Avengers Christmas One-Shot

( I know it’s late, but I wrote this on Christmas and I hope you like it. Faith Out!)
” JOSH!!!!!!!!!!” Joanna’s voice boomed down the corridor. ” Where are the ornaments? We need to finish the tree before dinner! Plus, Thor hasn’t come back yet!” Wanda rubbed her friend’s shoulder. ” Go easy ok? It’s hard getting Pietro to walk instead of run, trust me.” ” Yeah! He kept trying to run me over!” Josh came in hidden behind the boxes with Pietro not too far behind. Pietro grinned wolfishly as Josh slightly glared before friendly punching him. Pietro playfully shoved him back, ” We could’ve been done if you had let me run.” Wanda rolled her eyes as she lifted tinsel on the top of the tree. ” And you break half of them? No way.” The quartet looked at each other and laughed. This is going to be the best Christmas ever!

Nat, Steve and Sam came in with wreaths and chestnuts. ” Nuts for eating and wreaths need to be-” Steve was cut off by Pietro grabbing the wreaths and putting them up in their places. ” You were saying?” Nat threw him a chestnut. ” Alright you’re done decorating and leave the rest to us.” Pietro pouted, but then posed a grin. He ran off to his room. Josh and Joanna shook their heads and proceeded to help with the ornaments. Christmas this Year by Tobymac played in the background as Bruce and Tony made Christmas dinner, The twins did the tree, Sam, Nat and Steve did the other decorations and Vision, War Machine and Black Panther were out getting last minute shopping done.

Laughter, thinking and the fire popping were the soft noises protruding the atmosphere as the team was getting ready for Christmas Eve. Joanna sipped her hot cocoa as she gazed into the ambers. I remember Christmas on Xander, but it seems more….magical and special here. The soft glow of the fire makes the nativity scene more…..striking. I think Josh and I will love having our first Christmas together like this. Josh hugged his sister from behind and laughed. ” Of course! Now let’s go play with some snowballs!” Wanda, Pietro and Joanna cheered and ran outside to romp in the powdery white snow.

” Snow angels!” Wanda shouted as she flopped into the snow and steeped her arms and legs. Pietro and Josh were deeply engaged in a snowball fight while Joanna was attempting to make a snowman. Hours passed as they all shouted with glee in the cold. Then they caught up with friends to go caroling in Times Square until they sadly had to head back. Wanda and Joanna started rambling about favorite carols while the boys discussed Christmas pranks. Pietro hummed as they walked into the Tower. ” That was great! Now time to eat.” Wanda groaned. ” Is that all you think about?! Food? Thor should be back and we get to open presents!”

Josh tore into his gifts like a hyena after meat. Pietro laughed at his speed and challenged him to see how could unwrap their gifts faster. Laugher rang out in the common room as the girls passed out gifts and hot drinks while the boys did their usual rough routine. Steve suddenly called out, ” Guys it’s snowing outside! Plus look at the lights.” Joanna and Josh rushed to the window. ” Woah…..it’s amazing.” Josh exhaled. Joanna nodded, ” Like it was at home.” Steve and Bucky glanced at the alien twins. Bucky ruffled Josh’s hair. ” Don’t daydream too much, we still have gifts to go through!” Pietro nodded, ” Yeah!”

Afterwards, when the tower was quiet, all who remained awake where the quartet and Bucky. Everyone else had gone to bed. Wanda was gazing at the nativity, Josh was reading, Joanna was looking at the mantle while singing softly and Pietro and arm wrestling Bucky. Bucky easily beat him. ” Nice try, but I think there’s some green hanging from the doorway.” Pietro glanced and saw. He walked under it and beckoned Joanna to come. She laughed and dragged Josh with her. Wanda followed suit until they all were under the mistletoe. ” Merry Christmas to all and Praise Him for His gifts!” They laughed before kissing. Bucky grinned, ” Two types of love fall under that branch. Family love between twins and romantic love of Joanna/Pietro & Josh/Wanda. ” The twins playfully tackled him as Silent Night softly played for the Bluetooth speakers.


The Symphony 

I step out in the cold blustering wind and tighten my coat

We race to the open church doors and sighed in relief

Brochures and pamphlets are passed out by attendees in ties and coats

My family and escort to our seats in the upper rows

I gaze over the slightly packed room as crystal glistens from the lights.

