Day 27: Roaring Winds and Water & Spectrums

Galaxies fly
Nebulas, black holes
Wonders above


Slowly sailing on the great blues rolling waves, a speck of lovely pale pink stood alone among a great darkness. A one seal craft was traveling with the gentle North Wind, slave to it’s whims and calls. A tiny lantern hung from her slim bow as her frail stern held the craving of a mer-child. The words Wave Wander were etched just below the bow’s light. The small flame cast a streak on the dark, impeding waters that pushed the small boat to her wishes.

It was too small for a crew. The only member lay alone, lost in his dreams. The craft was made for this child. He lay fast asleep in the frail craft as he made a journey unknown to him. The boy was off fighting over monster and having his own fantasy adventure behind closed eyes. The roaring tides made no effect on his slumber… the craft traveled with no bounds…no destination….just to the whims of the wind.


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