About What?

*looks around* Is this really necessary? I mean, my bio should explain all this! What else do you wish to know? *crosses arms*  Oh well…

Hello there! Welcome and many blessings! My name is Faith, but you can call me Faye if you wish. I love nicknames and giving them. I’m the youngest of two older brothers who act more like bodyguards, but I love them and we are very close. I have so much to tell!!!


But I must sadly condense it. *tear* You have probably gotten an idea of my hobbies from the opening message so here are some others facts about me. I am a bubbly extrovert and my personality is insanity. I am a child of God and a strong believer, however I still struggle as any Christian will. I’m not perfect.


I love my Youth group with all my heart and hope to become a bright shining light for Our Lord above. I am also a fangirl of Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, LOTR, Disney and many many more! I enjoy the outdoors, dancing, taekwondo, singing, taking up new hobbies, hanging out with friends and fam, jamming out with my family in the car, and playing games. This blog’s purpose with be sharing snippets of my own work.


I believe God has given me many gifts and my father says with the brain I have, I can do anything He throws my way. I didn’t believe him at first ( it sounded cliche to me ) but he was right!


I’m still unsure what path God wants me to take, but I know He will guide me there and I should be still and wait for Him. This may seem weird for my welcome message, but that’s just me. So, I hope this helps y’all see a bit more of who I am and I hope you enjoy my blog!


Faith out!