I see the choir seats and the seat for the company all bare

I see friends down below and whisper to myself

One by one, musicians come out to tune

Then the choir come out above, row by row altogether

The lights dim and the room becomes hushed

The tenor, countertenor, seperno, and bass-bastrone all take their front seats

All applaud as the conductor came near

Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, it begins

Handel’s Messiah has told its tale

The music is special and sweet, but my ears still ring form the voices

The story is from Scripture alone, combining to tell three tales

I hear the violins play together with the piano and think back

The clarinets are hard to hear, but their soft tone can be faintly heard

The oboe, drums and trumpets are rare, but bring power

The notes are high and drawn out by the tenor and singers

I could barely follow, but the lyrics was printed for us

A final Amen brought it to a close, but I shall never forget the power in the music and tale.

Handel’s Messiah

Written in Stars

I lay back on the cold wet grass on a hill
The cold blustering wind gives us both a chill
You hold me close on the blanket, gazing up
I see the deep night reflex in your eyes faceup
The stars twinkle each with it’s own color
The sky is so clear, I see each little one without a blur
Orion, The Big Dipper, Tarius all on a map
The stars all cluster and there’s never a gap
You show me the Milky Way and planets through the scope
A kaleidoscope of lights and colors, I don’t need a horoscope
To see that you and I are so close
We both shine under starlight, we practically glow
On this starry night, I show something secret
As I began to whisper, we both see a comet
I point out each constellation, eyes shining
We both stand in the moonlight, crickets chirping
We spend the entire night just gazing at them
Our names are carved up there, little night-sky gems
What wonders God has made in the heavens
He has placed this message, for the chosen ones
Christians know and hear it and we must tell
Do you not see the stars? Your joy shall swell
Do you see His Glory above? Arise O warrior
The stars indeed shine forever yet we are brighter
Spend a night outside. Feel your heart stir
He has a purpose and a call, will you answer?
I hold you tight as midnight creeps close
We stay on that hill, our hearts echo
We know the call, taking what’s ours
Forever we remain, written in stars

A Walk Among Her Thoughts

She walked slowly and silently. Her red curly locks shone bright against the white snow on the hard ground. She looked behind her as she tighten her cape around her, shielding her from the harsh cold. I hope it turns back to spring soon. They haven’t visited me in a while. Me….I live alone and always have. Ever says I’m crazy to live among the animals and trees, but they don’t see the beauty here. I wish he would return home. This war is harming everyone…even me. She quickly found the old trail she had trod in the past. She slowly glided on it as the sun peeked through. She pulled up her hood so the snow wouldn’t wet her bouncy curls.

Laughter rang out behind her and two young children rushed past into the sunny forest which housed spring. A red-haired girl was chasing a butterfly while a blonde boy was running behind her. “Wait up! I can’t run as fast as you ya know!” The girl slowed down and waited for him. The butterfly flew out of reach as he reached her. “But you wanted to get the butterfly..” He looked at her confused about her choice of actions. She merely smiled, “My mother says to always wait for and on a friend, even if you are chasing something else. Something better comes from your friendship.” She giggled at him and he smiled.

She watched as the memory suddenly flashed and she brushed the snow out of her bright eyes. The children were gone and so was spring. Snow lay heavily on the old path as she walked forward. She glanced to her side to spot a small white fox sitting on the side of the path. It switched it tail and barked. She smiled and took from her basket a piece of bread. She knelt down and extended it to the small blanched creature. It quickly snatched it away and ran off, invisible among the snow.

She smiled and continued to walk down the path, thinking about the blonde boy in her memory and how he left to fight. She dearly missed him. She looked up at the ashen sky through the dead tree branches. He really understood me. We were always friends. He protected me for my oddity and I hoped him because he has fragile health. I wonder if he’s ok now. It is almost the holiday season here in the forest. The elfs, dwarfs, and fairies all come to the cabin, but will it be the same?

These thoughts swarmed through her as she approached her cabin. It was a quant tiny house, but enough for her. She smiled to herself at the memory of moving in from the village about a 15 minute walk away. She preferred to be in the outdoors rather then close to it. She wiped her snowy wet boots off outside before entering. “I’m home!” she called as she shut the door and waited for her dogs. Her husky came bounding in and begins to whine excitingly. “Easy, easy! You’ll get your treats in just-“ She walked into the living room to see a familiar figure in the chair. The boy rose slowly as she dropped her basket. “I came back.”

