A Fairy Rare Adventure. Chapter 4; The Forgotten Ones

Aiden stood silent, people passed by like an a dream. He was waiting, quietly gripping to the hope that she got his message. He glanced up from his hood to the clock that stood erect form the fountain that he sat on. “3:00. 12 minutes.” He spoke sharply like his piercing blue eyes that seemed to darken his other features.

Aiden shoved his pale hands under his clock and closed his eyes. His first mission was only half complete. He had revealed Adelina’s true identity to her and now, he had to begin the second stage of the plan. She has to believe me. But she needs to understand, we don’t have much time. If she gets tied to this world, there’s no chance.

Aiden huffed and turned to look into the clear waters f the wishing fountain. “Foolish mortals, thinking this water will grant them wishes.” He muttered with a bitter undertone as time continued to pass until a shadow crossed with his. “Did..I make it..on time?” Aiden almost smirked at her voice and turns to see her.

Her hands on her knees, hair windswept and a fawn nosing her legs. She was wearing a long forest green skirt with a pale yellow top. Upon that, was a brown hassled poncho and black foot done her feet. A purple headband brushed back her red braids and our exposed her two colored eyes. Adeline straightened and looked at him intently. “What did you want with me this time?”

Aiden was a bit taken aback by her demand, but keep his face clean of emotions. “We still have much to discuss, but not in the open. Shall we get something to drink at The Swift Helm?” He gestured towards the tavern to their left. Adelina glanced at it and sighed. “At this moment, I don’t care as long as you get me the answer I need.” She crossed her arms and walked with him to the doors.

“Hey Adi! What’s up?” A solemn girl with a slight smile greeted the two as she laid down a tray of drinks at a table near the door. Adelina let out a sigh with a forced smile as Ae galad hid between her legs. “Just showing this newcomer ‘round town Ophelia.” Ophelia Souli, a server at the tavern, smiled from under her blonde bangs which hid her eyes. She brushed her hands on her apron and led them to a secluded corner in the tavern.

“I figured you would to stay away from the action.” She explained while clutching her tray before glancing at Aiden. “Pray traveller, what is your name? I’m a friend of Adelina’s and I could take you around town since Adelina has that exam this evening.” Aiden blinked and glanced at his escort. “I was not aware of this, pray what is this said exam?” Adelina bit her lip and began to nervously pet her fawn’s head.

Ophelia coughed. “It’s the scholars exam. Adelina wishes to be one and this is the annual test for those aspiring to take on the respected profession. If she passes, she will be certified as one and could a traveling scholar or remain here and take residence in the lord’s manor. I’m not sure what kind of scholar she wishes to be, but she always wanted to be one.” The quiet girl gave him a nod.

“Call me when you ready to order.” She called over her shoulder as she returned to her work. Aiden pondered Ophelia’s explanation. It wouldn’t hurt if Adelina passed, but then we would definitely have to leave. Her scholar skills and her abilities would be proof of who she is and belongs to. But what did she want to know from me? Aiden sighed, clasping his hands together on the table. “What did you want to ask me?”

Adelina, who was glad Ophelia had left, did not look at him right away. She kept her smooth hand on Ae galad’s dainty head and her eyes began to wander in the midst of her memories. “What happened last night? Am I going mad?” Now her fierce orbs were fixed upon him, glaring and pleading for answers. Aiden gazed back, unfazed before he spoke again.

“It did happen, but I suppose the Moon dance, remembering who you are, how you came to this world and disbelief all collided inside you and thus you collapsed. You aren’t going mad, but I can suppose you are confused.” Adelina snorted. “That goes without saying, Aiden.” Aiden managed a slight grin. That’s the first time you’ve said my name actually. “So as I returned you to your house, the Moon gave you some of her dust as a reminder of what happened between you two.”

Adelina listened with a meek expression, stroking the bottle in her pocket. A reminder? I don’t really remember what happened to me last night anyway. Silence had fallen over them, Adelina trying to tie the loose pieces together and Aiden quietly waiting for her other possible questions. “Aiden, if you are a Fay like you say you are, do you know what these are?” Adelina whispered as she pulled out the light beating stone and the envelope and laid them on the table.

