I am so sorry. I realize I forgot this place existed and honestly I’ve lost a lot of motivation to write. Not sure if it’s because I’m not in a dry valley in my relationship with the Lord but I think that’s the main source.

So please forgive me for the slow updates and my lack of progress. It frustrates me too, so please pray for me. I won’t make empty promises but I will strive to get out of this dry well and back doing what I enjoy.

Thank you and God bless you all.


3 thoughts on “Updates

  1. The CreaDev says:

    It’s alright! You’re still better than me: I have yet to even upload a post about my absence on my blog… Even so, I can relate to your lack of motivation and since you’re saying you’re sorry, on behalf of your followers, we forgive you!


  2. candycoconut says:

    Awwww Faith totally understandable… I’ll be praying for your relationship with God (and if you need an accountability partner, I’m always willing!) 🙂


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