Deadly Comfort

Hey guys! Faith your musing wander here. Just so you guys understand why the recent four posts are unfinished or short, I’ll explain. It’s because they were short story prompts from a writing club meeting I recently attended. I cannot guarantee I will finish them because i just a surge to complete and edit FH. I might go back and finish one, but no promises. God bless!


I was cold, shivering as if I was in the Arctic Ocean. My vision was getting blurry and my valence was vanishing like a vapor. “How….can you…live with..yourselves?” My high voice barely squeaked out as I collapsed into the snow. I saw the red haired girl go up to the bully and seemingly rebuke him, but I could barely hear. That fruit…really did have a strange effect on me. I knew nothing more after that.

Johnny watched as the young boy bit into the blue fruit and dropped onto the frozen ground. “So? How about it squirt?” He was feeling proud, merciless and powerful over this little stuck up interloper. How dare he try to steal from his tree. However, that soon changed as the boy began to appeared to get sick, and quick. Was his dad lying about the fruit’s qualities? He knew it was poisoning to some people, but was it this severe?

Elle stood silent through the whole ordeal. This poor, humble boy had come into the public garden for some of the blue fruit that Johnny not-so-humbly grew. She watched with a pained heart as Johnny yelled and beat the boy. Then, Elle gasped once she saw what the fruit did the young boy. What?! It’s….poisoning?!?! Elle grew anger and strode over to Johnny and smacked him. Her red hair burned against the falling white snow. “Stop it, we have to report this.”


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