s no arguing with good old Mr. Gates.” They both laughed as Adelina gave him coins. “I might be back tomorrow. Good day Mr. Gates!” She left and Mr. Gates sighed. “She’s very bright, but is missing something important.”

Adelina slipped the books into her basket and pulled up her hood. I hide them for a reason. But…what did that boy mean? She spotted Martha at the soap vendor and started to cross the street. “Clear the way! Runaway horse!” Shrieks filled the busy air and people rushed to the sides of the streets while Adelina froze in the middle. A black stallion came charging down the street, straight at her. Martha screamed, “Run Adi!” Two more riders came up behind the horse, lasso waving. Adelina turned towards the horse and held out her hand. “Easy, stressed one. Easy” she called out. The horse seemed to listen to her calm voice and slowed down to trotting and then walked dup to her. The street went quiet.

The two riders stopped and one rode up to her. “What is your name girl?” he asked harshly with a slight glare. Adelina rubbed the horse’s nose and looked dup at the man. He wore imperial clothes and had the golden spurs of a high lord. He reeked of some strange smell like apples and roses, which disgusted her. Those two scents shouldn’t be mixed like that. She grimaced, but answer with confidence. “My name is Adelina Rivers.” The other rider snickered and whispered something to the lord. He too grinned. “You are the elven lady? Then I am Lord Camembert.” The street started laughing at his insult, but she ignored it and gave the reigns to the other rider. “Good day Sir.” Adelina nodded at Martha. “Let’s look at the soaps then go home.” Martha nodded quietly and they went inside the vendor.

Adelina roamed around the store, trying to calm down. She was shaken, having been insulted for her ears again. Martha watched her distraught friend randomly grab soaps and look at them. Martha walked up and handed her a red bar. “It’s a floral scent. Get this one. You could use it tomorrow for the exam.” She winked, brown eyes twinkling. Adelina couldn’t stop herself from laughing and graciously taking the soap. “Thanks Martha. I’ll get this and meet you tomorrow.” They embraced and Adelina went up to merchant to buy it. Martha really does understand me. Well, we both have the same deformity, but she’s my bestie. “Thank you for stopping by.” The woman smiled as Adelina left. Martha rushed to the tent flapped and waved. “Dia a ‘dol còmhla riut!” Adelina laughed and skipped backwards. “Dia a ‘dol maille ribh cuideachd!”

Adelina strolled along the road, looking for the path to home. Travelers would greet her with smiles and tipping hats to which she would smile back and nod. Some gasped at her ears or children would run after her. This was her normal life. People knew her as the Wandering Dawn Elf. Martha was called something else, but Adelina always forgot because it wasn’t important to her. Most of the time on her journey home, people walking on the long-trodden road would hear her singing and see her skipping. But today, they frowned at her for she did neither one. Adelina kept her head down for pushed-back thoughts were invading her mind now. Should I go? I know the area well, but who was he?’

And where is he from? I’ve never seen him in town before. Those eyes though……so blue… Hey! Wake up Adi, we need to run home! Adelina shook herself and laughed, her cheerful self back in place. She run up the hill, along the trail, and into the woods.The squirrels, birds and other woodland critters looked up at her ringing laughter and joined in the chase. Hearts were beating fast and lungs were aching for air as they ran towards Auntie May’s warm house. One fawn in particular ran up to her and she quickly petted it’s ears. “Hello there Ae galad!” The fawn nudged her and the chase continued. A tiny smoke pillar was seen by Adelina’s sharp orbs and she sped up. One by one, the critters left until it was only her and Ae galad.

She slowly stopped running until the children were in sight. Most of the children were younger then the 15 year old. “Look, it’s Big Sister Adi!” a young brown-haired, green-eyed boy called out. All the kids and ran to her and the fawn. Ae galad pranced around Adelina and she laughed. My usual welcome. Again. She knelt down and scooped up the first boy up. “ Gary, you don’t always have to call when I return silly.” Adelina laughed as Gary and the others hugged her study frame. Ae galad nosed his way through the crowd of little hands and eyes. Adelina also forced her way through the 10 to 4 year olds. She made it to the door with Gary and put him down. “Tell the other kids we have about 10 minutes until dinner. Go.” Gary nodded and ran off. Adelina walked inside with Ae galad following her. “I’m home Auntie.” she called out.

Auntie May sighed in relief when Adelina’s voice rang out. “Good, mind setting the table dear? Supper is almost done.” Adelina nodded and put her basket down on a chair in the common room. She went to the cupboard and brought down earthenware bowls and placed them on the long rectangular table with silverware. “What is for supper Auntie?” May smiled at the young teen as Adi approached her. “Potato soup. The kid’s favorite.” Adelina smiled and hugged her guardian. “I don’t know how you do it, but you care for 10+ kids including me. I promise I will pass that exam tomorrow!” May merely shook her head and looked at Adelina from stirring. “Thank you, but don’t forget about yourself. Oh look it’s ready.” May brought the soap onto the table, but Adelina stayed where she was.

