The Awakening

Steve pulled Thor back. “I know I’m still pretty naive to this whole space thing, but will the twins be safe here? Im a bit worried that Loki…” he didn’t finish. I’m technically 70+ years old, but I’m still 20. I still am transitioning in the 21 century and I’m not losing anyone else. Not after Peggy. I refuse that and we forgot Bucky. I wanted him to come, but they said to leave him. Thor walked thoughtfully before speaking low. “Loki is locked away. They sell be safe. No one shall be harmed this night. Come let us drink and be merry tonight!” All the adults cheered while the twin sets rolled their eyes and laughed.

To Josh, the night seemed to pass by in a flash. They entered the Great Hall where a fanfare and cheers awaited them, the heroes of Middgard. The food was delicious, the music was joyous and the stories told were epics. The twins sets each also had a chance to tell their own tale, meet Odin and Freyda, plus spar with the Warrior Three. Now, the dancing had commenced and Thor and Jane along Clint and Nat where on the floor. Sif decided to accept Steve’s friendly dance while Pietro and Joanna danced alongside Wanda and Josh. Within an hour, everyone was gathered around the fire, listening to more tales begun sung.

Joanna yawned a bit and was about to follow her brother towards the minstrels when she noticed a green haze gathering at the doors. It’s not humid in here. What is that? Better get closer to scan it. She walked towards it, but yet it seemed to back away. She opened the door and it fled down a hall. “ What are you?” She quickly ran after it. It twisted around corners, ran out doors and led down a flight of dark stairs. She gasped for breathe and grabbed a lit torch before slowly descending down. “Hello?” She called, but no one answered. She scanned for the mist and caught it’s signature and ran down the steps.

Wanda was thoroughly inthralled by the stories, but Pietro was kinda bored. He looked up and scanned the room for Joanna, but didn’t see her amber eyes. He frowned and zipped over to Nat. “Do you know where Joanna is?” Nat sniffed. “She can take care of herself. Stop worrying so much and just listen.” Pietro grimaced slightly, but remained quiet. She’s right, but Joanna never disappears without saying a word. He zoomed over to Wanda and leaned down to whisper. “Joanna ушла. Вы видели, как она уходит?” (Joanna is gone. Did you see her leave?) Wanda glanced around sent a telepathic call, but came up with nothing. “Я не могу почувствовать ее!” (I can’t sense her!)

Joanna reached the end of the stairs and noted how dark it was. Good thing a brought my halo-lights! She pulled from behind her back a long stick and clicked it. It lit up and illuminated a pat in front of her. She noted a panel on the wall and pressed her earring, causing her glasses to appear. It scanned the system and showed her what to press. Soon, the room came alive with light and she saw a container in the middle of the room. The torches gave a good amount of light for her to see a figure inside. She noticed his black hair and walked up the glass. Why is he facing away from me? She cleared her throat. “Wer bist du? Warum bist du eingesperrt?” ( Who are you? Why are you locked up?) The man turned around and she gasped.

“Loki!” She gasped out his name as he stood up. He looked at er with curiosity as she backed up a few paces. “Obviously you know me, but who are you? I know you are not Wanda Maximoff…unless…” He put his hand against the glass wall and looked at her deeply. Joanna’s heart beat loudly and her griped on the torch was tight. She breathed as quietly as she could, but her amber eyes were betraying her shock and fear. Loki suddenly smiled. “You must be the alien girl. I can’t much from the guards, but I overhear the speak of the alien twins. You must be….Joanna was it?” Joanna saw the green haze collect under where he was. He led me here….for what?


The Awakening

” Ahhh we knew you would come this way!” The men grinned and ran towards them. ” Friends! I have retuned with my other comrades.” Thor exclaimed as he embraced them and the woman. Wanda’s eyes were clouded with red for a moment before clearing. ” The great Warrior Three and Lady Sif. How delightful to meet you so quickly.” Sif stopped and stared at the twin sets. Her brown eyes seemed to pierce right through them, but then she laughed. You must be Wanda and Pietro Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. We have heard much about you.” Her companions cheered with her and after meeting the rest of the team, they went with them to the Great Hall.

