A Fairy Rare Adventure Chapter 1 The Dawn

Many stories began the same way. With the grand phrase, “Once upon a time…” But why is it time? Why not a mornings’ light? This tale is different, it tells the tale of an extraordinary girl named Adelina. This is a story of her and friends’ fairy rare adventure.

In a land not far from one’s imagination, lies a prosperous region. It’s name was Whenua kanorau and the kingdom was named fakaafe’i Whare. The people who populated it called the city casa for short. It’s morning now. Light broke over the mountains top and forced its way into the sleeping kingdom. It wormed its path through the winding streets, the dark alleys, the closed glass windows and into the castle towering above it all. In the attic of one house, a young girl was awaken by her mother shaking her. “Adelina Rivers! You get up right now.” “Coming Auntie May.” Adelina got off her cot and stretched her bare white arms. She blew her red wavy hair out of her two different colored eyes. She walked down the stairs while putting on her robe.

Auntie May, a mid-aged woman with brown hair, grayish eyes and a tan complexion turned around. She sighed as Adelina slowly came down the creaking, wooden steps. “Could you be any slower? I need you to go into town today. The other children are already up, done their chores and are playing outside.” She shook a wooden spoon at Adelina, but with a smile. Adelina smiled as well. Auntie May wan’t her real aunt, no one knew where Adeline’s family was. But that didn’t stop Adelina from treating Auntie May like her own mother. “Oh Auntie, I was up real late studying from my book. I promised you that I would pass that exam! Besides, my chores are in town anyway.” her two colored eyes sparkled as she snuck a biscuit away from Auntie May. May sighed and lightly smacked the spoon on Adelina, “You rascal.” They both smiled, they truly were like mother and daughter.

Adelina hopped around her room while eating her small breakfast. She slipped on her boots, short skirt, tank top and slid her leather jacket over it. She finished her biscuit while put her red hair into a messy low bun and tie purple ribbon around her thighs. “Okay! I’m ready for town now.” She spun in front of her mirror before jumping downstairs. She ran from the narrow steps, through the living room to the small kitchen. “Thanks and cya Auntie May!” she shouted as she grab the list of items and a basket. Auntie May rushed to the doorway and shouted after Adelina, “be careful and be back for supper!” Adelina yelled back with a wave. “Yes Auntie!”

Adelina laughed as she ran along the trail to town. She glanced at the woods around her and smiled as critters watched her. Home. Auntie May works hard since she runs a kind of orphanage. Poor her, I want to help. That’s why this scholars exam is so important. I better hurry if I want to catch up to Martha. Adelina picked dup her pace, breaking out into a run as the town came into view. The magic exam she was studying for was for young adults her age in order to enter a high-brow magic school in the city. Adelina hoped to become the best magic welder and help her fellow orphans find homes, plus help Auntie May settled down.

Adelina thought of these things util she bumped into someone on the road. “Watch it! oh Adi! It;s you!” Adelina felt herself enveloped in a bear hug and laughed. “Martha! Sorry, I was lost in thought again. Any news on your family or just in general?” Martha laughed, brown curls bouncing and blue eyes dancing. “No, the kingdom is peaceful, the royal family, town….life is good. Now come on! Let’s go shopping!” Martha grabbed Adeline’s hand and they both ran into town. It was market day and small performances caused the street to be extra crowded. Adelina squeezed past people to head towards the candle vendor, but a sudden jerk in the crowd caused her to fall. Martha reached out…

…….but a different hand caught Adelina by her waist. She gasped slightly and opened her eyes to meet a young man’s face. He had deep blue eyes with stark black hair and a pale face. He wore a green hoodie with black pants and brown colored shoes. Woah, I’ve never seen him before….. Several people started to whisper and pointed them and he pulled her up. “Be more careful in crowds like this….” Suddenly, he too stared at Adelina. She sighed and rubbed her pointed ears. “They are merely deformed. Please…” He frowned slightly. “They aren’t deformed.” Adelina stared back at him as she looked at Martha. Martha shrugged and puled back her hair to show her pointed ears to prove him wrong.

He didn’t look and leaned towards Adelina. She moved her hand to smack him away, but his whisper stopped her. “Meet me at sundown, cornflower meadow.” He stepped back and walked away. Martha and Adelina watched him walk away. Martha walked dup to her best friend and nudged her. “Who was that? What did he say?” Adelina didn’t answer, she was wondering what he could want. Martha sighed and grabbed her arm. “Come on, we got stuff to do. We gaze away cute guys all day.” Adelina woke up from her mental wandering and nodded. “Yeah! Plus, we have to visit the library today.” The girls ran over to the candle vendor and their shopping spree finally started.

Adelina had been dragged all over the market, but Martha finally was at the perfume vendor while she walked to her preferred vendor. “Ho there Adelina! Coming here again today eh?” Adelina grinned and flung a rad wave out of her bright visage. “Morning Mr. Gates. Yes, I’m back more books. Same genre.” Mr. Gates was the old book merchant and funny old man. He always wore a stocking cap with a tiny silver bell on the end. He smelled like leather and knowledge as many would say and would always give a goof talk to anyone. Adelina personally thought he was the only other person besides Martha who didn’t mind her deformity. Mr. Gates walked up to the small desk facing the street from under the makeshift tent. “You know, you should have some free time to read other books child. I have the perfect ones.”

Adelina smiled and shook her head. “Mr. Gates-“ He raised his shaking hand to stop her. “I know, I know. I know how important that exam is to you, but you must not stuff your mind with facts all the time. Let lose your imagination and travel in your book. In addition to you history books, take this novel with you.” He went through his stacks until he came back with two good sized books and one smaller sized book. Adelina looked at them and grinned. “Oh well, there’s no arguing with good old Mr. Gates.” They both laughed as Adelina gave him coins. “I might be back tomorrow. Good day Mr. Gates!” She left and Mr. Gates sighed. “She’s very bright, but is missing something important.”

