The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

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Episode 4: New Doors

The quartet was laughing, drinking coffee and talking loudly as they walked down the street back to the Tower. It had been two weeks since the Bleached Auto incident and the city was back to its normal bustling self. Pietro and Gene had introduced Fay and Queenie to the Avengers and now they were all on their way to becoming Agents.

Gene wrapped an arm around Queenie to which she blushed. Fay laughed and flitted above the ground, causing sparkling dust to cover everyone. Pietro laughed and brushed the dust out of his hair, only to succeed in getting more in. “Sorry Pietro, the more you rub the more you rub it in.” Gene and Queenie oohed as Pietro frowned. He grabbed Fay by her waist and brought her down.

“Race you guys there!” He speed off with Fay in his arms, leaving Gene and Queenie to sigh. “Go after them?”

“Sure, why not?” Gene replied and off they went. People moved out of the way for a blue blur, a bounding jackal and snowboarder on the sidewalk. They shook their heads, they were used to the four teens doing their antics on a mid-winters day.

Gene and Queenie finally reached the doors of the Tower to meet Pietro and Fay waiting. “What took you so-ow!” Pietro rubbed the back of his head which had been slapped by the floating fairy next to him. “Now don’t go rubbing it in. That’s rude and un-sportsmanlike.” However, she winked and him and flew over to hug her best friend.

Gene and Pietro shook their heads as Queenie and Fay embraced. “We will go ahead inside. We have to help with dinner.” They nodded and walked through the doors to be greeted by JARVIS.

Fay giggled and Queenie smirked. “Shall we head to the field?” The half-jackal asked her flying friend. fay laughed, brown orbs twinkling. “Of course! Let’s go!” And with that off they went, the wind to their backs and faces to the South. Soon, they had passed the outskirts of the city and were bounding into the flower field where they had started their adventures.

Breathing heavily, the two flopped down on the wet grass looking up at the azure sky. Queenie pulled out a paddle and started to hit the ball on the wooden spoon the make up for the silence. Fay grinned and sat up, pulling out a small wooden pipe. She brought it up to her lips and was about to blow when light surrounded them both. Fay jumped up followed by Queenie, ears and tail on end.

A symbol had appeared on the ground and light was breaking from it. “Hold on! It might be-“ A loud whooshing sound cut off Fay’s voice, but not her outreached hand. Queenie jumped and caught as somehow the ground opened up and they fell in. Fay struggled to beat her wings, but it was if they had weights on them. Queenie griped her friend as they fell…..down……down…. into another unknown.

They fell through the darkness until light surrounded them once more and they hit the ground, hard. Fay groaned and rubbed her head only to discover a knob there. “Say, Queenie?” She trend to glance at her friend only to see Queenie looking…different. She now had orange ears and tail, longer claws and fangs more prominent. Her clothes consisted of a black top iwht an orange paws and the word “Cori” in bold orange lettering. Her hands had leather gloves and she wore long black pants with brown ad orange thigh boots.

Queenie blinked at her outfit, but when she saw her friend she jumped. “uhhhh immmmm Fay. You might want to look at yourself.” Fay frowned. “Why……” she looked down at a puddle nearby and gasped at her reflection……

Two long horns protruded her fair dark locks, which was now black. The horns were much like Maleficent’s. her brown orbs now flashed red and she too had fangs. A green scale-like amour plate covered her upper body. It cover the top part of her arms and underneath, her skin now had scales of a purple color. She wore dark blue, scaly pants and had no shoes, instead scaly feet took place of the chain sandals she once wore. She spread her wings to find them large black wings of a dragon along with a long, slim tail.

They stared at each in pure shock. “We’re monsters!”


The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 3: New Discoveries.

The calm city street corner was now in an uproar. People were running down the south road, desperately trying to get away from the unknown cause. Pietro, Gene, Queenie and Faye all looked at each other, eyes set hard. “Please excuse us!” Queenie exclaimed and the girls ran out. Gene reached out, but Pietro held him back. “Come on. We have work to do.” Pietro ran off, vanishing for a moment and then returning. He wore a blue and silver suit and had a different suit in his hands. “Come on, Tony didn’t see me.” He dragged out the last statement, waving the suit. A grin spread across Gene’s face. “Let’s go!” They both ran out the door and down the street. Time for work.

Meanwhile, the girls ran against the current of people trying to find an alleyway. Queen’s keen nose caught the scent of a harsh, sharp, almost toxic smell. “It reeks of some sort of cleaning product Faye!” She shouted covering her poor nose. Faye covered her mouth to cover a small smile, but then pointed to their left. “There! Go there!” Queenie saw the alley and dove to her side as faye weaved her way through the hectic see of panicked faces. Queenie gasped when she collapsed onto the alley street and Faye popped out. “We survived! I’m not trampled!” Queenie said with a dramatic flare.

