My Fanfic! First chapter. The New Way.

Hey y’all!! I’ve been working on a fanfic concerning the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Here are the first two chapters and they are LONG so be warned.  The first is The New Way. Please enjoy it and if you have any feedback please comment! I’ll post them in parts so it’s not all one HUGE post. Faith out!


Joanna shifted her weight as she remained perched in the dead white oak. She looked down her mini binoculars as she watched the Avengers approach the huge stone castle. HYDRA, our enemy. Those rats dare to do anything, but here they come. Her sparkling amber eyes watched each one move as number and figures swirling in her mind calculated their every move. ” How about you stop watching them and their gadgets and move onto a stronger branch? You’ll hurt the tree!” a shrill voice whispered in her ear. She rolled her eyes as she turned and jumped into the tree her twin brother was on. Her icicle white hair flowed in the bitter wind as she landed and adjusted her sleek jacket. ” Hush Josh! We can’t be heard or seen here. Our orders are to observe..” She was cut off by his rough voice, slightly dry from the cold air. ” And report, I know. But that doesn’t mean hurt the environment!” he exclaimed, his green and brown eyes flashing in annoyance. The tree swayed a bit in response.

They glared a bit then smiled at each other. They might fight, but they were still twins none the less. Joanna was the younger one by 10 minutes, but was more outspoken then her older brother. She had amber eyes while he had green and blue eyes. White hair to his brown and was a bit slimmer then to her more well built brother. The two 14 year olds had been born on Xander and had been thrown into the Nova Corps Young Agents program since they were about 3. Joanna was well versed in the technical world and could control and hack any piece of tech. Josh was more geared towards nature and the environment. They still needed to learn control, but for the most part they both were pretty steady. Thus, they seemed like polar opposites, but still got along well as siblings did.

They had travelled far to get to the planet where the Avengers hailed from and it was hard to control their excitement even after being there for almost a year. It didn’t take long to fit in and learned the languages pretty quickly. They mainly spoke in English with the occasional Russian and German. When alone, they spoke in their native language. They had witnessed the now famed Battle of New York and knew the Avengers would fit the list Nova Prime had given them. They broke out of their moment at the ringing sounds of gun fire. Josh jumped down and ran to get a closer look with his brown hair get tossed by the wind. ” Bruder, Warte!” ( German for ” Brother, wait!”) Joanna shouted after him. She rolled her eyes and jumped after him.

They went behind two separate trees to watch the events unfold. Iron Man began the invasion of the base while the others unleashed their powers on the soldiers outside. ” Imagine what Rocket would say to this” Josh commented grinning at his twin sis who was watching intensely. She smiled back, ” maybe I should record it so he can…..” A wind blew past them as she turned. The world seemed to slow down as her amber eyes caught a glimpse of 15 year boy rush past them. They locked eyes and stared. But it was broken as fast as it happened. “…watch it” she whispered, totally surprised at the boy’s appearance. Josh picked her up and jumped into the upper foliage to blend in. ” We can’t be seen remember?!” he reprimanded her. She brushed back her bangs and nodded. Who was that? I don’t remember seeing him before….. They went quiet and continued to watch.

The air was drafty and agents buzzed around the rooms like bees without a queen. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff stood in a dark corner, observing the action. The Doctor and one of the leaders of HYDRA were arguing over the attack. Wanda turned to her brother, dark brown flipping over her shoulders, “We must help them, we can’t just stand here all day!” Her brown eyes glowed with a red hue as wisps of red mist dancing on her slim fingers. Silver-haired Pietro’s blue eyes gazed back into his sister’s. She is right….true HYDRA is bad, but not compare to what Tony Stark did.. His face harden at the thought of that “genius playboy” and he clenched his fist. Wanda heard her brother and frowned as well. Pietro gently grabbed her arm. He leaned in close and whispered. ” I’ll take you to the hallway in case they go after the doctor, I’ll handle the outside.” Wanda nodded and they vanished.

Wanda felt the familiar wind of her brother running and held on tight. He stopped in the hallway and placed her down. She didn’t let go of his hand and he stopped, turning his worried eyes to her. ” What’s wrong bisschen rot?” ( German for little Red). She remained silent, gazing ahead of her and not letting go. She slowly turned to face him, worry and fear encasing her small face. She then tightly embrace him. ” Kommen Sie zurück zu mir sicher, Bruder Silber” ( Come back to me safe, brother Silver) she said shaking a bit. Pietro was surprised but hugged back. Their sibling bond was strong and they couldn’t bear to leave each other, not even for a minute. Not after what happened.., they both thought. Pietro planted a gentle kiss on his sister’s forehead before zooming out. I promise…. Wanda heard footsteps and backed into a doorway, waiting.

Pietro ran outside to see the scene. He then spotted the archer, Clint, about to fire an explosive arrow at the small outpost. He cracked his neck and ran towards it. The world moved slower as he charged through the field. He dodged bullets and would sometimes mess with the surrounds. He grinned, knowing Wanda would have been mad for him doing that. He grabbed the arrow and skidded to a stop. He stifled a laugh as Clint saw the building intact, clearly confused. He fired another and Pietro grabbed it again. He spun around and knocked Clint over before walking away. ” You didn’t see that coming?” the 15 year old teen remarked before taking off. He saw shadows from some white oaks and ran around them. Might be some reinforcements for the Avengers or HYDRA.., he thought as he ran towards them. Then as came around the corner, his eyes widened.

Two teens, a boy and girl, were there, but they didn’t have either emblem of HYDRA or SHIELD. They both were about his age, but the girl almost stopped him in his tracks. She slowly turned as her white hair whipped around at the sound of his wind. The boy also looked surprised and seem to slowly reached out for her. Pietro and the girl locked eyes and the world seemed to stop for him. Those amber eyes….who is she? He ran past them and into a tree, falling back into the powdery snow. He brushed himself off, mentally chiding himself for not looking forward. He whipped around, but they were gone. He heard voices form above and saw they were in the trees. They seem like agents of some sort, but for who? He took one last look at the girl before heading off again.

Josh and Joanna watched in shock. The events were seeming to close quickly. The Avengers were almost clear outside, but were begin to infiltrate the castle. Josh looked at his sister’s flushed face. Who was that? I don’t recall seeing him in the presentation. He nudged her, causing her to slightly jump, ” You ok? Who was that roadrunner?” She looked at him with a puzzled look. ” I…I..I don’t know. He wasn’t in the slide Nova Prime showed us.” She cleared her throat and Josh waited for her to speak. ” You go after Tony and see what they are after, I’ll see what I can do on the ground for them. Josh nodded and they did their twin fistbump. They had noticed humans did it often among themselves  and had decided to make their own.



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