Aiden carefully looked at them before picking up the stone. It’s light flickered in his hand before suddenly going dim. “Hmmm, seems like it only responds to your touch. May I ask why you haven’t opened the envelope?” He asked, noting its seal with wary eyes. Adelina looked down, not ashamed just afraid he would see her fear in her fair face. “I can’t read the words on it.”

Aiden looked at her with no clear expression before carefully picking up the envelope and looking over. “Some lettering work they did here, whoever wrote this.” He said with an undertone of respect. Adelina nodded, she agreed it was indeed beautiful handwriting what ever it was. “Can you read it?”

Aiden held the letter in front of him while stroking his cloak tassels. He then shook his head, handing her the envelope. “Sorry, I can’t read it. Must be a higher dialect of our language.” Adelina tucked her belongings away her in poncho, wishing he would stop referring to any mystical as ‘theirs’. It gets kinda awkward for me now. Again, how can I be a Fay? I get that I was left behind by some strange woman but….

She turned to wave Ophelia over. “Ok, those were my first group of questions. Lets get something to drink.” Aiden nodded. “Thank you. What is there to drink here in this realm anyway?” Adelina sighed, still remembering he said he was a fay since their ears were pointed. “I really still don’t believe we are fay you know.” Aiden gave a curt nod. “I know.” But you will believe me after tonight or tomorrow.

Ophelia came over with a notepad and a faint smile. “What would you like?” Adelina cleared her throat and looked at Ophelia with a smile. “Two Mad Punches please. Can mine have a hint of sugar please?” Ophelia nodded as she wrote down their drinks. “Sure. Coming up.” Ophelia quickly ran to the back to prepare their orders, leaving them alone again. Aiden raised an eyebrow. “Any other questions?”

Adelina nodded. “I have plenty of them, but I only have time for a few. One, how did you know to come here to find me?” Aidan leaned back, letting out a soft sigh. “Ahh, that is true. Let’s say I followed your scent that floated by on the wind?” Adelina gave a shocked look before delivering a swift to his kneecap as her response.

Aidan hissed out air and griped his knee. “I see you don’t take to Fay jokes too well.” Adelina’s answer was a sharp glare. “Fine, I tracked down the woman who left you here in this world and asked her for the directions here. I learned from asking around Newwich that you didn’t live in town preset and you only came to the market on certain days. So I waited and then you ran into me.” Aiden finished explaining and crossed his arms. Adelina remained silent while rubbing Ae galad’s head.

Aiden glanced around the tavern. Most of the occupants were men with a some mingling women. None seemed to care they were there, but he couldn’t shake a feeling of discomfort. “Adelina, when is this..scholar’s test this evening?” Adelina gave him an inquiring look as Ophelia brought their drinks over and left them. “It’s at 7 sharp. Why?”

Aiden nodded, secretly relived it was at early time. “Because we don’t have much time. I need you to journey with me to our homeland.” Adelina blinked. “As in…leave my home and family..” Aiden smacked the table, a look of annoyance and kindling anger in his deep blue eyes. “This realm isn’t your home and your real family is not here!” The entire tavern seems to quiet and stare at the odd, hidden boy and the thoroughly surprised girl in the corner.

Adelina had backed herself against the wall at Aiden’s sudden outburst. My home and family are not here? But then where are we going? Does he really expect me to believe him?! Adelina straightened herself and boldly looked at Aiden as the tavern returned to its normal bustle. “Ok, say what you say is true. I am a Fay and I do travel with you, where are we heading?” Aiden sighed, more in relief then anything. At least she’s somewhat accepting the idea.

“We would leave Newwich and head to the nearest Mirror Gate which lies East of here. It would take a few days at least to reach it, not to mention there are other fabled creatures out to get you.” Adelina blinked as Aiden continued. “If we leave tonight, we might beat them to the Mirror Gate in time to protect you and possible our home. It would also guide these creatures away from your precious orphan home.” Aiden finished with a ghost of a smile dancing on the end of his lips.

Adelina bit her lip before sipping her drink along with Aiden. She thought hard on the recent events and contemplated her options. I could refuse, but then I risk the truth of those evil creatures attacking my only home. If I accept, I leave everything I now and travel with a boy I barely know or trust. If I’m honest, the second option seems better cause I still have the chance to return and see my family. My adopted one anyway….

