Day 2: Frosted Visions

Jack Frost flew over and under the great, bounding clouds of the mid-day skies with a huge cheer. “Alright!” He was excited, today was the day Tooth had promised to show him his passed sister’s memories from after Jack’s death in her time. It had been 5 months since Jack had become the Guardian of Fun and it was summer now where Jamie lived in the North. Jack had to fly down to South America and across the world and meet new believers.

Jack’s icy blue orbs soon caught sight of Tooth’s extensive and ornate palace in the distance. He also flew into the flocks of Tooth’s helpers and met up with Baby Tooth. “Hey Baby Tooth! You good?” Baby Tooth answered with a cheerful chirping as did the others and down, up and in-between they flew through Tooth’s palace until they came to the main room where Tooth sent out her tiny fairy helpers.

‘Tooth, I’m here.” Tooth’s head feather perked up and she spun around and flew towards him with a laugh. “You made it! Hope you didn’t have trouble finding this place with the snow-globes.” She spoke sweetly and clasped her hands together. Jack laughed. “I was fine, it’s not that hard to follow almost a thousand tiny tooth fairies.” He grinned as the little humming fairies laughed and Tooth laughed along.

“Alright then, this way.” She flew down to the platform below and Jack floated down along with her and Baby Tooth. “Go on. Find it please.” Tooth urged Baby Tooth and up the little fairy flew and soon turned with a circular, long compartment with Jack’s sister’s face on the end. Tooth took it gently an held it out to Jack. “Open it and see her memories.” Tooth’s pink eyes brightened at Jack, to which he gently took it, hiding a blush.

“Thank you.” He hesitated a bit, but managed to push down the top and like before, it opened up her memories. His vision began to flip from reality into memories and dreams like mini diamonds flipping in mid-air….

“Jack!” she watched as her older brother fell into the pond. She froze, unsure what to do, but there was nothing. She skated across the pond, threw off the skates and ran into her family’s cabin. “Mother! Jack fell into the-“ she broke down, tears overflowing. Her brother…her dear older brother….was gone.

“Come on! We have to find the eggs before the fire tonight!” her friend cried out to her. She nodded. “Coming!” Despite her basket already full, she couldn’t stop searching for them. It was like she was replaying an old memory of her and Jack searching, but Jack always stole her eggs so in the end her basket was almost empty. Now….it was different.

Years passed. More memories were made, but she always remembered that one day her brother saved her from drowning, even though she never saw him again. She was a woman with her own children now and sometimes…in the winter days, she could swear she felt her brother’s hand, heard his voice and could see him in the distance among the bare trees.

He gasped, returning to reality. He gasped, so many memories had gone through him, but he was……relived. She had lived a happy, joyous life, but never forgot him. He clutched the tiny box tightly and held it to his chest.

Baby Tooth chirped oddly at Tooth, who was looking worried. “You ok Jack? Was it too-“ She was stopped when Jack hooked her waist with his staff, landing a gentle kiss on her lips. A blush creeped up under her feathers, which were standing on end. Jack?!?! She was still stunned when he pulled away with a white smile. “Thank you Tooth. Catch you later tonight!” With a blast of wind, off he flew again. Baby Tooth caught the box and replaced into the wall while Tooth hovered over the platform, watching Jack with a smile. “He did well…..”


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