Can you hear me?


Sarah ran. The bear was less then 30 feet away from her and closing in. This was not what she had wanted to experience when coming on this stupid camping trip. “I just had to throw myself into the great unknown didn’t I?!” She yelled fiercely at no one.

The bear roared, barring its snapping teeth at her and hunger flaring in its eyes. Sarah felt fear rush through her veins and pushed her legs to move more swiftly. She averted her gaze back to the beaten-down path before her. A log appeared right at her feet before she tripped right over it.

“Aggghhhh, why? This is like some messed up, two-cent horror film.” She spat out as she struggled to get up. Sarah looked down and saw blood. “Great…” The bear’s thudding foot falls came closer and resounding in her ears. Sarah tried to ignore the stinging pain of her wound, but it was too late.

The bear was above her. She froze, locking hazel pupils with its black deadly eyes. She watched as it raised its paw and brought it down….

“BUZZ….BUZZ” Sarah jumped. She was panting and sweating in her bed, so overcome with shock from her nightmare. “Curses… wasn’t real.” She whipped her thin black hair out her eyes to see more clearly in the darkness.

Her phone was ringing and it was 1 AM. “Who on the North Wind would call me now?” Sarah was annoyed at being awoken at this hour and hoping it wasn’t a scare prank that her boyfriend Zachary was playing on her.

With a groan, Sarah grabbed her phone and tapped the answer button. “Hello?” She heard shuffling and scraping sounds on the other end, like a shovel on leaves and concrete. Shallow breathing came out sharply near the other phone’s speaker. “Purple-”

The line dropped. Sarah frowned. The voice didn’t seem like Zach’s nor did the phone number match his. Now that she was looking, the phone number did seem faintly familiar. But why did she get the call and who was it? Why did they start to say ‘purple’ and what did it mean?

“You know, I’ll figure out tomorrow. I’m too tired and too scared to even think or care right now.” Flopping her black head back onto her pillow, she once more enter into a now dream-less slumber.


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