Day 22: Cold Christmas Morn’

I peeked out from under the covers and glanced quickly at my bright, blue numbers of my alarm clock/sound machine. It read 6:30 AM, time for action. I slipped out of bed and crouched on the floor waiting.

I had been planning this night for days. It was Christmas Eve and it was the wee hours of the morning when my parents were dead to the world. I had taken note of each squeaky board in my room, hallway and even on the stairs. I had taken account that my bros had to be asleep too and I had only one shot and doing it right.

I grabbed my giant pillow and pink bear blanket and tip toed and leaped across my room to the doorway. There I peeked out my door to check the hallway. Darkness shrouded the hall, but at the startup light flooded the black away with the rays of the lamp outside the great window over the front door.

Gingerly, I stepped form my doorway to the doorway of the office, then to the side of the stairs then exhaled. “Ok, now to get down there.” I whispered to my self. With bare feet on the carpeted steps, I descended down to the entry way. I stepped over two of the stairs due to their known squeaky boards and I sat at the bottom.

I breathed slowly and quietly, listening for my parents breathing. My father didn’t snore, but was a very loud breather. I heard it, the loud grumbling sound and I smiled. “Success so far” I happily muttered.

I rounded the corner and half skip and half ran into the kitchen and turned to see the living room. But I stopped. A sight before made me freeze in my tracks and gaze at the tree in shock. I wasn’t alone down here, a boy about Calvin’s height was next to my tree with a staff like a shepherd’s crook.

He wore no shoes and brown pants with silver lines towards the pant end and a frosted blue hoodie. From my view, I could barely spot white hair from under the hood. I swallowed and spoke no high then a whisper. “Who are you? How did you get in my house?” My voice hardened, but it seemed to squeak out as I tried to be brave and face this odd intruder.

The boy turned his head and pulled down the hood. My eyes widened as I recognized the boy. “Jack Frost?!” I exclaimed softly with the ghost of a smile tugging at his pink lips. He grinned and knelt down as I came closer. “Hello there Faith, I heard you cry to the wind for snow so I came here.” I blushed slightly. “Are the others here too?” I asked excitedly.

Jack laughed, a soft ringing laughter as small snowflakes came out from his breath. “No, Tooth wanted to, but she said later. Anyway, you wanted to surprise your family by sleeping here right?” I nodded with a bright smile. I was talking with Jack Frost and he seemed to enjoy my company. Without notice, he gently picked my small frame up into his arms and placed me on the couch next to the tree.

I smiled and set up my makeshift bed. Jack watched me with a smirk and suddenly I felt a cold smack to the side of my face. I brushed off the wet substance and I gasped. “Snow?” I looked up as the room began to fill with tiny snowflakes. “Well, you wanted to see it right?” Jack sat no the floor next to the blue couch.

I giggled. “Yes.” Jack smiled and opened his palm. A giant snowflake appeared and a frosted gold then surrounded it. “Shake it and you’ll be able to talk with us. You’re a strong believer in us so here.” He then placed the necklace around my neck and I placed it in my palm. “Thank you Jack!” I flung the blanket aside and bounded up to hug him tight. I think I startled him, but he hugged back. “Now, get some more sleep ok?”

He laid me back down on the couch and helped me tuck in the blanket. “Good night Jack.” I whispered. He smiled and gently kissed my head. “Good night to you too.” I didn’t see him leave for sleep closed my eyes as I held onto the necklace tightly, dreaming of flying with the Guardians in the bright blue Christmas sky.


Day 21: Fire

The dark hides from the licking tongues
They rise and fall, hungry for the air to survive
They bring forth heat to scorch and heal
The tongues are never tamed for theirs hearts are wild
They are free as the wind and ride upon them
But too much, they are gone, too little, down they descend
Ice, they hate. Water is fatal to their hot dances
It radiates heat and gives warmth to shivering bones
But it can take life away from the foolish once sparked
A force of nature, a freak of nature
Both names in one as the colors swirl
Red, orange, yellow, blue and white all give it life
Keep it controlled or the price will be high
For Fire can be life or death

Day 20: Flavored Tastes

O.M.S!!!!!! How? Why do i have to be at the library when Nick is here too? Just breathe and you’ll be fine. Ohhh but he’s only about 20 feet away from me!

Lorri glanced up nervously from her upside down Narnia book. Her baby blues glanced dreamily at the blonde hair of her crush in the aisle in front of her. Oh stars above, this had to be a set-up from Parker! Lorri brushed that aside and focused on the fact HE was there.

Lorri was a shy girl around all guys, but around Nick she became a frozen statue. She was quite sweet just not very outspoken and stammered when pressured, or just around her hard crush. She was a bookworm and often stopped by the library just to escape the horrors of school and guys.

She swallowed hard and nervously brushed back her icy blonde hair with purple tips out of her bright blue pools and tried to look back at her book. She saw the words were wrong side up and fumbled with the book until it was upright. Some glanced over at the sound and she buried her nose in the crisp pages, hiding the flush building on her face.

