Silence can’t Speak

Briana was quietly sitting with her back to the wall. Her bed squeaked as she shifted herself closer to the window that spread light gently over her clean floor. All was quiet, so quiet Briana could hear her tiny thoughts whiz past her mind’s eyes and come into fruition. It wasn’t painful, but it was somehow heavy to her. I need to keep away from those thoughts.

So, she turned to her windowsill and picked up a small box and bottle. She sat back down with a loud squeak coming from the bedsprings, laying the items before her. To fill the void in her care room, she eagerly turned the small crank on the bottom of the box and opened the lid. A little ballerina, white as snow and with a painted smile, began to dance to the gentle tune as it softly eased into the air. Briana sighed in relief before her eyes turned to the bottle.

It was a medicine bottle, almost empty except for maybe one or two pills, three if your ear was star enough to discern the sound. It wasn’t hers though, it belonged to Briana’s older brother who needed them. Brian had found it hidden in her room, just by her bookshelf at her door. It had been left there by her younger sister, who was a prankster at heart and loved to get Briana in trouble for it. It’s not right but…what should I do? Before, Briana’s tender heart had not the understanding that it was wrong for her to keep silent and take everything in stride, but now she felt an urge something must be done.

Briana picked the bottle, carefully and tenderly like she was handling a glass figure. The time was ticking on her, her brother would need these soon but what would happen? Would she get in trouble again and be punished? Yet what other option was there? Briana felt some unknown emotion fill her soul as the music filled her ears. I’m…afraid? No, not that, it’s different. Suddenly, pain shot through her lip and she flinched. She hadn’t realized she was biting her lip out of nervous habit while the music played and her mind wandered.

She sighed again, something had to be done about this, and she didn’t know what. Well, I might as well take them back. Briana came to a silent conclusion as the music box continued to play its song. The song caused Briana to stare at it as it stopped. It was a hopeful song, stirring up powerful and strong emotions that left Briana puzzled every time she listened to it. It had a certain spell to it that she had yet to uncover. Just as she stood up from her bed, however, her door was opened and her brother, sister, and mother entered the room.

“Mama! I’m telling you, Briana was the one that snuck the bottle out of Zach’s room!!” “Mama, I’m starting to doubt Annabelle’s statement about this, Briana was in her room the whole afternoon.” Briana blinked, surprised at both the sudden intrusion but also her brother’s defense of her. Their mother, eyeing both her children, then turned her gaze to Briana. “Briana,” “Uhh, yes ma’am?” “Did you take Zachery’s medicine out of his room?”

That question. It held so much weight on Briana’s slim shoulders she felt her might break. That and her sister’s smug gaze that challenged her to say otherwise. Briana swallowed while holding the bottle in her hands. Her eyes, glassy and clear, were drawn to the music box that still played and let its ballerina danced across its set stage. What do I do? Answer the same as always. No, but how can I get free of this feeling? Like that dancer, she never has a wrong step and she…stands tall. Like the song, she’s not quiet. So, do I say the truth, that I didn’t do it? The option for silence seemed to disappear before Briana, a new and foreign thought coming to fruition. “No, I did not. Annabelle must have taken it before sneaking it on my bookshelf by cracking my door open slightly.” Briana spoke softly, but loudly enough to stand her ground.

Her mother nodded before turning to Annabelle with a stern look. “By your reaction, it must be true, isn’t it?” Annabelle flinched at her mother’s harsh tone, taken aback by Briana’s stand against her. “B-but!” “No buts, young lady. You’re coming to the office with me.” Their mother grabbed Annabelle’s hand and left her room. Briana exhaled like a heavy weight like was off of her heart before turning to Zachery. “Zach, why did you doubt Annabelle?” The question spilled from her lips as she handed him the medicine bottle. He took it from her hands before kneeling down to her eye level. “Because I did see her take it and I wanted to see if my suspicion was correct.”

Briana frowned. “What suspicion is that?” Zachery chuckled before patting her head. “That Annabelle was being a little liar and you were taking the brunt of her pranks and deceits. I think there will be justice now.” Briana’s eyes went wide before she finally smiled. “Thank you, Zachery.” Her brother smiled back, happy that his sister had learned to stand up for herself.


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