Day 30: Thankful Musings

Ok! Here is the final result of my 30 day challenge. It was so much fun! Expect more of my books soon!

Faith Out!

Oh hark to this honored day!

On which now, we all celebrate now only the game?

Have we forgotten our ancestors purpose?

On this chilled autumn day are we ungrateful?

May a new tradition be in order

As they enter a bowl awaits them

With ink and parchment, writ is thanks

Forget ye wants and reflect on ye blessings

For this world is not ours, but His above

We are showered with blessings

Yet why we turn away like prideful kings?

Stay and look at the world around us

On this Thanksgiving day, reflect

A blessings bowl will fill with our thanks.



Day 29: Freedom

You’re sitting all alone again
Can’t find your way out of this, dark void.
Struggling to find your light
Calling out for help and you’re, so weak.

But there’s something you need to know
To remind yourself to never let go

You are strong, you can fly higher then before
You are cleansed by His blood, no need to hide anymore
When the voices whisper once more, push them aside singing
No more, I am free! (x 2)

Now here you are out on street
Hidden out among this sea, of faces
You wanna stand out and burn
And yet unsure how to take, the first step

But here is something you need to know
To remind yourself to never let go

You are strong, you can fly higher then before
You are cleansed by His blood, no need to hide anymore
When the voices whisper once more, push them aside singing
No more, I am free! (x 2)

You hold the key, you can make your move
Why are you waiting here alone and scared?
You have a family. You have Him by your side.
So why are you thinking you’re chained down?

Let me remind you….

You are strong, you can fly higher then before
You are cleansed by His blood, no need to hide anymore
When the voices whisper once more, push them aside singing
No more, I am free! (x 3)

So there are, unmistakable.
You are beautiful and burning bright.
Now go out and share that spark.
For now by Him you are freed.

Day 28: Cold Song

The world washed in white
But the windows are my plight
Tiny dances form on the glass
The swirls are calling me from class
The air is cold and my heart is warm
How much longer will the dance storm?
It’s white, it’s clear, it’s blue, it’s frosted
Now outside, see the well. It’s crested
For along with white powder down
Jack comes, waiting for my breakdown
I see the lake, frozen by his fleeting feet
His cold antics prove me a beat
For designs now swirl on the trees
Can I touch him without a freeze?
For his touch and ice embrace me
So now from this world, I flee.

Day 27: Roaring Winds and Water & Spectrums

Galaxies fly
Nebulas, black holes
Wonders above


Slowly sailing on the great blues rolling waves, a speck of lovely pale pink stood alone among a great darkness. A one seal craft was traveling with the gentle North Wind, slave to it’s whims and calls. A tiny lantern hung from her slim bow as her frail stern held the craving of a mer-child. The words Wave Wander were etched just below the bow’s light. The small flame cast a streak on the dark, impeding waters that pushed the small boat to her wishes.

It was too small for a crew. The only member lay alone, lost in his dreams. The craft was made for this child. He lay fast asleep in the frail craft as he made a journey unknown to him. The boy was off fighting over monster and having his own fantasy adventure behind closed eyes. The roaring tides made no effect on his slumber… the craft traveled with no bounds…no destination….just to the whims of the wind.

Day 26: An Intense Sleepover

Hello there, my name is Anika. I won’t give my last name because you won’t need it and I’m here to tell about a strange sleepover I had with my 17 year-old brother with a friend of mine and her bro.

Lance is my brother and he and I were driving to my friend Alya’s house. I was excited, I knew her through our online school and I was finally meeting her. “Isn’t this great Lance?! I’m finally….”

I stopped, seeing his hard-set gray eyes. I lowered my raised arms and turned on my YouTube playlist on the car radio. “Just breathe, maybe he won’t be there.” I chirped to which Lance looked at me strange. His eyes were cold for a moment but then with a grin, he looked back at the road.

“Maybe is a key word. Anyway, let’s sing.” He started singing along to the song and I slowly eased in. Alia had an older brother who…I had trouble with. I knew Lance wasn’t happy with him and neither was I. However, I had moved on in life and didn’t think once about him anymore, even when talking to Alya.

His name was Zeref. Odd name, right? But the rest of the way to Alya’s house, we sang the stress and tension away. Songs both old and new to us got our blood pumping and we almost sang our voices out. But as the sun began it’s descent into the West, we pulled into her driveway.

