Day 1: Little Red Hiding Hood

( hey! So more the next 30 days, I’m doing Wattpad’s 30-day writing challenge. Hope you like it! Faith Out!)

Once upon a moonlit night, deep within the forest lived a young girl with her father. While her father was a humble woodcarver, the child housed a deep secret. She was a ninja who protected the nearby villages. Although her father had been in part of her training, it was the blue wolf of the forest who was her loyal companion on her midnight mission. The child always wore a red hood during the day and at night donned it as well. Soon her name came to be Little Red Hiding Hood.

One day in the mid-spring when the wind still blew hard among the skinny and thick tree trunks of their wooded abode, Red’s father called her outside. She followed his voice and saw him with a large basket waiting for her. “Now my child, I need to take this to your old Grandmother who lives near the village’s edge. Be wary of strong huntsman and be sure to keep your wolf friend hidden well.” With a nod and whistle, she bounded away towards the village’s south edge.

The wolf, who had heard Red’s whistle, slinked along the shadows as the duo walked the edge of the forest and civilization. “Now little one, you must be wary on this trail. No one..”
“No one must know. I understand Sir Wolf. You taught me so yourself.” she answered him quickly. Her bright orbs drifted to the flowers along the path, but she trudged on. “I mustn’t get carried off by childish fantasies.” The wolf laughed. “You are a child, therefore it is all well. Stop and rest, I shall run on ahead to watch over your path.”

Little Hood agreed heartily, letting off the ninja mindset and letting her child self enjoy the flowers of the forest while the wolf ran on ahead. He ran swiftly until he reached the old woman’s cabin. He pawed at the door until the elderly woman called. “Open the door, it’s unlocked.” He pushed the door open and walked towards the bed, paws making no sound. He crouched at the foot of the bed as a shadow came towards the doorway.

Little Red had gathered a giant bouquet and had proceeded to run the rest of the trail to her grandmother’s house. It was no trouble for she had often run with the pack durning her midnight missions. She stopped at the front door and placed her hand to the door, much to her surprise, it creaked open. “Good day, Grandmother?” she called and was answered. “In here sugar plum.” She froze and saw where the voice came from. The bed. Red reached into the basket and fingered the long knife hidden among the food, for that voice was not her beloved grandmother’s.

She walked slowly to the bed and looked upon her grandmother. She flashed a sweet smile, but inside saw through the man’s disguise. A huntsman! The one I am supposed to fight tonight. Looks like we should shall earlier then supposed. “My my grandmother, you look better then last time I heard about you.” she chimed cheerfully. “All because of the fresh sun, my dear.” Red nodded. “It’s so hot, maybe you should get out of bed.” With that, she gripped the sheet and swung them off.

The glasses, wig and disguise fell off of the huntsman and he jumped up with an ax. Red jumped back and kicked his feet from under him. “Now!’ Out from under the bed, the blue wolf snarled and pounced upon the villain. Red watched as he kicked and screamed as her furry companion sunk his teeth in various places. “I’ll finish him.” she cried as she grabbed the knife form the basket. As the wolf kept his iron grip on the man’s shoulder, Red sat on his stomach. “Now you won’t harm my home again.” With that, the man never opened his eyes again.

“Do not fear for your kin. She is safe in the closet. Let us return her to bed and enjoy our time now. Let the pack and I remove the villain from this humble home.” Little Hood nodded. “Do so and I shall remove her from here and let her live with us.” And so the wolves took the passed huntsman into the deep woods while Little Red Hiding Hood brought her grandmother to live with her father and her. After that incident, Red never traveled without her fanged teacher and no one ever disturbed her or her family again.


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