The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 1: Who are They?

Queenie lay flat on the wet green turf and sniffed the air. It’s colder then usual. Must be that North Wind she said she was bringing today. I hope she arrives soon. Queen’s sharp jacket nose caught a different scent riding on the frail breeze. She stretched out her arms and let out a large cat yawn. being half-animal, Queenie had some of their traits including habits. Queenie, known as the heroine Jackal, was a free spirit despite her large family. But the large portion was mainly adults, she only had a few siblings. Queenie’s jackal ears perked up at attention when a ringing, sweet laughter broke her train of thoughts. She watched as seemingly thousands of light colored lights flew around her, but only one stopped in front her. Queenie smiled. “Hello again Faye.”

The little red light bounced and grew in size until a young woman of about 15 years was in front of Queenie. She had wings on her back and was a true fay. Faye grinned. “Same here, sorry I’m late. Trying to get away from a family of thousands of brothers and sisters is kinda hard.” Faye winked at lights as they flew off towards the South. A stronger blew over the two girls and they held up their arms to shield it. “Is this the North Wind?” Queenie asked, Faye merely nodded. “Yup! Now, shall we go into the city?” Faye took out a small clear flask with a sparkling dust inside. Queenie’s ears flopped down. “Again?” Faye giggled. “Come on! We can’t walk around in our hero clothes or normal clothes!”

Queenie sighed. “Fine” she relented. Faye giggled and threw a handful of dust in the air. It flew over them and swirled around them until their outfits changed. Faye’s wings were hidden as were her pointed ears. Queenie’s bushy tail and ears were gone too. Faye wore a cowgirl theme outfit while Queenie had a blue converse vibe. “Now, off to New York City!” Queenie grabbed Faye’s hand and they ran across the green and flowered valley towards the towering bustling city ahead of them. Faye laughed and caught up with her best friend. Faye was of the fairy race, known as fay. Faye had meet Queenie only a few months ago, but they swore they were long lost twins.

Faye and Queenie ran up to the edge of town and cars honked at them as they both skidded to a stop at the light. “Man, this is why I am here. I am a proud city girl.” Queenie smirked at her friend who was rolling her big brown eyes. “Yes, I am the proud country girl and yet we get along.” Faye winked and stepped onto the crosswalk. “Let’s go get some tea and coffee.” Queenie grinned and followed behind. “Why were you late? North Wind hard to handle?” Queenie poked at her friend. Faye looked over her shoulder with a deadpan look. “You know how hard it is to lose my big family? You only have a big sister. I have thousands of them! Plus brothers that act like bodyguards. I made it though, oh look! A Minuti coffee!”

Queenie looked at the other side of the now calm street. Faye was pointing at a corner shop with the bright white words “Minuti” on it. She shrugged. “Sure, never had it before. I’m game.” Faye grinned and grabbed her bestie’s hand. “Let’s go then before it crowds up.” The girls trotted down the sidewalk to the curb. Faye looked both ways, clear, and crossed. Queenie felt herself being dragged across the hard, cold stone road to the tile curb in front of the tiny coffee house. “You sure you need coffee now Faye?” Queenie asked her bubbly friend. Faye frowned at her cautious accomplice. “Yes! As do you, now come on…” Faye turned sharply and ran into someone. She lost her balance and fell back. Queenie reached out to catch her friend, but someone bumped into her and the girls fell into a heap. “Hey!”


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