Sif stopped. “Odin desires for our guests to reach their accommodations before meeting him.” She eyed their incoming luggage and smirked. “The men shall follow Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun to their chambers, all the women follow me.” She turned sharply down the left hall with Nat, Wanda and Joanna falling behind her. Thor grinned. “That is Sif for you now come friends!” He turned towards the guys, slightly startling Josh and Pietro. “Let us go!” Volstagg shook his head at Thor’s enthusiasm, but smiled. “Energized as always Thor. But do follow us.” They almost ran down the hallway after Hogun towards their separate rooms.

Sif lead them down the hallway, discussing the accommodations. “Nat shall stay with me while you two shall share a room. It’s separate by a wall so you won’t be totally apart or together.” Wanda and Joanna grinned and stared at the size of the double doors to their room. Sif opened the left one and motioned for Wanda to walk in. “I believe you shall like it.”
Wanda briskly walked in and gazed in awe at the aura the room gave. It’s medieval vibe come off the wall and tapestries. She ran towards the windows and looked at the city around. She glanced at her bookcases and her huge closet. She adored the fireplace with a sitting area. The red drapes and chandelier topped it all. It’s my perfect nook!

“Je to Perf!” (Its perf!) she exclaimed. Joanna clapped and noted the door in her wall. Sif nodded and Joanna rushed in. She crashed onto the hovering bed and gazed at electro-lights on the walls and ceiling. They sent streaks of neon color throughout the room and highlighted the futuristic vibe seething from the air. She glanced at the fire pit and bookcase ( which looks like the ones in my room at the Agency.) and also had a room-sized closet. Sif and Nat almost laughed as the girls jumped on their beds. Sif cleared her throat and the girl’s settled down on two chairs.

“The maids shall be here soon to help you prepare. Nat and I shall leave you two alone so we may also prepare.” Nat scoffed. “If I could I would just go in like this.” Sif laughed as they left. Wanda and Joanna exchanged puzzled expressions. Maids? Prepare for what? Joanna, I understand we have to behave in front of Odin, but do we really to dress? Then we can do that ourselves Wanda. Oh well…Joanna grabbed a pillow and flung it at Wanda. Wanda screamed and threw some back. For the next few minutes, joyous shouts fill that corridor. Afterwards, Joanna had settled for reading Little Woman and Wanda was playing a little harp she had found.

However, the tranquility of the room was burst by a soft tapping at the doors. Wanda looked up and placed the harp down. Joanna shut off the holobook and opened the door. A few maids came in and two lead Wanda back into her room before she could respond. “Wait..” Joanna started, but the head maid held up her hand. “Please Miss, we must do our job so if you would change please.” Joanna silently obeyed and let them continue. Man, I feel so awkward just standing here and being dressed like a doll. But I must respect their customs. Still feels weird none the less.

The younger maid, who was addressing Joanna’s silver locks, spoke up. “You have lovely hair miss. I understand if you aren’t used to this. The guards spoke of how you and your brother are agents so you prefer to serve others. But, maybe you could relax for once and let yourself be pampered for a bit.” She smiled a smile with her bright green eyes. “That’s enough Claire. Their escorts will be waiting for them.” The head maid cut in as she brought another dress in. Joanna smiled and winked at Claire. I feel you. I will. After what seemed twenty outfits later, Joanna stepped out ready to meet Wanda coming out prepared.

Two guards walked them down the hall towards the dining hall. Wanda glanced at Joanna’s sky blue dress, silver arm plates with a golden cape and bejeweled slippers. Her white hair had been done up in braids with a green ribbon weaved in. She had few accessories compared to Wanda. Joanna grinned at Wanda’s green dress with similar arm plates, but with a soft lilac cape. Welp, they sure know how to make an occasion formal. Oh Wanda, come on you look lovely! Okay okay, as do you. The guards stopped at a huge doorway and opened them. It led towards a stairway where everyone awaited them below.

Pietro zipped around the group as they went down the hallway. Thor grinned, “Be still small one. We have yet to reach thy quarters.” Pietro frowned and walked next to Josh. Josh grinned at his friend. “Your room will probably be bigger then mine since you run around all day.” Josh received a shove and then the two ran ahead, tackling each other. Steve and Clint smiled at boys. “Careful you don’t lose an eye.” Clint called out. Frandral shook his head as he stopped. “These will be your room. Sir Josh if you would so kindly enter the left door.” Josh got up from under Pietro and walked straight in.

