The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 2: New allies?

“Oh! I am so sorry, need a hand?” Queenie started to growl, but her expression softened when she looked up. A boy with brown hair and green eyes had bent down, offering her his hand. He had a navy shirt, tan shorts and an orange baseball cap on backwards. the wind blew soft strands of loose hair into his sharp emerald eyes. Queenie swallowed and reached out a shaking hand. “Th-thanks. It’s no problem.” The boy smiled, but another voice broke out. “I’m sorry too miss.” Queenie looked at see a white-haired, blue eyed boy walk up and bend down to her fairy college. Faye how rub her back until she looked up. Her brown orbs widened as she caught sight of the stranger. Faye gently took his hand and he helped her up. Faye brushed herself off and stood next to Queenie.

They looked at each other, utterly confused and embarrassed before Faye spoke up. “It’s… it’s quite alright. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Faye.” Faye bowed her head slightly and Queenie extended her gloved hand. “Name’s Queenie.” Baseball cap shook Queen’s hand while White hair nodded back to Faye. ‘I’m Gene Arte,” Baseball cap explained. “This is Pietro Maximoff. You come here for coffee too?” Faye perked up and jumped forward. “Yup! Queenie and I were about to get some. Would you like to join us?” Queenie frowned at her friend. How is she so friendly to them already?! it’s like she’s always known them. Oh well, she is very bubbly. Pietro laughed at Faye’s enthusiasm and nudged Gene. “Sure, why not?”

Pietro walked, a bit stiffly to the door and held ti open. A rush of the aroma of coffee beans blew into their noses and the soft lights seemed to invite them in. Queenie grinned and walked in, followed by Gene and they both went to the counter. Faye looked at him curiously as she walked past him. He seems a bit rigid. Why? He gives off an aura of the wind. A strong, free wind. Who is he really? She beckoned him up next to her in line. Pietro grinned and followed. “What do you usually get, Faye?” he asked sweetly. She grinned and pointed to the chalkboard. “I get a chocolate chip mocha latte with peppermint and raspberry. It’s really good.” Pietro grinned. “I usually get an energy drink. Gene gets some Ice-o.” Faye grinned. He seems nice, but why an energy drink among coffee? Hmmmm. 

Queenie laughed as Gene lightly tapped her shoulders. “You don’t scare me. What are you getting?” Gene smiled at pick up a bottle of water. “This. Not a coffee drinker.” Queenie looked mocked hurt and shoved him. “Shame! Fine, drinks are on me.” Faye perked up and cheered. Pietro and Gene grinned at each other. “You sure? Pietro and I can…” Gene was stopped by Queenie raising her hand in a dismissing manner. “It’s no problem. I insist. Faye, find us some seats.” Faye winked and took the boys by their fore-arms. “This way.” She lead the two bewildered, grinning boys to a window table and plopped down onto a seat next to the window. It was looking down the south side of the busy city road and straight towards the city hall. Pietro sat across from her, looking down towards the hillside outside the city. Gene sat next to Pietro, leaving the

Queenie returned with their four drinks. “Man, we are diverse in our tastes.” she remarked. Gene rolled his eyes, Pietro snorted and Faye giggled. Queenie merely grinned and sat down not he wooden chair. She passed out the drinks and they nodded. “Thank you Queenie.” they said one after the other. Queenie snickered and they all let loose of laughs. The smooth jazz playing in the backgrounds flowed through their ears and calmed them down. Even through they had just meet, to others they seemed like a tight knit group of friends. Queenie and Faye would later say that single encounter on the street would flip their world upside down, but in a good way. Pietro and Gene would say that they were swept off their feet in those few seconds. In a single moment after their laughing spree, screams rang out in the air. Faye and Queenie, Gene and Pietro exchanged looks. Trouble!


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