Faye sighed and giggled. “Yes, we are alive and now we have to transform!” She stood up quickly and walked deeper into the dark street. Queenie sighed, rolled up and followed. They both stopped when they were about 15 feet away from the open road. Faye nodded and Queenie flashed a fanged grin. “Transform!” they both shouted. Light surrounded them both and they jumped up. Faye’s clothes were reverted into a red one-shoulder tunic with matching gloves and knee high boots. her jeans were changed into green tights with vines wrapping around her thighs. A pair of clear, sparkling wings appeared on her back and dust created a mirage mask on her fair face. “Faye!” she shouted, striking her finishing pose.

Queenie’s blue converse were exchanged for a darker boots, top and gray pants. Her brown tail and cat ears appeared and her claws were charged with electricity. “Jackal!” she exclaimed. The two now heroines looked over their outfits. “Ahhh these never get old.” Jackal purred out. Faye fluttered her wings. “Yes, but we need to hurry now!” Jackal snapped out of her pleasure and started climbing up the brick walls. Faye flew up and alongside Jackal as they headed up the street. The stench of toxic smells grew stronger and Jackal sneezed. “I know, it’s….” they both stopped at the edge of a cooperation building. Their gaze flew to the square below.

A middle-aged woman wearing a white one suit and a huge tank on her back was spraying a clear liquid onto the street. “I am Bleached Auto! I will cleanse this world of the wrongs and misused.” A cackle broke out from her thin lips. Faye cringed and Queenie covered her nose. “It is bleach. Gross.” Queenie groaned, but then saw two other figures near the woman. “Hey look! Isn’t that Pietro and Gene?!?!” Faye looked down and gasped. Sure enough, Pietro and Gene were down there. “But, they are dressed diff-“ They both froze. Gene fired ice from his hands to create a barrier around the spreading toxic liquid. Pietro was zipping around moving people away from the area. They are superheroes too!

The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 2: New allies?

“Oh! I am so sorry, need a hand?” Queenie started to growl, but her expression softened when she looked up. A boy with brown hair and green eyes had bent down, offering her his hand. He had a navy shirt, tan shorts and an orange baseball cap on backwards. the wind blew soft strands of loose hair into his sharp emerald eyes. Queenie swallowed and reached out a shaking hand. “Th-thanks. It’s no problem.” The boy smiled, but another voice broke out. “I’m sorry too miss.” Queenie looked at see a white-haired, blue eyed boy walk up and bend down to her fairy college. Faye how rub her back until she looked up. Her brown orbs widened as she caught sight of the stranger. Faye gently took his hand and he helped her up. Faye brushed herself off and stood next to Queenie.

They looked at each other, utterly confused and embarrassed before Faye spoke up. “It’s… it’s quite alright. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I am Faye.” Faye bowed her head slightly and Queenie extended her gloved hand. “Name’s Queenie.” Baseball cap shook Queen’s hand while White hair nodded back to Faye. ‘I’m Gene Arte,” Baseball cap explained. “This is Pietro Maximoff. You come here for coffee too?” Faye perked up and jumped forward. “Yup! Queenie and I were about to get some. Would you like to join us?” Queenie frowned at her friend. How is she so friendly to them already?! it’s like she’s always known them. Oh well, she is very bubbly. Pietro laughed at Faye’s enthusiasm and nudged Gene. “Sure, why not?”

Pietro walked, a bit stiffly to the door and held ti open. A rush of the aroma of coffee beans blew into their noses and the soft lights seemed to invite them in. Queenie grinned and walked in, followed by Gene and they both went to the counter. Faye looked at him curiously as she walked past him. He seems a bit rigid. Why? He gives off an aura of the wind. A strong, free wind. Who is he really? She beckoned him up next to her in line. Pietro grinned and followed. “What do you usually get, Faye?” he asked sweetly. She grinned and pointed to the chalkboard. “I get a chocolate chip mocha latte with peppermint and raspberry. It’s really good.” Pietro grinned. “I usually get an energy drink. Gene gets some Ice-o.” Faye grinned. He seems nice, but why an energy drink among coffee? Hmmmm. 

