The Awakening

She breathed out heavily, the torch shaking her hands. “How do you know my name? Why should I trust you?” Her amber eyes gazed into his hazel orbs as silence hung over them thickening by each passing moment. Loki then smiled at her and stepped away. “The guards often spoke of the two mysterious teens who helped my brother’s Avengers. I wondered how two untrained children could outsmart my brother.” He drew out the word like it was an insult. Joann frowned and stepped as close as she dared to. She fiercely looked at him and spoke. “Josh and I aren’t untrained and we were just following orders. it’s not like we wanted to hide i the shadows like we were ashamed of ourselves. We don’t use underhand techniques to get what we want like a certain arrogant Asgardian.”

She hissed those words and Loki quickly knelt down against the glass. “You have a way wth words don’t you?” He grinned at her unwavering expression. “You amuse me a lot Joanna of Xander. They say you and…Josh was it?” Joanna slowly nodded, knowing he already knew anyway. Jerk. Is this way he dragged me here? To chat? But, then again, he must be lonely. Until I get the others down here, I better amuse him. She rubbed her ring which sent a signal up and she sighed on the inside. She put her torch on a hook, found a stool and moved it so she was facing Loki’s cell. “Since you know so much about me, what is there left to speak of?” She kept her cool demeanor and waited for him to speak.

Loki watched her carefully set herself down. She’s very cautious, but curious. She would have run away by now if she wasn’t curious. True, I am bored. I actually was hoping for her brother, but she is quite a mystery. Although this meeting is early, I will enjoy it. Plus, maybe I can have some mischief while she’s here. “Do you know about the guests coming?” He inquired, deciding to test her knowledge. Joanna thought for a moment. I don’t remember any new of that. Be honest and don’t look stupid. “No, do you?” She silently challenged him with fierce orbs blazing into his own soft hazel eyes.

Meanwhile, Pietro and Wanda had told Steve what happened and Josh was waiting at the door while they rounded everyone up. He shifted his weight and ran his hands through his rough brown locks. Joanna isn’t one for running off without a peep. What could have made her do that? If its a joke, it’s in very bad taste. Joanna you better- wait…That’s her signal! He ran over to Wanda and Pietro. “Joanna gave out her beckoning signal from her ring. We can follow it.” Thor and the others walked over. ‘Lead the way then.” They all followed Josh outside the doors. Thor mused over the events. This sounds very much like Loki’s doing, but what could he want with Joanna? He hasn’t even heard of her. If he hurts her, he will regret it. Suddenly, a ship’s engine was heard as they walked outside. Josh looked up to see a familiar outline. “No way…”

Loki started laughing a bit to which Joanna rose from her seat. “You find my answer amusing Loki?” He shook his head leaned on the glass wall. “No, but you know how to answer well. I really would love to meet Josh, I wonder if he is like you.” Joanna sighed to hide an upcoming smile. “He’s quieter then me so good luck with him. Although they will most likely be the same for we are twins.” The room shook as an engine’s roar was faintly heard from above. Joanna listened and a smile spread across her face. “Son eles! Chegaron finalmente!” ( it’s them! They have arrived at last!) Loki looked confused as she ran back toward the steps. “What is that?” he called after her. She stopped to look back and grinned. “Old friends of ours. You shall see soon enough.”

Joanna reached the surface to see the ship landing and the Avengers along with the entire party waiting. She weaved her way through the crowd to Josh. He turned around and grabbed her. “Onde estabas!??! Estabamos preocupados!” ( Where were you!?!? We were worried!) She smiled at their stressed faces. “I’m fine, but for now let’s greet our friends.” Wanda helped them reach the front of the crowd next to the Avengers, who were amazed at the ship. “What is that and who’s is it?” Tony looked at Thor and who shook his head. Josh and Joanna grinned. “Ladies and gentleman, may we introduce to you…” the ramp began to descend and a hush fell over the crowd.


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