The Awakening

Joanna glared at Loki, but he hushed her. “This is merely a projection. They can’t see or hear us. Just watch.” Loki walked next to her and grinned. Joanna frowned, but watched as well.Peter sat down on a chair near the fire, Drax walked to the window, Gamora sat on the amor of a chair while sharpening her knifes and Groot remained on Rocket’s shoulder, who was sitting a top feet away from the fire pit. “I am Groot.” Rocket sighed. “Yes. When are in Asgard, you’ve said that already!” he exclaimed throwing his arms up. Peter grinned, “Having dad trouble?” Draw laughed and Gamora smirked. Gamora then spoke. “I think Joanna and Josh made a good choice. The Avengers seem strong and well put together. Especially the Widow woman.” The room grew silent.

“Since when do you compliment teams?” Peter’s eyebrow’s shot up, but he grinned. “I agree. They are like us, but bigger. They the Hulk, Cap, Widow, Thor and finally Tony.” He glanced at Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket respectfully. He grinned and stood up. “As for the games-“ “I want to go against the Hulk!” Draw strode over towards the small group. Zamora shook her head. “That would be chaos and plus I don’t think we ask for our opponents. I just hope those twins sets aren’t pitted in the Games. They have been through enough.” her comrades nodded slowly in agreement. Joanna frowned. “O que está querendo chegar? podemos Fi-“ she stopped. Loki looked at her, confused. He ended the projection, the cell room reappearing.

“What did she mean? If they are your team, they sure think lowly of you.” He snickered before Joanna smiled wide. She stood up to him, eyes flashing. “Just you wait. You’ll never know what hit you.” She typed a code onto her bracelet and vanished. Loki blinked and looked around for her. Well, that’s a Xanderian for you, but what could she have meant? He sat down, alone with his thoughts.
Meanwhile, Joanna had used her teleporter device to gain up with the others. Luckily, Wanda Pietro and Josh had stayed in the back so the others wouldn’t notice Joanna had left. She ran up to them and Josh immediately placed his arm around her shoulders. “Wo waren Sie? Ist alles in Ordnung?” Pietro and Wanda gave her pleading looks as they approached the throne room. Joanna waved her hand. “It’s all ok. I’ll explain later.”

The procession stopped suddenly and Thor turned around. “The propose of this meeting with my father is to discuss the training sessions tomorrow since the Games will be in two nights. The Games are much like gladiator fights, but death is prohibited. But, there are certain techniques you all must know to survive Asgardians fighters. So please, ask questions when my father finishes.” He grinned as Nat shook her head. “Like we would die on there.” Clint snickered, but T’challa nudged him. The twin sets winked at Thor as the doors opened. The guards urged them enter and the procession moved forward.

Odin sat on the huge throne and beside him on the lower level was Freyda. Wanda’s heart sped up as they walked forward. She griped Pietro’s hand and exhaled. Stars, I’m nervous now. Easy Red, I doubt we’ll be in the games. You sure? Positive. Now hold your head up. Wanda nodded and walked along with her friends and teammates. They reached the throne steps and kneeled with Thor. Odin rose up and greeted them with a booming, yet quiet voice. “Welcome, O Avengers, to Asgard. I pray you enjoy the feast held tonight and I wish to speak with you on the training tomorrow. Sit shall train with Widow and the twin set. Hogun shall be with Iron Man, Black Panther and Hulk…” He continued until he finished. The team glanced at each other, one question on their minds.

Why are the twins fighting? Bruce nudged Clint and whispered. “Don’t you think the twins are still a bit young for this? I mean, this is gladiator-style fighting. They can’t grow big and go on a rampage in this.” He winced at his own words. Clint nodded, understanding the danger. He looked at Odin and mustered up his words. “Sir, don’t you think the twins should remain out of this?” Odin looked at Clint with his one-eyed frown before glancing at the four teens in the back. He thought for a moment before speaking. “If they can fighting and strategize as well as Thor clams, I believe they will be fine and safe. Please go, I must speak with Freyda.” Thor nodded and left, the others slowly following to their respectful rooms.


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