A Plea from Me to You

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a post as myself. However, I need to say this here since this is the main place in question for my post.

As a writer, I enjoy creating worlds and stories for people to read in their free time. I post them here and on Wattpad and that feels good. Knowing that I accomplish something that I can be proud of. However, another important aspect of being a writer or any kind of creator is what the audience does with what you put out there.

Over the past few days, thanks in part to me promoting the sites I use to write, I’ve seen a couple more viewers to each site. That’s great and I’m happy, it’s the silence is unsettling. I don’t hear what y’all think about my work. I can’t tell if you hate or love it or if you don’t for it at all. It’s discouraging and I believe in part to why I hit a rut in writing for a while.

I’m just starting to get out of that rut but I don’t want to be met with more silence. Please, I implore as a writer, tell me what you think. If it’s correctly my grammar or telling me you enjoyed the story; anything you say back to me is better than saying nothing at all. It’s so important.

So I leave you with this plea, think about it. If you have time in your day to read either site, you can spare another minute to tell me what you thought about it.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


One thought on “A Plea from Me to You

  1. The CreaDev says:

    I notice you were met with silence… Maybe I can help? At least give you some sound? I read some of the stuff you posted. I do remember enjoying the one about Myrtle Birch. I like the stuff you do like that. About little children. There was that one…. Oh I don’t even remember the name of it. But it was about these two children who lived with their parents who fought a lot and then the two kids go to their grand parents’ house… Yeah, I don’t remember the details. It’s been a while. But I remember enjoying that. Either way, I honestly don’t spend a lot of time reading blog posts or even writing them. I’m quite busy with school and my job and then of what free tome I have… yeah anyhow. Either way, it has been nice to see SOME life in my WordPress reader feed. I haven’t posted since the end of last winter break and many of the blogs I follow haven’t posted in ages other than you. I more often post little things on my YouTube and SoundCloud and I don’t check my WordPress too often these days. But anyways! Sorry for the long ramble! I dunno if I helped any, but I wanted to help break that silence at least a little. I actually had thought about you recently and those olden online school days. Interesting times. Anyhow! God bless!


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