It takes a word to crumble a world

It takes a voice to awake the dreamer.

It takes a moment to shake foundations.

A recollection of precious memories pour forth

Rivers batter away at the softer exterior

All left inside is floating in a vast sea

Empty and the recovery is naught seen

A sudden rush of people that swarm together and fade away

The company held dear fractured and unreachable

A wound done only by the wounded

A voice to cry yet the spirit gives no sound

An island with no wandering souls to chase

Illusions of faces blur as the castaway washes ashore

How can you build a ship to sail away when you don’t know what wood to bring?

What blueprints to use?

Who to turn to for help?

Who can fill this feeling?

The answer is known within the mind yet the heart struggles to fully grasp

The six inches that separate belief and acceptance

The corrupt desire to wallow in this sinking sensation feels weightier than the knowledge of divine rescue

Save this troubled heart, O God!

This anguished soul is losing this battle against emotion that can turn to sin

I cannot fight this by myself because of my own sinful nature that desires consumption of this void

To be lost within it and lose sight of You

Passing through the days like a autonomous being

Change my heart, O Savior God!

Be merciful upon this wretched child and lead me to Your comforting arms again

Your Word is what I desire to enrich me and to find You to sustain my weary soul.

My eyes perceive the heaven above display Your power

I see nature crafted in such delicate ways done by Your fingertips

Spare me from this darkness encroaching on my soul, O God!

I cannot bear this feeling of being apart from those I hold dear or the God I love and serve!

A mere second passes from when I felt joy and then collapsed into this place

Guide me, My God, to the path you have put out before me

Heal me from these thunderous feelings within my aching heart.

My God, please bring me back home.


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