The Awakening

“….The Guardians of the Galaxy!” The ramp hissed and stoped with a clank! A raccoon came out from the mist. “Alright, what’s going….Joanna! Josh! What the heck are you doing here?!?!” He rushed up to them and gave them fistbumps. Josh grinned. “We’ll explain later. Drax, Groot, Gamora, Peter! Come out and meet the Avengers!” Joanne pushed Rocket towards the crowd and looked back at the ship. Josh ran ahead to pick up a tiny tree. “I got Groot!” The tree-like humanoid wobbled at first, but got his balance on Josh’s shoulder. “I am Groot!” Josh snickered and looked behind him. Drax, Gamora and Peter Quill when just staring at the crowd, but specifically at Steve, Natasha, and Thor respectfully.

Joanna walked up to them and saluted. “Agent Joanna present.” Josh grinned and followed suit, “Agent Josh.” Peter grinned at them while Gamora rolled her eyes. “That’s not necessary, but maybe you could introduce us to your other team?” Joanna nodded and turned around. “Fellow Avengers and Asgardians, I wish to present the Guardians of the Galaxy. Their leader Peter Quill or Star Lord,” Peter nodded and waved a bit awkwardly, “The fierce fighters Gamora and Drax the Destroyer,” they nodded, “and let’s not forget Rocket and Groot.” Groot grinned and Rocket huffed. Steve inhaled deeply before stepped up to Peter. He held out his hand, “Steve Rogers, Captain of the Avengers.”

The silence seemed to thicken as Peter and Steve stared into each other’s eyes. Wanda griped her brother’s hand harder as they both looked on. Брат, это реально?( Brother, is this real?) Тссс Ванда. Доверие Cap, я думаю, что Питер в порядке. Давайте просто смотреть на данный момент. ( Shhh Wanda. Trust Cap, I think Peter is alright. Let’s just watch for now.) Suddenly, Josh and Joanna’s voices resounded through her minds. Не волнуйтесь! Они очень рады встретиться с вами, ребята. ( Don’t worry!) They are thrilled to meet you guys.) Wanda and Pietro whipped their heads to see Josh and Joanna grinning at them. They were standing beside Drax and Gamora. They had walked down the ramp and were now behind Peter. Peter smiled and shook Cap’s hand. “Pleasure to finally meet you Captain. I’m Star Lord.”

The crowd cheered as the Avengers went up to meet the Guardians and shake hands. Thor started to clear a path through the crowd back to the palace as they proceeded forward. Zamora began to converse with Natasha, Drax took up a conversation with Clint and Sam, Rocket was translating Groot’s conversation wth Bruce, James ad T’chalia. The twin sets were behind the procession with Sif. Sit looked over the two teams and shook her head. “This should be interesting at the Games in two days.” Pietro frowned before responding, “What Games?” Sit looked at their confused faces before smirking. “Don’t worry. They aren’t life or death games, but two or more heroes are pitted against each other. Odin is looking forward to the fights.” Joanna’s eyes widened. “Who will we be pitted against?”

Sif shook her head, “I am not allowed to say. You will find out throughout the procession of the day.” Sit strode on ahead as they walked up the large steps. Wanda, Pietro, Joanna and Josh looked at each other in shock. The Games? We are to be pitted against each other? What is the meaning of this? Pietro did Thor know? I don’t know Josh, I don’t understand this either. Wait guys… What is it Joanna? Look, the guards are taking the Guardians to their rooms and the Avengers are to be at the throne room. So? What of it, we need to go then. Wait, I must go tell someone something. I’ll be back, go on ahead. With that they parted, Joanna running down the steps to the outside and the other three walking with the Avengers to the throne room.

Joanna ran down the dark steps and slammed on the lights. She ran up the cage with a huge grin and smacked the glass. Joanna chuckled as Loki jump din surprise and strode over the glass. “What is it…….wait. You came again…why?” His hazel orbs betrayed his shock and confusion as to her presence. She merely sat down, out of breath and looked at him. “I know who came and wanted to know why you were so curious as to who they were.” Loki looked shocked even more before looking away. “You know of the Games correct?” Joanna nodded as he clasped his hands behind his back, pacing inside the glass prison. “Then you know the last man standing faces one more opponent correct?” Joanna frowned, slowly processing what he was getting onto. She gasped. He can’t mean…………

“You? They then face you?” Loki stared into her bright amber eyes. Joanna slowly placed a pale, shaking hand on the glass wall. “The victor of the duels must face you?” Loki then placed his hand on the glass, directly over hers with a smile. “Yes, so who came?” Joanna’s visage harden and jerked her hand off the glass before she belt out. “The Guardians of the Galaxy. I know them for I assisted them as a Nova Corp Agent.” Loki eyebrow’s went up a bit before he chuckled with a mischievous tone. “I see then. I look forward to the duels. I pray that we will face off, you look strong enough to survive. but first, shall we both see what your Guardians think of your Avengers.” He took out a circular pendant and clicked the center. Joanna’s amber words flared up as the room disappeared and a large room with a hearth appeared. The Guardians entered and she froze as Loki grinned.


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