I got out with my backpack and out she flew! Her red curls with blue lowlights bounced as she sprang into my arms, spinning as we laughed and squeezed. “I’m so glad you guys could make it! Come on in!!!!!!” Alia pulled us in with our luggage.

I won’t bore you with dinner or the convos. Lance and I did see Zeref, but we ignored him for the most part. Finally, after too many XBox, board and Wii games, Lance and I were in the guest room. We were there mainly to discuss the plans for the weekend and we showed each other memes and funny fandom gifs.

Lance and I are close, if you peeps couldn’t tell. Anyway, we were starting to talk about Teen Titians when a voice perked up. “Ohh I loved that show!” I whipped my black hair out of my green eyes and smiled at Alya, who was in the doorway.

I smiled and scooted closer to the door, since I was on the captain bed. Lance grinned and looked back at his phone, knowing better then to try and get in the conversation. That’s the cool thing about my older bro, he knows when he can stay quiet and when he can talk with my girlfriends and I.

She and I were starting to rant when Zeref popped in his blonde head in the far side of the door way. I swallowed and glance at Lance. “Hey Lance, you got that DW meme for Alya?”

“Yeah…I do.” he answered me a bit quietly. “Ohh could I see?” Zeref’s high voice cut off his little sister. Alya glared a bit, but looked at the meme. I giggled as her face lit up and she held her sides from the impending laughter. “That is..”

“Can I see?” Alia shot her bro a look, but he didn’t see it. He was busy looking at mw, making me feel uncomfortable. I inhaled and threw my bro his phone back. Oddly, he didn’t catch it.

My green orbs widened at the sight of his visage. A look of fury had taken hold of his usual cheery, funny face. I griped the bed frame as he stomped to the door. Alya’s brown eyes were the size of dinner plates as she slid out of his way and next to me on the bed.

Lance wasted no time, he took Zeref by the collar of his shirt and lifted him in the air. I could see the shock and fear in Zeref’s brown eyes. To be fully honest, I was thinking “Finally! About time, get him Lance!” However, my face was showing more shock then triumph.

Alia grabbed me in a side hug as Lance spoke in a chilling voice, it sent shivers up and down my strong spine.

“Listen, leave us alone. I’ve had about enough of your crud and your unwillingness to take hints. So let’s make it clear.” He brought Zeref’s face close to his sterling gray eyes. “Drop it and forget Anika. Only over my dead body will you ever talk to her again and even then she will never…” he rose his voice at the word, “…speak to you again.”

Lance threw Zeref onto the floor, causing me and Alya to jump. “Woah…never getting on his bad side.” She hissed in my ear. “Huh, you’re right about that.” I replied, a bit breathless.

Oh dear, it’s 11:38 and Alya, Lance and I are still playing Swap. I have no idea what Zeref did after Lance shot him down, He’s probably hiding in a corner. I must end my entry here tonight.

See you peeps later, truly Anika.

Day 25: A Shock for an Ocelot

Ocelot licked her paws clean from the blood of the doe she had just had for dinner. She sat on a log in the middle of the jungle floor, listening intently to the humming sounds of her thickly foliaged home. The anthro creature yawned, barring her fangs and got up abruptly. It was about time to head home.

“Ocelot!!!!!” A high scream caused Ocelot’s fur to stand on end and whip around, only to be tackled by Hummingbird. “Oh Ocelot! I have something to show! Quick quick! Follow me!” Hummingbird’s excitement was evident in her filtering and fluttering up and down and back. She flew ahead, in the same direction Ocelot was going. “Wait up!”

Ocelot grinned at her bubbly friend and quickly followed on all fours. She soon, with a mischievous smile, caught up with Hummingbird and pulled ahead. “This Ocelot is charged up after a meal!” Ocelot’s hazel pools were fired up, a stark difference to Hummingbird’s cooler, but no less crazed, purple orbs.

Hummingbird flew into Ocelot’s den and Ocelot skidded to a stop. All the other animal friends jumped out. “Happy Birthday Ocelot!!!” Fossa, Moose, Beaver, Peacock, Wild Dog, Serval, Hippo, all the animal anthro had come to celebrate one of the most unique cats in the Park. Hummingbird smiled.

