A Fairy Rare Adventure. Chapter 2 Fireflies, Flowers, and Mysteries.

Dinner was over, May was cleaning, the kids were outside playing and Adelina was on her bed, thinking. So much had happened in a few hours and she needed to be alone. Adelina sat the the soft cot and was gazing blankly at the boxes on the floor. Her mind was traveling back in time to the boy, the lord, the woods, the words Auntie May spoke and the heart wrenching question Rosy had asked. Adelina grabbed her stuffed animal and squeezed it. “I want to become a scholar, but I don’t want to leave them forever. I’ll still visit, but yet. I’ll be…alone.” Adelina stared at the bear’s blissful expression, wondering how something can be so obviously happy. At least it doesn’t have to make these decisions like I do. Also, should I go tonight? I don’t even know him, but…….

Adelina got up off the bed and went to her mirror. She brushed back here locks to see her pointed ears. She sighed, wondering what the boy meant. Martha has the same deformity so why did he say it wasn’t? I need to know, but I’ve never snuck out before. I better plan it out carefully. Adelina went over to her trunk and carefully opened it. It creaked a bit, but made no further noise. Adelina knew that pretty soon that Auntie May would put the children to bed and retire as well. “If I wait long enough, I can sneak out.” Adelina nodded to herself and jumped back onto her bed. For her view, the sun was starting it’s decent. She remained still and heard Auntie May trying to get the kids inside. Just a few more minutes now. Just a little longer now….

Minutes passed and Adelina gently placed her bare feet on the wooden, cracked floorboards. She took up her cloak on the true and went step by step, downward on the slim stairs. Her soft, bare feet made no noise to disturb the dreaming children in the operate rooms. Adelina glanced down the hall and spotted May sleeping peacefully. She took big steps across the hall until she was safe past the corridor of rooms. Ok, now grab boots and a snack. I know the way. Here I go. She seemed to dance across the woolen rug, through the kitchen and finally stopped at the door. She grabbed her gladiator sandals and laced them up. She tried the door, but it remained shut. “Storm it, she locks it.” she muttered under her soft breaths.

Adelina locked around her for the key, but saw a different way out. “The window.” It was a large window, wide enough for a teen to crawl through. She grinned and picked up a stool to place under the window. She undid the latch, pushed herself out and flew onto the soft grass below. “I’m out, but not free yet.” She closed the window and took off. The wind was blowing against her back, making herself go seemingly faster. Adelina pulled her hood up as she ran along the pale, dying sunlit path. The sun was big on the horizon and she quickened her pace. I gotta make it! I need to know. The woods seemed to be a blur around her as Adelina flew on the beaten track. Suddenly, a break in the trees appeared up ahead. She skidded to a stop.

There was before her thousands upon thousands of cornflowers, blue and purple striking against the dying red light of the evening sun. Adelina was breathing heavily, in awe and trying to regain her breath. Her two colored orbs took in the clashing colors until a dark spot broke it all. Adelina gasped when she saw him, but quietly advanced towards him through the delicate flowers. He was still wearing his hood and stood silent. Does he even know I’m here? She reached out her hand, but he turned around with lightning speed. She gasped and recoiled back until he grabbed her hand. “You actually came. I’m surprised yet glad.” He spoke softly yet with a sharp edge.

Adelina gasped at him speaking. She saw his hand on her hand and suddenly, she saw visions and flashes of images she couldn’t see properly. Adelina shook her head and her heart sped up in her chest. Why am I reacting like this? What is going on with him? She tore her hand away form him and glared at him. “What did you want from me?” The boy didn’t respond, but stared deep into her eyes. He seemed to pierce her own heart with those blue orbs. Finally he spoke, “I was right. You saw those images and felt those strange feelings didn’t you?” Adelina was taken aback, but nodded. “How did you know?” The boy smiled, a white encouraging smile, and spoke again. “First, you need to see me fully.” He threw back his hood and Adeline’s two colored orbs grew in shock.

Time speed to slow down for them. The dying light was snuffed out, the wind picked up and the trees groaned against the biting chill. The blue flower seemed to glow as the stars slowly perked out, dancing to the heavenly music. The pale blue moon also showed her pale face and smiled to softly smile and wrapped the two teens in her gentle light. The blue, lilac, pink and red flowers swayed gently in the night wind and seems to join into the melody of the night. Adelina saw these things, but her gaze was frozen on the boy in front of her. He at first was expressionless, but then a gentle smile crawled on his light-struck face.

Adelina breathed softly, daring not to break the atmosphere. Her lips and hands were shaking in shock at him. Her legs wanted to move forward, but she couldn’t find the will to move them. She stood as still as the marble statue that stood in the town square. The wind blew her stray red locks in front of her pale face. the boy walked slowly, walking gently among the buds, approaching her. Adelina gasped silently when he stopped a foot away from her. The silence stayed until he spoke. “I am Aiden. I came here to find you.” Adeline merely stared. ME!??!?! Why me? How come he has ears like mine, but says mine aren’t deformed? Adelina shook her head rapidly before looking back into his deep eyes. “Why do you say my ears are normal? What did that mean?”

Aiden sighed and ran a hand through his tousled black hair. “It’s a long story. Do you want it bluntly or softly?” Adelina frowned and crossed her arms, trying to cover the fact she was shivering. “Bluntly would get me to the point.” Aiden smirked and didn’t waste a second. “You and me are both fairies, according to mortals.” Adelina snickered slightly, thinking it was a joke. Yeah, that makes…… She saw his face. He was serious, yet he had a mischievous twinkle in his orbs. He’s not lying. But…..if I was a fairy, wouldn’t I have known? Aiden watched her as she processed his answer. Well, she’s quick. I hope she stays that way on the journey. he walked closer to her.

