Lessons Spun from Tales

Okay, so this isn’t from a prompt anyone gave me; rather it was an assignment for my English 4 class. It was a Modern Canterbury Tale we had to create ourselves. I used a recent experience as the base and gave it a more, fantastical setting. I hope y’all enjoy it and don’t forget to comment and share! Faith Out!

In the land of Nosmya, Roclu Gangur was a young female dark elf who making a name for herself as an adventurer. She hailed from the mines of midafell where her kin lived in the darkness and low lights of crystals and scattered moonlight from the skies high above. daring and curious, she discovered her thirst for the unknown when one night she ventured above ground and met her future traveling companion whom she named Templeton. Rock held the dignity of the dark elves in her shadowy appearance of grey skin, black short hair, and piercing grey eyes. Now, she sits in a tavern in Stagstrand were a stranger approaches her.
“Come on, Roclu, I want to go see that dragon’s labyrinth already! Why are you taking so long to eat?” Roclu did not reply to her excitable and more than a little impatient friend, but continued to eat her food in peace. It would no doubt be one of many stops along the trail to their destination. Templeton just didn’t like her steady spacing sometimes.
The Dancing Mountain Tavern & Inn was a favorite stop of hers no matter where they were heading. Stagstrand was located right in the middle of Nosmya which made it a perfect cultural hub for the masses traveling about for pleasure or business.

This particular place was her favorite because many visitors requested stories from her travels and she was waiting for that tie to begin. 
 “Peace, dear Templeton,” she said while rubbing his tail. “i do not mean to dawdle, but you know how much I love to spin tales.”
“Hahaha! Come on, fair patrons! I believe our adventurer and bard is ready for tonight!” Ulmug, the orc bartender, shouted passionately. Cheers and whistles echoed and only added the lively atmosphere that existed in the building.
Roclu smiled. She left some coins at her place before swiftly sitting on the bar counter so everyone could see her. Templeton scurried up to sit on her shoulder, not willing to miss out on the spotlight.
Some of the younger children ran up and sat on the floor in front of her. “Miss Gangur! What stories are you going to tell tonight?” “Of noble dragons and their lairs?” “Oh dark beasts that you had to defeat?” “Helping villages with their political issues.” 
 “Peace, peace!, dear listeners. While all those stories hold much value, I have one of a greater moral I must begin.” Roclu’s aura became stronger as she assumed a sort of persona. A grand storyteller that captures hearts and minds in tales that wove truth and fantasy together. She threw her hood back as she opened her mouth to speak. (Poor Templeton was nearly throw off of her as she started. “She should remember where I am, that girl.”)
“As I journey this land seeking new experiences, I also seek new people to meet and befriend. However, as a dark elf with the ability to see through lies, I have learned people can disguise themselves as someone else when their true colors are far more sinister than they lead you to believe.” A shiver ran through the crowd as she spoke.
“When I finished a job a band of kind dwarves offered me, I met a young, male tiger nekojin and a young, female of the bird-folk. They too, were traveling to Baymouth. For a few days, we remained in each others company and they appeared upright to my eyes. They gained my trust within this time and I shared many of my own stories with them in confidence. For a few moons, we became an adventuring group that preformed many jobs and requests together.”
As Roclu continued to tell of these two, Templeton interjected in the story with a scowl. “But they betrayed us! Those scheming monsters got close to her and her brother before showing their true face and stabbing them in the back!”
“Templeton, while I do admire your anger and thirst for justice, let me build up to it.” The children giggled while the adults appeared more concerned for the circumstances. Who would want to betray the brave, yet caring dark elf?
Roclu merely returned to her story without much notice to the change. “I learned that two were lost in their ways of spirituality and as a trusted friend, I sought to guide the young woman while my brother spoke to the tiger. My family, who learned of theirs, did not see much fruit in them and warned me of their true nature. I took caution, but I did not even see the knife they were preparing for me.”
Roclu paused. A cold chill passed over her heart as her mid wandered back to the day that cursed letter arrived at her family’s doorstep. Rage and sadness had tormented her soul as many came to her defense at the lies and slander of those two.
Roclu sighed and Templeton nibbled at his acorn. “Safe to say, they no longer travel with us and any accusation who support adventurers know of them and probably will refuse to be their patron.” The squirrel gave the room a satisfied smile as he fluffed his tail and rubbed Roclu’s ears affectionately. “They tasted defeat and backlash the moment they tried to stab my lovely Roclu.”
Roclu responded by smoothly shoving the rest of his acorn into his mouth. He stumbled and failed about before clinging to her cloak. “Yes, so that is the end of that story. Children, fair patrons, take heed to these words that i have deliver to you. Hold your cards close and reveal them to only those you know for certain you can trust. There are indeed wolves in sheep’s clothing and snakes in the grass who lie in wait for those foolish and blind enough to come close.”
The aura around her disappeared as Roclu concluded her tale. The children gazed up at her in awe while the adults turned to converse amongst themselves on her story. The dark elf herself just smiled. Another night, another tale, another lesson fro everyone to learn. These were her thoughts as she got off the counter before Ulmug stopped her. “No drink, tonight? Sweet Eight is the special tonight.” The orc’s offer of the sweet beverage caused Roclu to consult her squirrel with her eyes.
Templeton groaned before leaping to the counter again. “Hit us with all you got, Ulmug! We’re not leaving till I’ve had every drink on the menu.” “If you can manage to stay awake that is,” Roclu teased as Ulmug eagerly began to prepare their orders. Perhaps Roclu and Templeton would stay for the stay at The Dancing Mountain this time.


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