She watched all the kids pilled into the dining room and mused over May’s words. Don’t forget about myself? What could she have meant? Adelina shrugged and walked over the table. She was sitting next to Gary and another boy. Across form her was an 8-year old blonde girl. The girl, who’s name was Rosy, spoke up after she swallowed. “Big Sister Adi, if you pass the exam, will you leave us forever?” Adelina blinked and the room fell silent. The younger children whimpered slightly at the idea while the older ones tried to shush them. May cleared her throat. “What happens afterwards will be her choice and we will accept her decision whatever it may be. She is always welcome here now eat your supper.” Rosy nodded and supper resumed it’s joyous noise. Adelina also took up the happy vibe, but secretly was waiting to be dismissed. I need to think in my room.

The Awakening

Joanna glared at Loki, but he hushed her. “This is merely a projection. They can’t see or hear us. Just watch.” Loki walked next to her and grinned. Joanna frowned, but watched as well.Peter sat down on a chair near the fire, Drax walked to the window, Gamora sat on the amor of a chair while sharpening her knifes and Groot remained on Rocket’s shoulder, who was sitting a top feet away from the fire pit. “I am Groot.” Rocket sighed. “Yes. When are in Asgard, you’ve said that already!” he exclaimed throwing his arms up. Peter grinned, “Having dad trouble?” Draw laughed and Gamora smirked. Gamora then spoke. “I think Joanna and Josh made a good choice. The Avengers seem strong and well put together. Especially the Widow woman.” The room grew silent.

“Since when do you compliment teams?” Peter’s eyebrow’s shot up, but he grinned. “I agree. They are like us, but bigger. They the Hulk, Cap, Widow, Thor and finally Tony.” He glanced at Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket respectfully. He grinned and stood up. “As for the games-“ “I want to go against the Hulk!” Draw strode over towards the small group. Zamora shook her head. “That would be chaos and plus I don’t think we ask for our opponents. I just hope those twins sets aren’t pitted in the Games. They have been through enough.” her comrades nodded slowly in agreement. Joanna frowned. “O que está querendo chegar? podemos Fi-“ she stopped. Loki looked at her, confused. He ended the projection, the cell room reappearing.

“What did she mean? If they are your team, they sure think lowly of you.” He snickered before Joanna smiled wide. She stood up to him, eyes flashing. “Just you wait. You’ll never know what hit you.” She typed a code onto her bracelet and vanished. Loki blinked and looked around for her. Well, that’s a Xanderian for you, but what could she have meant? He sat down, alone with his thoughts.
Meanwhile, Joanna had used her teleporter device to gain up with the others. Luckily, Wanda Pietro and Josh had stayed in the back so the others wouldn’t notice Joanna had left. She ran up to them and Josh immediately placed his arm around her shoulders. “Wo waren Sie? Ist alles in Ordnung?” Pietro and Wanda gave her pleading looks as they approached the throne room. Joanna waved her hand. “It’s all ok. I’ll explain later.”

The procession stopped suddenly and Thor turned around. “The propose of this meeting with my father is to discuss the training sessions tomorrow since the Games will be in two nights. The Games are much like gladiator fights, but death is prohibited. But, there are certain techniques you all must know to survive Asgardians fighters. So please, ask questions when my father finishes.” He grinned as Nat shook her head. “Like we would die on there.” Clint snickered, but T’challa nudged him. The twin sets winked at Thor as the doors opened. The guards urged them enter and the procession moved forward.

Odin sat on the huge throne and beside him on the lower level was Freyda. Wanda’s heart sped up as they walked forward. She griped Pietro’s hand and exhaled. Stars, I’m nervous now. Easy Red, I doubt we’ll be in the games. You sure? Positive. Now hold your head up. Wanda nodded and walked along with her friends and teammates. They reached the throne steps and kneeled with Thor. Odin rose up and greeted them with a booming, yet quiet voice. “Welcome, O Avengers, to Asgard. I pray you enjoy the feast held tonight and I wish to speak with you on the training tomorrow. Sit shall train with Widow and the twin set. Hogun shall be with Iron Man, Black Panther and Hulk…” He continued until he finished. The team glanced at each other, one question on their minds.