Adelina snapped out of her mental wandering when he grew close. “What are you…?” A shock vibrated throughout her body. She gasped for air sharply, but a warm flow then washed over her. Images, songs and visions pranced through her mind. Adeline tried to speak, but the overflowing feelings seemed to damper her voice. The sensations were suddenly too much and all went black for her. Aiden caught her as she fell into his arms. “Sorry, I guess I must have rushed it a bit.” He slowly sat down on the wet and soft grass and laid her down. She is a faye. The reaction to my touch shows it. But since it was her first, it must have been a bit much. I’ll wait until she wakes again. But, at least I found her. Please be strong, you have a lot to learn and don’t slow me down!

Aiden sighed and reached into his sweater. He pulled out a small marble and wooden pipe. He grinned and put it up to his lips. Soft, ringing, sweet notes sang out from the slim instruments. The crickets stopped their song and took up the tune, nightingales also sang to the silken melodia. Aiden played a tune he had heard as a child, he lost himself in the song and started to get up and dance. Adelina groaned quietly and fluttered open her eyes. What is that tune? It’s……like I’ve heard it before. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Adelina gasped silently as she watched Aiden frolic to his own melody. An urge to get up and join him filled her mind and she stood up quickly.

Aiden heard her moments and opened his eyes. He didn’t stop playing, but he did started to move towards her. Adelina felt her feet slowly move to the rhythm. Wait, I don’t know these steps and yet…I feel like I do. She cast aside her basket and her cloak and joined the dance. The fireflies came out as she spun through the flowers. Aiden followed her, madly playing the haunting song. Adelina felt like the moment went o for years and yet passed in a second. The fireflies’ light blurred together and the crickets, nightingales and Aiden’s pipe all intertwined into one harmony and Adelina was stunned by the next moment.

Music, a haunting sound vibrated the air. Adelina froze and her dance slowed to standstill. Aiden stopped playing as he knew the sound.

I rise slowly up, pale light falling
I see all the land, olden times ring
I watched the land from it’s beginning
I was the guardian, to whom night clings

Adelina inhaled and exhaled. “What is that? That voice…” Her bright eyes turned to look at him. “Who is singing that? I know the song, but how? How is any of this….?” Tears formed in her eyes. Aiden sighed and walked closer. “I know, this is much for you. But stay longer. Listen.”

Aiden looked up into the night sky and Adelina followed his gaze. The fireflies had come out and were swirling, dancing in the wind around them. Their small lights gave them a warm glow to the pale colors of the flowers among which they flew.

I know many a tale, some old and new
Do ye see not the faye, how far they flew?
Do ye not see the knight, salient and brave?
Do ye not see the dragons lay in their graves?

Adelina heard the song, suddenly an image filled her eyes. A child on a porch. The moonlight covered the small being. A hooded figure. What is this?! Aiden leaned to her. “I know. Sing it.”

Adelina listened to him and realized the words. She didn’t understand how she knew them, she just did. “Alright, but tomorrow you better explain this.” she answered shaking.

Moon, moon, singing through the night
I wish to see the land as you, so bright
I watched you set my path a light
Guide me now to the place of sprites

Your pale face has gone away
Why now do you wane?
Moon, I plead you
Why do I feel so blue?

The words she spun rang through her heart. It seemed so natural. She felt almost like the moon herself was listening. She looked up into the moon’s pale waxing face and slowly moved forward. She sang softly, yet loud enough for Aiden to hear. Aiden walked her walk, inching forward away in the field. He knew the power of the Moonsong and that she had to complete before tomorrow. I have to tell her. Plus, we only have so much time. He looked up at the pale ruler of the stars as he heard the next stanza.

Mortal child, are ye awake?
Why then do ye ache?
Hush now, and hear my song
If you can bear my tales nightlong

O young one, what do you seek?
The road you tread is not so bleak
Remember the olden days
For you will find your way

Adelina gasped inwardly as a small, cold yet soft voice sang back to her. She looked up at the moon and saw a figure there. It appeared like a glowing woman, sitting on the moon. She reached out her hand to Adelina, silently asking her something. She seem to glide down and danced slowly around the stoked teen. Adelina was entranced and her feet followed the woman in her swinging motion.

Pale ruler of night, why can’t you stay?
I long to find the hidden fay
Why don’t they not see?
From my world I wish to be free

Moon, thank ye for thy comfort
May I or you feel no hurt
I shall write a song for thee
May we sing it as a plea

Those few moments of song filled Adelina with strange desires. She couldn’t explain the joy and warmth that entrapped her heart, but she couldn’t stop to think. The dance and song thrilled her and kept her moving with the glowing woman. Aiden watched as Adelina dancing among the moonbeams and grinned. “I know. It’s almost time for her to go. I know.” he whispered to the wind.

Mortal, you have a heart of kindness
The night will always cure your blindness
Moon, I will await your silver light
My heart will never have fright.

There, journey on. Never slow your pace
May no one ever forget your grace.
Moon, I have been here for long
Forever will I sing your Moonsong.

Suddenly, at Adelina’s last word, the woman took her hand. Adelina felt her put something in her hand and the wind blew closer. Adelina tried to move to cover her eyes, but the dust entered her orbs. Was was that? I feel so….dizzy? Adelina swooned and fell down. Aiden was there and caught her. “Good night Adelina. I’ll see you at dawn.” He whispered. The fireflies retreated to their grassy homes and the moon hid behind the clouds. It is done.


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