Queenie laughed as Gene lightly tapped her shoulders. “You don’t scare me. What are you getting?” Gene smiled at pick up a bottle of water. “This. Not a coffee drinker.” Queenie looked mocked hurt and shoved him. “Shame! Fine, drinks are on me.” Faye perked up and cheered. Pietro and Gene grinned at each other. “You sure? Pietro and I can…” Gene was stopped by Queenie raising her hand in a dismissing manner. “It’s no problem. I insist. Faye, find us some seats.” Faye winked and took the boys by their fore-arms. “This way.” She lead the two bewildered, grinning boys to a window table and plopped down onto a seat next to the window. It was looking down the south side of the busy city road and straight towards the city hall. Pietro sat across from her, looking down towards the hillside outside the city. Gene sat next to Pietro, leaving the

Queenie returned with their four drinks. “Man, we are diverse in our tastes.” she remarked. Gene rolled his eyes, Pietro snorted and Faye giggled. Queenie merely grinned and sat down not he wooden chair. She passed out the drinks and they nodded. “Thank you Queenie.” they said one after the other. Queenie snickered and they all let loose of laughs. The smooth jazz playing in the backgrounds flowed through their ears and calmed them down. Even through they had just meet, to others they seemed like a tight knit group of friends. Queenie and Faye would later say that single encounter on the street would flip their world upside down, but in a good way. Pietro and Gene would say that they were swept off their feet in those few seconds. In a single moment after their laughing spree, screams rang out in the air. Faye and Queenie, Gene and Pietro exchanged looks. Trouble!

The Quirky Tales of Faye, Queenie & Company.

Episode 1: Who are They?

Queenie lay flat on the wet green turf and sniffed the air. It’s colder then usual. Must be that North Wind she said she was bringing today. I hope she arrives soon. Queen’s sharp jacket nose caught a different scent riding on the frail breeze. She stretched out her arms and let out a large cat yawn. being half-animal, Queenie had some of their traits including habits. Queenie, known as the heroine Jackal, was a free spirit despite her large family. But the large portion was mainly adults, she only had a few siblings. Queenie’s jackal ears perked up at attention when a ringing, sweet laughter broke her train of thoughts. She watched as seemingly thousands of light colored lights flew around her, but only one stopped in front her. Queenie smiled. “Hello again Faye.”

The little red light bounced and grew in size until a young woman of about 15 years was in front of Queenie. She had wings on her back and was a true fay. Faye grinned. “Same here, sorry I’m late. Trying to get away from a family of thousands of brothers and sisters is kinda hard.” Faye winked at lights as they flew off towards the South. A stronger blew over the two girls and they held up their arms to shield it. “Is this the North Wind?” Queenie asked, Faye merely nodded. “Yup! Now, shall we go into the city?” Faye took out a small clear flask with a sparkling dust inside. Queenie’s ears flopped down. “Again?” Faye giggled. “Come on! We can’t walk around in our hero clothes or normal clothes!”

Queenie sighed. “Fine” she relented. Faye giggled and threw a handful of dust in the air. It flew over them and swirled around them until their outfits changed. Faye’s wings were hidden as were her pointed ears. Queenie’s bushy tail and ears were gone too. Faye wore a cowgirl theme outfit while Queenie had a blue converse vibe. “Now, off to New York City!” Queenie grabbed Faye’s hand and they ran across the green and flowered valley towards the towering bustling city ahead of them. Faye laughed and caught up with her best friend. Faye was of the fairy race, known as fay. Faye had meet Queenie only a few months ago, but they swore they were long lost twins.

Faye and Queenie ran up to the edge of town and cars honked at them as they both skidded to a stop at the light. “Man, this is why I am here. I am a proud city girl.” Queenie smirked at her friend who was rolling her big brown eyes. “Yes, I am the proud country girl and yet we get along.” Faye winked and stepped onto the crosswalk. “Let’s go get some tea and coffee.” Queenie grinned and followed behind. “Why were you late? North Wind hard to handle?” Queenie poked at her friend. Faye looked over her shoulder with a deadpan look. “You know how hard it is to lose my big family? You only have a big sister. I have thousands of them! Plus brothers that act like bodyguards. I made it though, oh look! A Minuti coffee!”

Queenie looked at the other side of the now calm street. Faye was pointing at a corner shop with the bright white words “Minuti” on it. She shrugged. “Sure, never had it before. I’m game.” Faye grinned and grabbed her bestie’s hand. “Let’s go then before it crowds up.” The girls trotted down the sidewalk to the curb. Faye looked both ways, clear, and crossed. Queenie felt herself being dragged across the hard, cold stone road to the tile curb in front of the tiny coffee house. “You sure you need coffee now Faye?” Queenie asked her bubbly friend. Faye frowned at her cautious accomplice. “Yes! As do you, now come on…” Faye turned sharply and ran into someone. She lost her balance and fell back. Queenie reached out to catch her friend, but someone bumped into her and the girls fell into a heap. “Hey!”