Why are the twins fighting? Bruce nudged Clint and whispered. “Don’t you think the twins are still a bit young for this? I mean, this is gladiator-style fighting. They can’t grow big and go on a rampage in this.” He winced at his own words. Clint nodded, understanding the danger. He looked at Odin and mustered up his words. “Sir, don’t you think the twins should remain out of this?” Odin looked at Clint with his one-eyed frown before glancing at the four teens in the back. He thought for a moment before speaking. “If they can fighting and strategize as well as Thor clams, I believe they will be fine and safe. Please go, I must speak with Freyda.” Thor nodded and left, the others slowly following to their respectful rooms.

The Awakening

“….The Guardians of the Galaxy!” The ramp hissed and stoped with a clank! A raccoon came out from the mist. “Alright, what’s going….Joanna! Josh! What the heck are you doing here?!?!” He rushed up to them and gave them fistbumps. Josh grinned. “We’ll explain later. Drax, Groot, Gamora, Peter! Come out and meet the Avengers!” Joanne pushed Rocket towards the crowd and looked back at the ship. Josh ran ahead to pick up a tiny tree. “I got Groot!” The tree-like humanoid wobbled at first, but got his balance on Josh’s shoulder. “I am Groot!” Josh snickered and looked behind him. Drax, Gamora and Peter Quill when just staring at the crowd, but specifically at Steve, Natasha, and Thor respectfully.

Joanna walked up to them and saluted. “Agent Joanna present.” Josh grinned and followed suit, “Agent Josh.” Peter grinned at them while Gamora rolled her eyes. “That’s not necessary, but maybe you could introduce us to your other team?” Joanna nodded and turned around. “Fellow Avengers and Asgardians, I wish to present the Guardians of the Galaxy. Their leader Peter Quill or Star Lord,” Peter nodded and waved a bit awkwardly, “The fierce fighters Gamora and Drax the Destroyer,” they nodded, “and let’s not forget Rocket and Groot.” Groot grinned and Rocket huffed. Steve inhaled deeply before stepped up to Peter. He held out his hand, “Steve Rogers, Captain of the Avengers.”

The silence seemed to thicken as Peter and Steve stared into each other’s eyes. Wanda griped her brother’s hand harder as they both looked on. Брат, это реально?( Brother, is this real?) Тссс Ванда. Доверие Cap, я думаю, что Питер в порядке. Давайте просто смотреть на данный момент. ( Shhh Wanda. Trust Cap, I think Peter is alright. Let’s just watch for now.) Suddenly, Josh and Joanna’s voices resounded through her minds. Не волнуйтесь! Они очень рады встретиться с вами, ребята. ( Don’t worry!) They are thrilled to meet you guys.) Wanda and Pietro whipped their heads to see Josh and Joanna grinning at them. They were standing beside Drax and Gamora. They had walked down the ramp and were now behind Peter. Peter smiled and shook Cap’s hand. “Pleasure to finally meet you Captain. I’m Star Lord.”

The crowd cheered as the Avengers went up to meet the Guardians and shake hands. Thor started to clear a path through the crowd back to the palace as they proceeded forward. Zamora began to converse with Natasha, Drax took up a conversation with Clint and Sam, Rocket was translating Groot’s conversation wth Bruce, James ad T’chalia. The twin sets were behind the procession with Sif. Sit looked over the two teams and shook her head. “This should be interesting at the Games in two days.” Pietro frowned before responding, “What Games?” Sit looked at their confused faces before smirking. “Don’t worry. They aren’t life or death games, but two or more heroes are pitted against each other. Odin is looking forward to the fights.” Joanna’s eyes widened. “Who will we be pitted against?”

Sif shook her head, “I am not allowed to say. You will find out throughout the procession of the day.” Sit strode on ahead as they walked up the large steps. Wanda, Pietro, Joanna and Josh looked at each other in shock. The Games? We are to be pitted against each other? What is the meaning of this? Pietro did Thor know? I don’t know Josh, I don’t understand this either. Wait guys… What is it Joanna? Look, the guards are taking the Guardians to their rooms and the Avengers are to be at the throne room. So? What of it, we need to go then. Wait, I must go tell someone something. I’ll be back, go on ahead. With that they parted, Joanna running down the steps to the outside and the other three walking with the Avengers to the throne room.

