A Plea from Me to You

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a post as myself. However, I need to say this here since this is the main place in question for my post.

As a writer, I enjoy creating worlds and stories for people to read in their free time. I post them here and on Wattpad and that feels good. Knowing that I accomplish something that I can be proud of. However, another important aspect of being a writer or any kind of creator is what the audience does with what you put out there.

Over the past few days, thanks in part to me promoting the sites I use to write, I’ve seen a couple more viewers to each site. That’s great and I’m happy, it’s the silence is unsettling. I don’t hear what y’all think about my work. I can’t tell if you hate or love it or if you don’t for it at all. It’s discouraging and I believe in part to why I hit a rut in writing for a while.

I’m just starting to get out of that rut but I don’t want to be met with more silence. Please, I implore as a writer, tell me what you think. If it’s correctly my grammar or telling me you enjoyed the story; anything you say back to me is better than saying nothing at all. It’s so important.

So I leave you with this plea, think about it. If you have time in your day to read either site, you can spare another minute to tell me what you thought about it.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


I open the window

*sneaks in and then gets caught by you finders/followers. *
Oh well you got me.
Hey guys, it’s Faye here and I’m going to try blogging here. Sometimes I think the posts will be short and others long, I’m not sure. Also, I probably won’t post everyday, but I might goes through phases where I do and don’t so bear with me. I really take encouragement from others’ blogs so I want to try and do the same. Also they can be funny or have really great stories and poems! * pokes at friend’s blogs* Now I am a terrible writer so the poems/stories might be rare. I decided to call the ‘An Open Window’ because I want you all to see possibly a side of me that anyone rarely sees. I’m not saying my bio lies about me bouncing off walls and being uber weird and crazy, what I mean is I have moments ( which are now more often then usual ) when I’m kinda introvert and quiet. I have a tendency to think ahead into the future, sometimes too much. There’s a good example, but I’ll post that later. So, maybe this blog will help me flush it out and ask you all for help, I don’t know. Maybe God is just moving in my heart to be more open about this, who knows? He does and I trust him as I begin to trust you guys with my innermost thoughts. Please look through this open window and tell me what you see.