The Mended Path

Josh slowly knelt onto the ground as they sobbed their pain out. Wanda and he took care not to cry out too loudly for fear of gaining unwanted attention. Josh stroked Wanda’s plaited mahogany hair until she lifted her face from his chest. Josh voice’s cracked in pain as he calmed her down. ” Wanda, you have something Joanna and I never did. You knew your parents, we probably never will.” Wanda stared into his dazzling blue and green eyes. ” But you could know they if you found them. You still go through the same pain and loss as we did. Why do you think we understand each other so well? Josh I…”

Josh brushed away his and her tears, ” You what Wanda?” Wanda looked down at the roses along the path before picking one. She gazed at it’s red petals and looked at him. ” Джош Я люблю тебя!” ( Josh I love you!) Josh gasped a bit in shock. Wait, she does love me? Then Joanna spoke true as do I. He took the rose from her hand and placed in her hair. He smiled softly at her in the pale moonlight. ” As I love you Wanda.” He leaned and gently place a kiss on her red lips. Wanda’s heart flew into the clouds at his words and kissed back.

Wanda broke the kiss, not to her pleasure, as Josh helped her up. Josh blushed a bit as they walked down the path back towards the steps. ” We better head back, we need to get home.” Josh said out to the air. Wanda giggled and squeezed his hand. ” I’m not letting go again. Never.” Josh smiled, ” I won’t either and I hope Joanna does the same with Speeder.” They both laughed as they approached the end of the path.

Josh, Wanda, Pietro and Joanna all meet on the stairs. They saw the way they each had entered and grinned. Joanna spoke first, ” So you told her?” Josh smiled back at his twin’s wide smile. ” Yes and she told me so I guess we all know what went down after that.” They all laughed as they sat down. ” So I guess we have to tell the others?” Wanda inquired. Josh and Joanna nodded and Pietro bear-hugged his sister. ” I think they will be glad. I’m sure of it.” They all nodded and gazed up at the bright starry sky for a while, pointing our constellations. He made them and knows their name. He always hold us, maybe God put them in our life’s for a reason. Praise be to Him.

Those thoughts ran through everyone’s mind. The cold wind blew over them as they leaned on the marble steps. Joanna spoke of how the constellations on Xander were similar to the ones they spotted now. Wanda talked of what everyone at the party inside was thinking when they spoke to them. Everyone laughed at one kid’s thought of how he thought Joanna was a literal star. ” Yeah, I totally feel from the sky and I shine at night.” Josh and Joanna burst out laughing and Wanda with Pietro rolled the steps barely breathing. A shooting star crossed the sky. Pietro pointed, ” Look! Say a prayer!” Josh raised his eyebrow then grinned. ” A prayer instead of a wish. Clever.” The Maximoffs grinned and closed their eyes. Joanna and Josh followed suit.

Wanda opened her eyes to the sound of a car approaching. ” I think our ride is coming.” ” Aww, but this is so much fun!” Joanna pouted. Pietro kissed her cheek, ” I know, but we have a normal early day tomorrow.” Josh smirked and helped Wanda up and they ran down the steps. Joanna stopped and grabbed her brother. They grinned and shouted, ” Nunca querer saír! Adoramos aquí! Grazas, Deus!” They laughed at Wanda and Pietro’s confused faces. ” Welche Sprache ist das?!” ( What language is that?!) The limo pulled up and they got in. Josh huffed, ” It is the language of Xander. Joanna and I usually only speak it when we are alone, but we decided to shout with joy.” They all hugged and talked the whole way home.

They finally pulled up outside the tower and got out. Pietro frowned at the unlit tower and decorations. ” What’s up with the lights? They should be lit by now, It’s 9:30″ Wanda frowned as they went inside. Why is it so quiet? It’s never this silent? Don’t you think so Joanna? I agree Wanda. This is so odd. Maybe JARVIS knows something. ” JARVIS, where is everyone?” Joanna called out. The elevator opened, ” Upstairs Miss, they request all of you in the meeting room.” They went into the elevator and went up to the 15th floor and the door opened. It was dead quiet and Josh opened the doors to the meeting room.

Everyone glanced up and Thor beckoned them to sit down. Pietro noticed the bags and everyone’s attire. ” What’s going on? Why aren’t the lights on outside?” Josh nodded, ” It’s quieter then usual. Is everything ok?” Thor raised his hand, ” I bring news from Asgard. Cap has agreed to the proposition I have brought back and you must ready yourselves.” The four looked at each other and asked, ” For what?” Cap inhaled and answered with a calm voice. ” We are leaving for Asgard.” Silence fell over them as they tried to hide smiles as the four teens gasped in shock.