Josh stood still in awe of the room. Ivy hung off the wall and the bed was like a nest on the wall. He stared at the fireplace on the rock and there were stone selves for book and other items he brought. There was a wardrobe for his clothes and he could feel the apple wood. The pillars looked more like stalagmites and the wall were painted with forest scenes. He looked down to see the gardens below him and a rope leading down. Woah! It’s like a cave in here and I have gardens to explore down there! This is perfectly match for me! I hope they got Joanna right, but this is awesome! He smiled at Thor and the others.

Volstagg let out a bellowing laugh before pushing Pietro towards a door. “Go, enter your room now. See what ye think of it.” Pietro nodded and zoomed inside. He crashed into a padded wall and gazed at the starry ceiling. He gasped at the queen bed and the tracks, ramps and courses spread throughout the room. He pressed a rock in the fireplace and it opened a part of the wall. He looked down as a pole lead to the training area below. He grinned wolfishly. “It’s prefect. It’s epic!” He spun around to meet them with a huge grin.

Hogun nodded. “We shall leave you two be then. A few maids and butlers shall enter shortly to prepare ye for the feast tonight!” The Warrior Three and Thor let out a joyous yell and the Avengers joined in. They left and Pietro ran around his room, trying out everything. Josh stood in the doorway, shaking his head. “You never stop do you? All I see is a blur, where is my friend?” He suddenly got tackled and they rolled on the floor into Josh’s room. “Sorry Josh, did you say something?” Pietro grinned as he dodged a hit form Josh.

Their antics were disturbed by a firm knock on the doors. Josh kicked Pietro off of him. “Come in!” He got up from the floor as a butler and maids entered. “Good day sirs. Sir Pietro, if you would please return to your quarters for the ladies to prepare you. My colleague will join you shortly. I am Clay, shall we begin Sir Josh.” Josh stood, kinda dumbfounded but nodded. “Y-yes sir.” He remained silent as they began the process. This feels kinda wrong. The time was passed in silence until Josh stepped out to see Pietro waiting. Guards came towards them. “Follow us please.”

They followed them quietly. Pietro leaned over to whisper. “That felt kinda weird being dressed.” Josh glanced Pietro outfit. It was close to Volstagg’s but with blue and silver hues. “I agree. I honestly know that is their job, but it felt strange.” Pietro snickered. Josh was dressed like Thor, just with green and brown. They entered a huge entry hall with an enormous staircase leading to the upper level. Everyone was waiting. Pietro walked up to Thor, noting that his sis and Joanna weren’t present. “Where are-” he got cut off by the doors opening and two figures walking down the stairs.

The Awakening

( This is chapter 3 of my Avengers/Guardians fanfic. Enjoy and please comment. Faith Out!)

Wanda glanced at her clock to see the time. It’s 4:30 A.M! We have to leave soon, I still can’t believe we are actually going to Asgard. I wonder why though….it’s so sudden too. Pietro has teased Thor about going and Josh and Joanna most likely have been there before. Well, maybe not. Not after their faces and words….. Wanda looked up from her suitcase and flashed back to the evening beforehand. The memory was still vivid in her mind. They had just gotten back from the dance and the news had hit them like a ton of bricks.

Joanna spoke first after a prolonged silence. ” We…are going…to Asgard?!” she asked breathless. Josh’ emerald orbs flashed with excitement and pumped his arms. ” Sweet! When do we leave?” Pietro swallowed and held up his hand in questioning. ” Please, what I said before was…” Thor shook his head, ” It was my decision and my father is anxious to meet the two who assisted us.” He nodded at the aliens. ” We leave at 0500 hours. Get some rest and packing done.” Nat waved her hand in dismissal. The quartet exchanged excited and bewildered looks before rushing off to pack.