Just breathe, one more look. She lowered the book slowly and saw some strange. Nick seemed to be intensely searching for something. Lorri cocked her eyes a bit and bit her lip. She knew this library like most girls would know their wardrobe. Maybe I can help…..But I’ll stammer….oh, he probably won’t remember me anyway.

Lorri slowly put down her book and walked even slower across the swirly carpet, heart pounding in her chest. She stopped, unnoticed to him, next to him and swallowed. “Umm…are..looking you something?” She flushed, realizing her mistake. “I mean, are you looking for…a…uhh…book?”

Nick stopped and looked at the voice. A short, blonde girl stood in front of him, inquiring if he was looking for something. He smiled and ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah….I’m looking for the book Ingo.”

Lorri gasped and looked up. “Ingo? That’s a great read! But you’re in the wrong place, here follow me.” She whispered and gestured him to follow her out. She walked down and out of the aisle, across the room and down another aisle. She swallowed hard again, trying to breathe and not blush even though she had spoken more words then she usually did in front of a guy.

Nick blinked when the girl raised her eyes and he saw it was Lorri, the shyest girl at his school and yet here she was talking normally to him. She still kept her voice low since they were at the library, but there was an unusual spark in her eyes. He half grinned to himself and followed her, hands in pockets. He stopped when she pointed at a book high up in the aisle and reached up.

Lorri watched as Nick reached up and brought the book down. “Ummm gl-glad I co-co…could he-help you….” she stuttered out and brushed past him. “Wait.” She stopped at his voice and slowly peeked out from her icy blonde bangs. Nick was smiling, at her. Her heart stopped in that moment when he spoke three words she could only of him asking her.

“Wanna exchange emails? Lorri, I see you enjoy books that I enjoy so wanna talk about some other reads you enjoyed?” Lorri just stared with a blush crawling up her neck again and her mouth slightly open. What do I do?! He….wants…MY email? Lorri twirled a piece of hair while thinking and looked at him again. Those deep green eyes showed an interest for books and being friends with a fellow bookworm. Suddenly, a hope filled her and she knew.

Day 19: The Letter

Gunter was gazing out the window of his father’s SUV, or he called it a truck, with excitement. Today he was going to visit his grandfather, Old Man Gunter, at the old, run-down post office that he worked at when he was younger in the far outskirts of the big city.

“Hurry Papa! I want to get there soon!” The 8-year old boy shouted while bouncing in his seat. The driver laughed and looked back at his son. “We will be there soon. I’m glad you’re excited.” His father looked back at the rubble road as Gunter nudged his twin sister. “Can you believe it? It’s like we’re going back in time!”

Gunter’s sister, Helga, swung her blonde curls and nodded. “Yes, I wonder how Grandma is doing and what he will eat afterwards!” Gunter sighed but did wonder what goodies and surprises awaited at their grandparents house. He, his sister and his parents lived in a big German city and it was always a treat to come to the rural country to visit their beloved grandparents.

The rolling hills, specks of sheep in the distance, patches of wildflowers and scattered houses passed by Gunter’s window as they neared their eagerly anticipated destination. The dark gray SUV stopped in front of a duplicated building with a faded hanging sign which read the words Post Büro.

“Ahhh! Have my grandchildren finally come form the far mystical city?” A groaning, but cheerful voice broke the air. With laughter and giggles the twins quickly ran to the doorway and were scooped up by an old man with a postage hat.

“Ahhh you made, now come in and I have something for you to.” He gently put them down and slowly walked behind the old wooden desk and went up to the little mail boxes on the back wall behind the rusted brass bars.

Helga and Gunter stood in the center of the bare floor as the dust bunnies fled from their incoming steps. Little woods shavings, pits of paper were hidden int he nooks and crannies of the room and a family of mice were scurrying away into the holes, hidden from sight. “What could Grandpa Gunter want to give us?” Helga whispered with cupped hands to her brother.

Gunter shook his head, just as confused. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s a treasure map!” His eyes lit up as his sister gave a half annoyed, half amused snort. “I don’t believe that, but it must be valuable.” They both jerked up as Grandpa Gunter approached them and kneeled down.

“Now Helga and Gunter, as a mail delivery boy I learned it’s always good to get a delivery to the right home, but sometimes a mistake can turn out for the better. Years ago, someone’s great great great grandfather sent a letter to encourage his fellow brother, but it got lost and ended to my great great great grandfather instead.”

“The letter was so moving and touching that my ancestor sent two letters, one to the sender and the originally receiver.All three men met and became great friends, but my ancestor kept that letter that he received. He decided to pass it down to his son when he was old enough to receive the sage wisdom and encouragement contained in the words. You father had it at one point, but I wanted to give it to you both.”

Gunter and Helga’s eyes were wide as they heard the story and their little were slightly shaking as their grandfather extended the letter to them. They both took and held the old yellow paper and looked at each other. The sound of a snap made them turn….

