I open the window

*sneaks in and then gets caught by you finders/followers. *
Oh well you got me.
Hey guys, it’s Faye here and I’m going to try blogging here. Sometimes I think the posts will be short and others long, I’m not sure. Also, I probably won’t post everyday, but I might goes through phases where I do and don’t so bear with me. I really take encouragement from others’ blogs so I want to try and do the same. Also they can be funny or have really great stories and poems! * pokes at friend’s blogs* Now I am a terrible writer so the poems/stories might be rare. I decided to call the ‘An Open Window’ because I want you all to see possibly a side of me that anyone rarely sees. I’m not saying my bio lies about me bouncing off walls and being uber weird and crazy, what I mean is I have moments ( which are now more often then usual ) when I’m kinda introvert and quiet. I have a tendency to think ahead into the future, sometimes too much. There’s a good example, but I’ll post that later. So, maybe this blog will help me flush it out and ask you all for help, I don’t know. Maybe God is just moving in my heart to be more open about this, who knows? He does and I trust him as I begin to trust you guys with my innermost thoughts. Please look through this open window and tell me what you see.


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