A new adventure awaits us all.

The Mended Path

Joanna skimmed through the pages, she didn’t even process what Pietro had inquired about the book. It speaks of aliens attacking Earth. That they are monsters and enemies. Is this really how they view us in general? Not all are evil, just corrupt. She slammed it shut and Pietro saw the title. ” Ender’s Game.” he whispered to himself and knew what she was feeling. He took her hand and she looked at him with tears in her eyes. ” Hmm … Shh..” he softly said as he embraced her, slowly rocking her. Joanna let out soft, hiccuping sobs as he wrapped his strong arms around her small frame. ” Do all humans see us like this?”

Pietro gently stroked her frosted locks and remain silent for a moment before pulling away to look into her deep amber eyes. Pietro smiled softly and said, ” No, not all. But there are the few that do and the few that want aliens to come. The later can be a bit weird though.” He made a face and Joanna laughed. Pietro took her the comic section and showed her a few old superhero comics. ” See? Most see aliens as heroes depending on how they act.” Pietro zipped around her and laughed. Joanna dried her eyes and laughed at his antics.

Joanna and Pietro spent the next several minutes walking ( more like running after Pietro, much to Joanna’s annoyance.) around the library. Joanna finally caught up with him and grabbed his arm. ” Slow down, not everyone has super speed ya know.” she said panting. Pietro blushed a bit and helped her sit in a chair before crashing down onto a ottoman. ” What was Sokovia like growing up?” Joanna asked while rubbing her feet. Pietro thought for a second before speaking quietly, ” It was beautiful. Just Wanda, our parents and I. We had many friends and a great school. Until the day when the missiles came. Our parents told us to remain under the bed and went out. We heard screams from the street and held Wanda back as cried out for out parents. A missile had fallen in front of the bed and for three days it didn’t go off. That’s how it all went down.”

Joanna listened wide-eyed and dumbfounded at his story. They went through all that? At least they knew who their parents were…and yet that’s why it hurts them so much. She looked into his now sad blue eyes and moved over to him. He started to let out quiet tears and she hugged him tightly, letting out her own tears of compassion. ” Pietro, they loved you. Josh and I never will know why our parents let us…..” Pietro stopped and grabbed her shoulders. ” What do you mean?!” He searched her face for an answer. What did she mean by that? She must have known her parents before they became orphans. Did they?

Joanna brushed away her tears and exhaled. She then told her own sad tale of how the Nova Corps had found them on the doorstep with a note and how they became agents. ” It’s a bit cliché I know, but that’s what happened to us.” She shook as the wind blew in from a window, but Pietro ran over to close it. ” That’s why you can relate with us so well. You lost something of value too.” Pietro glanced at her as Joanna walked to him. ” Yes and that’s why…” Joanna searched his face for something to give her courage. His eyes urged her to continue. There. Here goes nothing. ” Я люблю тебя Пьетро Максимофф!” ( I love you Pietro Maximoff!) They remained standing still for a second then Pietro pulled her close with wide smile.

” As do I, Joanna.” he whispered as he gently kissed her lips. Joanna mentally gasped, but closed her eyes and kissed back. Pietro’s heart pounded in his chest as she responded to him. I love her and she loved me back. Wanda was right. Josh was right as was Wanda…..I hope he does well with her too. They broke the kiss and stood in each embrace as moonlight poured into the room. Pietro gently took her hand, ” Let’s go outside and find the other two. We should leave soon.” Joanna pouted a bit, but brightened. ” Yes!” They rushed outside towards the school steps.

Josh and Wanda slowly crept away to the balcony. Wanda then pulled him down the steps into the garden out back. ” Come on, they won’t spot us in here.” They ran along the red tile path lined with holly bushes until they came to a gazebo. Wanda and Josh fell onto the benches laughing at their successful escape. ” It was getting crazy in there!” Josh breathed out and Wanda nodded. ” It was and plus I love the gardens. It so peaceful here and you finally listen to your own thoughts.” Josh mused over her words, She is physic so it makes sense. We do need a place to hide in. There is another place, but a physical place is needed as well. Wanda got up and leaned against a pear tree. She gazed at Josh for a seconds, Maybe I should ask now.