Aiden tried the oddly scented drink slowly, taking his mind off the current matters for a moment. “This is a curious beverage the mortals have made. You often drink this?” “I will go with you.” Adelina sipped her drink and looked on to the square out the window beyond Aiden. She swallowed back her fear, but refused to look at Aiden. “Can you explain everything to my family? Martha and I wanted to spend some time together in town before the exam. Since we rarely see each other that is.”

Aiden nodded politely. “I can do that. After the exam, meet me at the East Gate of town. There we will start our journey and you may say your goodbyes then.” He took other cut of the spicy drink as Adelina merely gazed at hers. “Thank you, I’ll see you there.” Adelina pulled out 2 coins from her hip purse and abruptly ran out with Ae galad. Aiden watched her leave and sighed. “Just a bit longer. Just a bit-“ He hushed himself as he stood up.

Aiden glanced towards the back of the tavern to see someone leave quickly. His piercing blue eyes only caught the person’s dress before he dropped his tip on the table. “I don’t have time.” He pulled up his hood and strode out The Swift Helm without looking back. He gazed up at the blue grey skies before turning west towards Adeline’s home. He had much to do before her exam finished.


The Dark Ends

It was a heavy fog that rolled after the North Wind. He passed through the dark forest and in-between the man. He stumbled his way blindly, blood slowly dripping from his stained hands and injured legs.

His breathing was shallow, his eyes losing the light that made his path clear. With each step, his pace began to disintegrate. His body felt heavy, gravity urging him to fall onto the cold arms of the bare earth below his misshapen shoes.

His dead eyes looked behind him, seeing the cause of his pain in the form of glowing eyes at his heels ten meters aways. He gasped sharply, turning and pulling his legs forward in a panicked frenzy for an effort to escape. The man looked around in the dark forest for a way out.

The forest was huge, gloomy, and ancient. Its canopy was dominated by spruce, rhododendron, and alder, their crowns allowed cascading lights to shimmer through for scattered sprouts to make use of the flat, fertile grounds below.

Curling creepers suspended from the occasional tree, and a variety of pale flowers, which were seen occasionally, protruded from the otherwise unvarying view. The small buds, despite their innocent colors, seemed fragile in the dark trees.

A faint variety of sounds, belonging mostly to birds and vermin, added little life to the forest, and were backed by the occasional sounds of breaking twigs beneath the feet of larger animals.

The haunting cries of the owls and wolves seemed even dark as he began to hear the wails of lost souls floating amongst the trees. His blood shot eyes, bleeding hands and legs and now the ghostly cries were only fuel to flames of panic swirling in his hazy mind.

The agonizing, stabbing pain of his wound was all that seemed to keep him conscious with the forest’s deathly aura entrapping him. His head was light, everything around him slowly began to spin and the crawling feeling of nauseousness crept up slowly.

Every fiber of his being ached for an answer to this feeling of misery and any cure that would bring him back to life was one worth considering. He paused for a fleeting moment and took a deep, shallow breath. Perhaps…perhaps if he could shift his focus away from the burning pain it’d be easier to manage.

Fighting through the pain was becoming increasingly difficult, but above all else it became increasingly annoying to have to deal with. But he desperately kept himself busy with mindless whisper and the urge to run from the source that had bestows upon him this agony.

The man looked behind him once more, the eyes had vanished. Trembling overcame him as horror snatched his heart. He turned around and froze, blood dripping slower out of his wounds now.

He lifted his hands to his face, smearing the blood over him as the stench of death and blood covered him. His heart pounded at the sight before him.

A woman, her long hair seemingly disarrayed and massed in front of her torn peasant’s dress. Her once olive skin had claws marks and wolf bites all over and a scar hung on her right eye. Her eyes that once shone green with the light of spring, now glowed with moonlight as pale yellow orbs.

Anger and vengeance shot from her eyes onto the man, fear striking him. A cry of horror built in his chest and his eyes widened as the woman slowly moved. He tried to speak, but breathing was adding to his agony.

Her form shifted, the sleeves become fur, teeth growing slowly longer and a snarl ensued from her throat as she pounced on the man. He fell under her sheer strength, shaking with terror as she watched with a sicking glee at his fear.

“Time for your path to end…..dear.” She growled as she bit. Deep. His vision began to fade. Blood….he could see it. The pain escalated before slowly fading along with his heart beat.

Why? How did it come to this?