Random song idea that I went with. Sorry if it’s REALLY dark so forwarning.

The misty woods hold no fear as you stand, trembling
(Come closer, come closer, come closer, come!)
How darkness shrouds all light and the hope seems to fade
(Dive deeper, dive deeper, dive deeper, dive!)
The spells run deep in its bones and I see your soul
(Fall now, fall now, fall now, fall!)
Now the evil shall rise and you will follow, forever

Come now my children, follow my lead
You will not die, just believe my word
The evil within is now creeping near
I will release you to fly free above
Now internally sing, the deep darksong

Take my hand and walk with me, ignore the pain
(It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming, now!)
Now you’ve bonded with the demons within, let them reign!
(Your soul, your soul, your soul, is ours!)
The darkness will embrace you, bend down into its ways
(Spiraling, spiraling, spiraling, down!)
Chant the ancient forbidden words and rise, power inside

Come now my children, follow my lead
You have not died, you will believe my word
The evil within is now taking over
You are now released to fly free above
Now eternally sing, the deep darksong

You are mine, never to part, my wicked aid
(Now fly free, now fly free, now flow free, now fly!)
Even their nightmares can’t compare to our wicked plans
(Their demise, their demise, their demise, has awoken!)
The devils and witches and creatures of night, gather with us
(We hunger, we hunger, we hunger, for blood!)
Now we bring terror and horror and flames to their eyes!

Come now my children, follow my lead
We never die, we are alive in scares
The evil we have is their eternal nightmare
You and I will fly, terror in the skies
Now we shall sing, the deep darksong!


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