” Please, tell me about your past.” Josh sat up and turned to look at Wanda. Her brown eyes begged to know the truth and her fair visage longed for him to speak. It’s not as sad as theirs, they knew their parents. But she should know, they deserve to know by now. But am I ready? At least try to. Wanda tried her best to not hear his inner self speaking and waited until Josh got up. He walked over to her and leaned next to the tree. ” You sure you wish to hear it Wanda? ” She nodded, ” You know our depressing story and we don’t know yours.” Josh smirked a bit before beginning.

” The Nova Corps found us on their doorstep when we had just been born. We were all bundled and in a box with a note on top. They never told us what the note said or why we were even there. By DNA tests and genealogy runs, we know our parents are still alive but are TBD. We basically grew up with the Corps and they put us in their Young Agent Program so we could protect ourselves. Joanna and I will never stop trying to find out more about ourselves, but we do know we have a greater identity above our parents.” Josh inhaled shakily as he finished.

Wanda had been quiet while listening, hearing his mind weep over his own tale. They went through all that and yet they act so strong. But they still have fears like Pietro and I. It’s worse for them, they never knew their own parents. It’s fantastic they believe in their greater identity, but still….to go through all of….the uncertainty of who you are. Heartbreaking. Wanda started to cry and Josh pulled her close to let it all go as he did the same. Josh’s two colored eyes spilled over with tears. You heard it all didn’t you Wanda? Yes Josh, I did.

A Flower’s Grace

A girl runs in her own flower field hidden away
A new bud is slowly making it’s way up to the sun
She romps and plays with grass all day, but never to stay
The new bud bows to the wind, waiting for something to come
The young child grows slowly and steadily each day
The soft petals remain tightly closed both day and night
The girl soon was swept away form the field to a far-off bay
The lovely flower remained solitary though plain in sight

Years passed by as the girl grew into a young woman
The small bud climbed above the grass with petals slowly opening
She would often go to the shore, believing the flower field was mere fiction
The bud’s thin stalk grew strong as it’s slow growth awaited spring
The young teen would hears whispers to change and cave in
The weeds would gather about the humble floret, tempting to choke it
She would run to the rocky shore, finding her courage therein
However, the blossom remained untouched, forever a misfit

The young woman returned to the field one summer’s eve
The flower now stood tall and proud in full bright bloom
She walked down the dusty path, now to never leave
The red rose now waited in the grass with a sweet perfume
She ran along faster through the grass, hoping to find
The rose stood still against the wind, its petals outstretched
She stopped suddenly and looking down, she saw the flower so kind.
The rose seemed to smile backing, reminding her love is never far fetched.

The Mended Path

Wanda stood outside with Pietro in the cold. ” Why are we out here again?” Pietro asked as he ran in place to “keep warm ” as he said. Wanda rolled her eyes, ” Look we need to talk about the twins before Joanna and I leave.” Wanda saw her brother blushed as she spoke her friend’s name. Awww, he likes her. He should ask her to the dance. I hope Josh asks me. She exhaled and held his hand. ” Ask her. I think she would love it.” Pietro grinned in embarrassment as his sister read his thoughts. ” What if..” Wanda put her finger on his lips. ” She will. Trust me. We both have crushes on them….” She blushed at her own words before Joanna rushed out. ” Sorry, had to kiss Josh bye.” Pietro perked up, remembering his challenge, and ran inside. The girls giggled and head towards the busy city street.

The crisp autumn wind blew coarsely against their warm blushing cheeks. Joanna and Wanda weaved in and out of the sea of bundled bodies as they head towards the towering entrance of the mall. The city was bustling with life as whistles blew, horns honked and jackhammers roared at the construction site of the new office building. Joanna stopped at the doors, ” Is it always this lively on Earth?” ” Yeah pretty much. Holidays are the worst though.” Wanda grinned as they rushed inside the warm mall. Wanda grabbed a map and they pointed out the stores they needed to head to. ” First, Sephora for makeup. Then DSW for shoes, they are important and have great prices. Then Francesca’s has a great verity of dresses or Macy’s would work. Claire’s is great for accessories and jewelry.” Joanna nodded at her friend’s suggestions.

Wanda set off towards the makeup store and it was brightly lit and color ruled the walls. An attendant greeted them and they explained what they needed. Within 15 minutes they left with 1-2 bags of supplies. The mall crowd was thick as they pushed their way through. Joanna groaned, The mall back home had better traffic control then this. Wanda snorted as they entered Francesca’s. ” Oh. Those riding boots look nice with this dress!” Wanda held a azure one-shoulder dress with a long back to Joanna. ” Try it on!” Joanna nodded and with the boots and some jewelry, her outfit was completed. Wanda choose similar short boots with a full length red dress with a waterfall skirt. They giggled at their success.