Joanna ran down the dark steps and slammed on the lights. She ran up the cage with a huge grin and smacked the glass. Joanna chuckled as Loki jump din surprise and strode over the glass. “What is it…….wait. You came again…why?” His hazel orbs betrayed his shock and confusion as to her presence. She merely sat down, out of breath and looked at him. “I know who came and wanted to know why you were so curious as to who they were.” Loki looked shocked even more before looking away. “You know of the Games correct?” Joanna nodded as he clasped his hands behind his back, pacing inside the glass prison. “Then you know the last man standing faces one more opponent correct?” Joanna frowned, slowly processing what he was getting onto. She gasped. He can’t mean…………

“You? They then face you?” Loki stared into her bright amber eyes. Joanna slowly placed a pale, shaking hand on the glass wall. “The victor of the duels must face you?” Loki then placed his hand on the glass, directly over hers with a smile. “Yes, so who came?” Joanna’s visage harden and jerked her hand off the glass before she belt out. “The Guardians of the Galaxy. I know them for I assisted them as a Nova Corp Agent.” Loki eyebrow’s went up a bit before he chuckled with a mischievous tone. “I see then. I look forward to the duels. I pray that we will face off, you look strong enough to survive. but first, shall we both see what your Guardians think of your Avengers.” He took out a circular pendant and clicked the center. Joanna’s amber words flared up as the room disappeared and a large room with a hearth appeared. The Guardians entered and she froze as Loki grinned.

The Awakening

She breathed out heavily, the torch shaking her hands. “How do you know my name? Why should I trust you?” Her amber eyes gazed into his hazel orbs as silence hung over them thickening by each passing moment. Loki then smiled at her and stepped away. “The guards often spoke of the two mysterious teens who helped my brother’s Avengers. I wondered how two untrained children could outsmart my brother.” He drew out the word like it was an insult. Joann frowned and stepped as close as she dared to. She fiercely looked at him and spoke. “Josh and I aren’t untrained and we were just following orders. it’s not like we wanted to hide i the shadows like we were ashamed of ourselves. We don’t use underhand techniques to get what we want like a certain arrogant Asgardian.”

She hissed those words and Loki quickly knelt down against the glass. “You have a way wth words don’t you?” He grinned at her unwavering expression. “You amuse me a lot Joanna of Xander. They say you and…Josh was it?” Joanna slowly nodded, knowing he already knew anyway. Jerk. Is this way he dragged me here? To chat? But, then again, he must be lonely. Until I get the others down here, I better amuse him. She rubbed her ring which sent a signal up and she sighed on the inside. She put her torch on a hook, found a stool and moved it so she was facing Loki’s cell. “Since you know so much about me, what is there left to speak of?” She kept her cool demeanor and waited for him to speak.

Loki watched her carefully set herself down. She’s very cautious, but curious. She would have run away by now if she wasn’t curious. True, I am bored. I actually was hoping for her brother, but she is quite a mystery. Although this meeting is early, I will enjoy it. Plus, maybe I can have some mischief while she’s here. “Do you know about the guests coming?” He inquired, deciding to test her knowledge. Joanna thought for a moment. I don’t remember any new of that. Be honest and don’t look stupid. “No, do you?” She silently challenged him with fierce orbs blazing into his own soft hazel eyes.

Meanwhile, Pietro and Wanda had told Steve what happened and Josh was waiting at the door while they rounded everyone up. He shifted his weight and ran his hands through his rough brown locks. Joanna isn’t one for running off without a peep. What could have made her do that? If its a joke, it’s in very bad taste. Joanna you better- wait…That’s her signal! He ran over to Wanda and Pietro. “Joanna gave out her beckoning signal from her ring. We can follow it.” Thor and the others walked over. ‘Lead the way then.” They all followed Josh outside the doors. Thor mused over the events. This sounds very much like Loki’s doing, but what could he want with Joanna? He hasn’t even heard of her. If he hurts her, he will regret it. Suddenly, a ship’s engine was heard as they walked outside. Josh looked up to see a familiar outline. “No way…”

Loki started laughing a bit to which Joanna rose from her seat. “You find my answer amusing Loki?” He shook his head leaned on the glass wall. “No, but you know how to answer well. I really would love to meet Josh, I wonder if he is like you.” Joanna sighed to hide an upcoming smile. “He’s quieter then me so good luck with him. Although they will most likely be the same for we are twins.” The room shook as an engine’s roar was faintly heard from above. Joanna listened and a smile spread across her face. “Son eles! Chegaron finalmente!” ( it’s them! They have arrived at last!) Loki looked confused as she ran back toward the steps. “What is that?” he called after her. She stopped to look back and grinned. “Old friends of ours. You shall see soon enough.”

Joanna reached the surface to see the ship landing and the Avengers along with the entire party waiting. She weaved her way through the crowd to Josh. He turned around and grabbed her. “Onde estabas!??! Estabamos preocupados!” ( Where were you!?!? We were worried!) She smiled at their stressed faces. “I’m fine, but for now let’s greet our friends.” Wanda helped them reach the front of the crowd next to the Avengers, who were amazed at the ship. “What is that and who’s is it?” Tony looked at Thor and who shook his head. Josh and Joanna grinned. “Ladies and gentleman, may we introduce to you…” the ramp began to descend and a hush fell over the crowd.