Adelina slipped the books into her basket and pulled up her hood. I hide them for a reason. But…what did that boy mean? She spotted Martha at the soap vendor and started to cross the street. “Clear the way! Runaway horse!” Shrieks filled the busy air and people rushed to the sides of the streets while Adelina froze in the middle. A black stallion came charging down the street, straight at her. Martha screamed, “Run Adi!” Two more riders came up behind the horse, lasso waving. Adelina turned towards the horse and held out her hand. “Easy, stressed one. Easy” she called out. The horse seemed to listen to her calm voice and slowed down to trotting and then walked dup to her. The street went quiet.

The two riders stopped and one rode up to her. “What is your name girl?” he asked harshly with a slight glare. Adelina rubbed the horse’s nose and looked dup at the man. He wore imperial clothes and had the golden spurs of a high lord. He reeked of some strange smell like apples and roses, which disgusted her. Those two scents shouldn’t be mixed like that. She grimaced, but answer with confidence. “My name is Adelina Rivers.” The other rider snickered and whispered something to the lord. He too grinned. “You are the elven lady? Then I am Lord Camembert.” The street started laughing at his insult, but she ignored it and gave the reigns to the other rider. “Good day Sir.” Adelina nodded at Martha. “Let’s look at the soaps then go home.” Martha nodded quietly and they went inside the vendor.

Adelina roamed around the store, trying to calm down. She was shaken, having been insulted for her ears again. Martha watched her distraught friend randomly grab soaps and look at them. Martha walked up and handed her a red bar. “It’s a floral scent. Get this one. You could use it tomorrow for the exam.” She winked, brown eyes twinkling. Adelina couldn’t stop herself from laughing and graciously taking the soap. “Thanks Martha. I’ll get this and meet you tomorrow.” They embraced and Adelina went up to merchant to buy it. Martha really does understand me. Well, we both have the same deformity, but she’s my bestie. “Thank you for stopping by.” The woman smiled as Adelina left. Martha rushed to the tent flapped and waved. “Dia a ‘dol còmhla riut!” Adelina laughed and skipped backwards. “Dia a ‘dol maille ribh cuideachd!”

Adelina strolled along the road, looking for the path to home. Travelers would greet her with smiles and tipping hats to which she would smile back and nod. Some gasped at her ears or children would run after her. This was her normal life. People knew her as the Wandering Dawn Elf. Martha was called something else, but Adelina always forgot because it wasn’t important to her. Most of the time on her journey home, people walking on the long-trodden road would hear her singing and see her skipping. But today, they frowned at her for she did neither one. Adelina kept her head down for pushed-back thoughts were invading her mind now. Should I go? I know the area well, but who was he?’

And where is he from? I’ve never seen him in town before. Those eyes though……so blue… Hey! Wake up Adi, we need to run home! Adelina shook herself and laughed, her cheerful self back in place. She run up the hill, along the trail, and into the woods.The squirrels, birds and other woodland critters looked up at her ringing laughter and joined in the chase. Hearts were beating fast and lungs were aching for air as they ran towards Auntie May’s warm house. One fawn in particular ran up to her and she quickly petted it’s ears. “Hello there Ae galad!” The fawn nudged her and the chase continued. A tiny smoke pillar was seen by Adelina’s sharp orbs and she sped up. One by one, the critters left until it was only her and Ae galad.

She slowly stopped running until the children were in sight. Most of the children were younger then the 15 year old. “Look, it’s Big Sister Adi!” a young brown-haired, green-eyed boy called out. All the kids and ran to her and the fawn. Ae galad pranced around Adelina and she laughed. My usual welcome. Again. She knelt down and scooped up the first boy up. “ Gary, you don’t always have to call when I return silly.” Adelina laughed as Gary and the others hugged her study frame. Ae galad nosed his way through the crowd of little hands and eyes. Adelina also forced her way through the 10 to 4 year olds. She made it to the door with Gary and put him down. “Tell the other kids we have about 10 minutes until dinner. Go.” Gary nodded and ran off. Adelina walked inside with Ae galad following her. “I’m home Auntie.” she called out.

Auntie May sighed in relief when Adelina’s voice rang out. “Good, mind setting the table dear? Supper is almost done.” Adelina nodded and put her basket down on a chair in the common room. She went to the cupboard and brought down earthenware bowls and placed them on the long rectangular table with silverware. “What is for supper Auntie?” May smiled at the young teen as Adi approached her. “Potato soup. The kid’s favorite.” Adelina smiled and hugged her guardian. “I don’t know how you do it, but you care for 10+ kids including me. I promise I will pass that exam tomorrow!” May merely shook her head and looked at Adelina from stirring. “Thank you, but don’t forget about yourself. Oh look it’s ready.” May brought the soap onto the table, but Adelina stayed where she was.

She watched all the kids pilled into the dining room and mused over May’s words. Don’t forget about myself? What could she have meant? Adelina shrugged and walked over the table. She was sitting next to Gary and another boy. Across form her was an 8-year old blonde girl. The girl, who’s name was Rosy, spoke up after she swallowed. “Big Sister Adi, if you pass the exam, will you leave us forever?” Adelina blinked and the room fell silent. The younger children whimpered slightly at the idea while the older ones tried to shush them. May cleared her throat. “What happens afterwards will be her choice and we will accept her decision whatever it may be. She is always welcome here now eat your supper.” Rosy nodded and supper resumed it’s joyous noise. Adelina also took up the happy vibe, but secretly was waiting to be dismissed. I need to think in my room.


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