” So what are your feelings towards Josh?” Joanna inquired as they sipped coffee walking back. Wanda swallowed and blushed bright red. ” Well….I um…He is..uh…” Joanna grinned, ” To be honest, I like your brother too. My heart rate goes up by 40.25% every time I see him.” Wanda laughed. ” Yeah ok. I have a crush on Josh. But do you think he’ll ask me to the dance? I’m the witch that everyone hates.” Joanna stopped Wanda and faced her. ” No you are the sweet girl that everyone loves. You remind me so much of a friend back home, but you are you Wanda. Of course Josh will ask you! I hope Pietro will ask me…” she finished looking down. They walked in silence towards the Tower and then grinned. Race you back Joanna? You bet Wanda! With that they took off until they burst through the doors, breathless and red cheeks from the cold air.

Finally, after another day for preparation, the night of the dance arrived. For morning light to the sunset, Wanda and Joanna had stayed in theirs room all day. Pietro a Dan Josh tried to knock, but they had set little “gift traps” for them as they dubbed the surprises. Josh and Pietro groaned outside their doors. ” Please!” they begged. ” No! You may not come in. Wait outside until it’s time to go!” Wanda and Joanna yelled back. The boys sighed as Thor and Clint led them to the game room to occupy them until 4:15.

Finally, the time arrived. The boys were standing in suits in front of the door waiting for the girls. Pietro had a navy suit with a sliver bow while Josh had a forest green suit with a red bow tie. Pietro grinned, ” We sure fit our names into our suits.” Josh punched him in the arm and laughed. ” Total, jetzt wo sind die …..” he stopped as the girls came down the stairs. Wanda and Joanna had added their own touches to their outfits and had put their hair up in a Grecian braid, but with a few ornaments added. Wanda had a red smoky effect while Joanna had bolder colors to her makeup. The boys were stunned and didn’t move. Josh, hat do we do?!?! I don’t know! They are stunning! Ditto that.

Joanna and Wanda grinned, sensing they were nervous. ” Will you fine gentleman be so kind to escort us outside to our ride?” Joanna asked with a wave of her hand. Pietro stepped forward and took her hand, bowing. ” We would be delighted to guide you fair maidens to the dance.” He winked at Josh as Josh took Wanda’s slender hand. They planted a gentle kiss to their partner’s hand before leading them outside to the limo. Tony stood outside and got up from leaning on the wall when they came out. ” Took you long enough.” The twin sets rolled their eyes and went into the limo as they headed towards the dance.

They entered the brightly lit hallway which was crowed with teens their age. The room was loudly, but there was whispering once they came in. The music was blaring through the overhead speakers which made it hard to hear and the laser didn’t help their sight. Wanda groaned, I think we should talk like this for a while. Joanna nodded while scanning the room for a safe corner for them. I agree. This is just crazy, parties at Xander Academy were much more formal. Well, they had fun moments too. Josh laughed as a energetic song started. He grabbed Wanda went onto the dance floor. ” Dance with me” he whispered and Wanda grinned. They began to dance and everyone gasped at them. Cheers and whistles filled the air as others joined in.

The party was a blast for the quartet. Dinner was a grand buffet and Joanna and Josh were introduced to American style food. Wanda and Pietro laughed at their friend’s amazement at the music and food. They thoroughly enjoyed it. The dances were crazy, but a few slow dances occurred as well. Josh stole a few dances with his sister as well as Wanda. Several girls came up to the Xanderian and Sokovian for fashion advice while the guys challenged Pietro and Josh to various games. However Pietro managed to sneak away with Joanna to the library while Josh fled with Wanda outside to the garden.

Pietro ran down the hall while holding onto Joanna’s hand. ” Slow down! Where are we going?” Joanna blurt out laughing. Her white plaited hair slimmed to shimmer in the light as they ran into the library and shut the doors. Pietro grinned, ” I thought you would like to get away for a bit and read.” He winked at her and tipped his black and white fedora towards her. Joanna scoffed. She flicked his forehead before slowly walking towards the shelves. She ran her fingers along the books, reading their titles until she came across a curious title. Pietro came up behind her and glanced at it. ” Welches Buch ist es?” ( What book is it?)