Peace Undone

There once was a girl named Piper who was by no stretch of the imagination an innocent child. No one was safe from her mind of traps and mazes or her hands of mischief and chaos. Many were her friends but it seemed few were willing to go against her. Piper’s eyes were dark green pools of wonder and stardust as she perched on her tree in the park. There was no rhyme or reason as to why it was ‘her’ tree, but she didn’t need one.

Piper swung her legs lazily from the branch until she burst out laughing. A few yards away, her friends, Opal and Willow had just been covered in a bucket of honey and feathers while butterflies were swarming around them. It seemed to be Piper’s supernatural power to bring strange events to anyone on the whim. A low whine was heard from below her, it was her dog, Trent.

Not even he was safe from her. Bubblegum, a razor, bees, lemon juice, and stickers were war wounds of Piper’s younger days. For now, while Piper sat above to spot her next victim, the little brown retriever mix was safe from his owner. Piper, meanwhile, twirled her blue hair out of her eyes as she grinned at a young couple.

Mr. and Mrs. Joules. Piper snorted as the memory of her last prank them flew clear in her mind. It was a grand occasion. Their car was switched, reservation made at the wrong place and she had even managed to confuse them on their own attire. It seemed to Piper that in order for the mischief to be more rewarding, you had to make it more complex for the older generations.

A wicked smile tugged at Piper’s lips as she saw more and more people she knew came to the park. They stayed far from her, for they could see the rope and slingshot she had in her hands. A more general prank was that of shooting little items at passerby while sitting in her perch. Poor Trent would bark to warn them, but often times it was thought he was barking at the squirrels in the trees or birds in the air.

Alas, it was coming to the evening time, when Piper’s troubled parents would come to get here and nearly drag her home. This was a great relief to many and a great annoyance to Piper. However, her thirst for the chaos would be quenched when she saw a new face. With a quick movement, she hid among the leaves and the face came closer. Closer. Closer to her tree and knelt down to greet Trent. The dog whimpered and barked, trying to alert the unknowing stranger of the chambered slingshot above. TWANG.


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