The little boy turned the page of the photo album and saw black and white photo of two children with an old man behind them smiling. They both held a closed piece of paper in their small hands and they had a look of surprise and yet understanding at the same time. On the other page, in a clear folder lay a yellow closed letter with the wax stamp opened.

“Papa, are you the boy in the picture and is this…” he lost his words as his father turned in his chair to look at him. Gunter, for he was an adult now, chuckled and walked over to his 7-year old son. “Ja, that’s my and your aunt Helga. One day soon, I’ll give you this letter. It has been a comfort to me in hard times and a source for brotherly wisdom in times of questioning. Yes, that letter will be yours soon.”

The boy smiled wide and looked into his father’s eyes. He wondered what words lie behind the wax stamp of the ancient letter and waited for the day when he could open it for his own journey.

Day 18: Freedom

You’re sitting all alone again
Can’t find your way out of this, dark void.
Struggling to find your light
Calling out for help and you’re, so weak.

But there’s something you need to know
To remind yourself to never let go

You are strong, you can fly higher then before
You are cleansed by His blood, no need to hide anymore
When the voices whisper once more, push them aside singing
No more, I am free! (x 2)

Now here you are out on street
Hidden out among this sea, of faces
You wanna stand out and burn
And yet unsure how to take, the first step

But here is something you need to know
To remind yourself to never let go

You are strong, you can fly higher then before
You are cleansed by His blood, no need to hide anymore
When the voices whisper once more, push them aside singing
No more, I am free! (x 2)

You hold the key, you can make your move
Why are you waiting here alone and scared?
You have a family. You have Him by your side.
So why are you thinking you’re chained down?

Let me remind you….

You are strong, you can fly higher then before
You are cleansed by His blood, no need to hide anymore
When the voices whisper once more, push them aside singing
No more, I am free! (x 3)

So there are, unmistakable.
You are beautiful and burning bright.
Now go out and share that spark.
For now by Him you are freed.

Day 16 & 17: Time With A Ghost

She stood there in the middle of the deserted road, alone. The cold wind blew lightly over the moors, moaning it’s howling call to knowhere. She was breathing like she was running out of precious oxygen and she glanced around wildly like a wild rabbit that was being hunting for prey.

Baraball Salmond, for this was the young woman’s name, took a step forward. She was shaking, not from the cold, but from the fear of the unknown. Barbell recognized the area as the Scottish hill country and she was in a little hill town, but why was no one here?

“Aye, what place is this? Oct, I was in the museum and I went to the painting when the lights grew brighter and now…” Her thick Scottish accent was evident as she went over the last few events. She stopped and grapes her head. “Ehhh!??!?! Did I time travel or teleport? But…How?”

Baraball shook her head. “No, That’s not possible so I’m just gonna walk around until I run into someone.” So she began her short journey. The stone houses were sitting sitting along the dirt road with only ivy as their company until he girl walked into each one. She was honestly surprised at the silence.

“Aye, most Scottish hill towns are more lively. Has everyone gone somewhere?” She asked to herself and the wind wutherin’ in and out of the dead homes. She went around behind the houses and saw the gardens overgrown and heavily weeded. “Aye!” she exclaimed, “hath no one tended to you in years?”

Baraball’s confusion was great as she past the market area, empty. The air seemed hollow and dead as the cold stone walls of the olden abodes. Baraball’s heart was quickening in it’s pace as she began to realize the truth. She HAD time travel and she was now in a Scottish ghost town.

Baraball left the market and walked down the street, green eyes down looking at her brown military boots. She kicked the rocks by while she strode down the abandoned street, fighting back the big, salty tears wheeling in her green eyes.

Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth and dragged into the space between houses. She uttered muffled screams and kicked backwards against her attacker’s shins. “Calm down lass! It’s me Baraball. Sìm Dubh. You got sent ‘ere too?” He let her go and she spun around, red waves flying in her face.

It was indeed her friend Sìm. His blue eyes and auburn hair were his alright. She sighed in relief before spewing out her questions that waded in her mind. “How did we get ‘ere? Do you know lad?” Sìm shook his head. “Nay I don’t. I was looking at that painting of the hills and bam, I was in the middle of the road.”

“Walked around, but there’s no ‘ere. Bara, we gotta find our way home but not ‘ere.” Bara smirked at his nickname for her. “Alright, I trust you. What do we do?”

Sìm smiled and hugged her. “That’s my girlfriend. Now, we gotta walk cause I reckon there should be an inhabited village about 20 miles South. Let’s leave this ghost town.”

Barbell hugged him back. “What if we’re stuck here? In this time What then?” Sìm paused and thought, stroking Bara’s red waves as his blue orbs looked out to the moors and waving flower in the harsh wind. “Then we live, we learn the ways, we survive. After all, He’s got a plan don’t He?”

Baraball smiled. “Aye, that he does. Alright, let’s go then. nothing for us ‘ere.” Hand in hand, they both slowly walked out from the town and into the open road. They weren’t sure how or why they were here, but they did know one thing…….