Reality and Imagination

Weightlessness and free. That’s how I felt as I left the evening sky and sunk into the depths of the night. I could still the blazing sky like fire above my head as the coolness of the waters embraced me. I chose this.

 Above me, I still see the light of the sun and smoky clouds through the glassy mirror of the water’s surface. Just below I see more than twinkling stars and the navy cloak of darkness, I see life. Life…that I can make and shape to my will. 

Just above me is Reality, that’s where I was born and where I have to return to. But below me is Imagination, where I can escape to and show my true colors freely. It’s a wondrous place where I reflect Reality but in a way that it’s not Reality but something of my own. 

This force, Creativity, is so powerful. Now, it’s not like I deny Reality and constantly escape here to forget. Rather, it’s something I do to help truly see what Reality is for. Imagination can be very beautiful and stunning but also dangerous and frightening. 

God placed these limits upon us for reasons we do and do not know. However, with the limited power I have with Creativity and Imagination, I am very happy to live in Reality and to constantly fall and fly between these two worlds.