Josh crashed into Pietro’s room with his luggage. ” Это круто! Интересно, что Асгард это как?” ( This is awesome! I wonder what Asgard is like?) Pietro shook his silver hair as he zipped around. ” I dunno…..wait, you haven’t been there? I mean you are…” He stopped, not wanting to offend Josh. Josh sighed. He knew what his friend wanted to say and replied. ” No, we mainly remained within our galaxy. Never outside those bounds so no.” Pietro nodded, ” Then it will be an adventure for both of us!” Josh and Pietro chest-bumped before grabbing their belongings and heading towards the elevator. ” I’ll beat you! In your dreams!”

Joanna went through her packing list on her tablet while the robotic arms placed each item precisely in her suitcase. ” It’s very curious, the circumstances of this trip. I wonder if something is going on with Ordin or Loki even. Best not say the later’s name while I’m there. Now I better find my….where did it go?!” Her amber eyes flashed as placed her tablet down quickly and dug through her vanity. ” Мое ожерелье! Где это сделал …. Является ли это?” ( My necklace! Where is it…Is this it?) Joanna saw Wanda levitate a simple chain with a charm on it. Joanna sighed and grabbed her luggage. ” Yes, thanks. Now let’s get outside!”

Thor waited outside facing the sky, blood red cape whipping in the strong wind. Nat was discussing with Fury on who would protect the Tower while the rest of the Avengers were waiting around for the twin sets. They came rushing our with their suitcases and bright smiles. ” wir sind bereit!” ( We’re ready!) Nat walked up as they all gathered around Thor. ” SHIELD will cover our absence and I hope it stays that way.” She shook her red curls as Clint ended his call to Laurie. ” She scared you’re going to die or something?” James teased. Thor grinned and called out.

” Hamdel, open the bypass!” Light shot down and surrounded them. Josh grabbed Joanna as Pietro did the same. The group banded close together as the wind blew up as they felt themselves fly up. ” Whoooooo!!!! Pietro screamed as Wanda covered her ears. Must the boys be so loud?! Oh lighten up sis! Joanna gasped at the flying stars blur together. “Woah…what a way to travel.” Josh smiled and they all saw the end. ” Hold on.” Thor grinned and swung Mjölnir as they hit the chamber. Everyone dusted off the star sparks from their clothes, but then gasped at the spectacular skyline ahead of them.

They were inside a dome which held the portal entry and a long bridge spanned ahead of them towards the great city.The twins gasped in awe at the room with the on the walls and stars aligned. Thor smiled and urged everyone out to the bridge. Horses waited for them, but Joanna gasped. “Am I dreaming? This is Asgard?!?!” Josh rubbed his eyes and ran his hand through his brown locks. “It’s so surreal. It’s like the future architecture mixed with medieval.” Nat nodded. “Not a bad home you got Thor.” Pietro zipped towards the bridge, but Wanda jerked her hands, slowing him down. “You might fall since there are no rails brother.”

Pietro rolled his eyes, but remained still. They all began to walk towards the waiting steeds. Joanna gasped in awe of the buildings ahead of them, some were even floating in mid-air! Josh gazed at the light the bridge and sea emanated. Wanda was still in shock from the travel itself and the beauty of Asgard added onto that. Every Avengers was fascinated by an aspect of Asgard, but they walked in silence merely taking everything in. “Do you Xanderians know how to ride a horse?” Thor inquired. The twins nodded. “Of course we do! We practiced at the Academy’s racetrack and with the Maximoffs.” With smiles, they all mounted and took off towards the city gates.

They rode through the crowds, wavering as they proceeded towards the huge castle. ” It looks like organ pipes to me.”Josh whispered to Wanda. She laughed along with the others. Steve adjusted his position on the saddle. “Man, now I really feel out of place. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden and now I’m on another planet.” Thor laughed and smacked his back. “Welcome to Asgard. Just wait until you meet the Warrior Three and Lady Sif.” Nat raised her eyebrow. ” She sounds dangerous, I think I might like her.” They stoped at the castle grounds and dismounted.

Thor walked in front of them, leading them towards the main hall. Pietro pulled Joanna towards him. ” This is beautiful….who knew Thor had such a nice home?” Joanna giggled and took some photos. “This is a treasure trove of photos waiting to happen.” Wanda smiled and made an image of the Avengers insignia. “Take one of this and later we can photoshop it everywhere!” The girls giggled, but the boys groaned. They do it all the time! The group went around a corner and three men and a woman in amour awaited them.