“We’re happy you’re a year older Ocelot, You’re such a great friend!” Ocelot’s jaw was on the floor. She was stunned that they had done that much planning to actually genuinely surprise her. She snatched her ears to cover the flush crawling up her fur. When she looked up, a fanged smile painted her face. She pounced in, letting the party truly start.

Day 24: A Veni Trail

Pippa bounded down the clear stone trail towards the Wishing Mirror. His bright green eyes were filled with sparks and excitement for the day. Nothing special was happening, but a Venicot always found a reason to be excited. His long tail and big ears flapped in the wind as he ran along the reflective pebbles that brushed his furry paws.

Soon, he was joined by other Venicots headed to the Wishing Mirror. Despite its name, the Wishing Mirror was only a crystal clear lake that stretched for a great distance, ending in a peaceful waterfall. The pale blue long grass rustled in the gentle breeze over the valley, providing a perfect cover for the small creatures from the looming Bathawks above them.

Pippa yipped at a purple coated Venicot and bounded over to it. Shelia, for that was her name, yipped back as they burst out of the grass and ran into the cave mouth ahead of them. Hundreds of others followed suit, running to both escape from the Bathawks and anxious to get to the Wishing Mirror.

A bathawk dove in after Shelia, eyes hungry for a meal. Pippa squeaked at the bathawks, the high pitch causing the bathawk to retreat. Pippa yelped at other male Venicots to help him while Shelia urged the females to get into the cave’s safety. The bathawk dove again, but the small fox-like creatures were ready.

Pippa jumped and dug his tiny sharp teeth into the bird’s feathered wing. It let out a shrill scream as the other Venicots jumped onto it, tearing into its massive frame. It landed roughly and the Venicots jumped off, forming a circle around it. Pippa hissed before pouncing to end their enemy’s life.

Afterwards, Pippa dove into the cave, rolling head over paws until he hit the rock wall. Shelia gave into laughing sneezes. The other Venicots joined in the mirth and even Pippa, after dusting himself off, laughed as well. Shelia licked Pippa and cocked her furry and feathered head towards the cave’s exist.

Soon, all the Venicots were in a wild chase. Pounding filled the cave’s navy stone walls as they were lined with glowing and floating crystals the size of a girl’s hand. Pippa and Shelia led the crowd of creatures toward the entrance and out they spilled!

There lay the lake, clear and crisp as a spring day. Pippa bounced on his paws in excitement until Shelia pushed him down the hill. He yelped and curled into a ball, rolling down the hill until he again hit something. But it wasn’t a rock to his surprise, when he unrolled himself then gazed up. The other Venicots jumped into the lake, but Shelia trotted up to Pippa and saw the same creature.

The creature bent down and picked up Pippa gently. “Say, is this a Venicot like you told me about?” The voice was soothing and quiet and Pippa wagged his tail. What ever creature this is….I like him!

Day 23: The Future Images the Past

Fleurette zoomed down the empty sidewalk on her hoverboard. She had to meet up with Patxi to go see the big electro-pong game. It was a newport that had been introduced only 5 years before.

She up higher to avoid the small, circular car blocks that lined the edge of the sidewalk. it was an empty neighborhood street, which was unusual. Usually the street was filled with kids at this time while the parents did outdoor cooking.

Fleurette sighed as she approached the wall. The wall that separated the suburbs from the city. It’s unfair. What’s the point anyway?! she angrily thought as she flew up the wall on her hoverboard.

The wall’s pixels turned on, causing her to back up and go faster. She shot up the top and did a double hello-flip before diving down to the road below. “Incoming!” she shouted to the crowds as she pulled up and flew above them.

Some kids gasped and pointed, parents grumbled about “air traffic rules” and other just smiled. She and Patxi were pretty well known for their hoverboard. ‘Yo, you made it over here.”

Fleurette grinned at her friend and teammate. Paxi’s bright blue eyes were filled with excitement and laughter as they flew towards the huge stadium. “You ready to knock them out of the water again?”

“Yeah, so that we can finally start this movement.” She replied as they flew up and dove into the stadium. They were ready, paddles out and landed on the field. The crowd went form wild to silent a the lights dimmed. “Match!” The ball was thrown into the air and Fleurette and Paxti stood at ready…