Day 26: An Intense Sleepover

Hello there, my name is Anika. I won’t give my last name because you won’t need it and I’m here to tell about a strange sleepover I had with my 17 year-old brother with a friend of mine and her bro.

Lance is my brother and he and I were driving to my friend Alya’s house. I was excited, I knew her through our online school and I was finally meeting her. “Isn’t this great Lance?! I’m finally….”

I stopped, seeing his hard-set gray eyes. I lowered my raised arms and turned on my YouTube playlist on the car radio. “Just breathe, maybe he won’t be there.” I chirped to which Lance looked at me strange. His eyes were cold for a moment but then with a grin, he looked back at the road.

“Maybe is a key word. Anyway, let’s sing.” He started singing along to the song and I slowly eased in. Alia had an older brother who…I had trouble with. I knew Lance wasn’t happy with him and neither was I. However, I had moved on in life and didn’t think once about him anymore, even when talking to Alya.

His name was Zeref. Odd name, right? But the rest of the way to Alya’s house, we sang the stress and tension away. Songs both old and new to us got our blood pumping and we almost sang our voices out. But as the sun began it’s descent into the West, we pulled into her driveway.

I got out with my backpack and out she flew! Her red curls with blue lowlights bounced as she sprang into my arms, spinning as we laughed and squeezed. “I’m so glad you guys could make it! Come on in!!!!!!” Alia pulled us in with our luggage.

I won’t bore you with dinner or the convos. Lance and I did see Zeref, but we ignored him for the most part. Finally, after too many XBox, board and Wii games, Lance and I were in the guest room. We were there mainly to discuss the plans for the weekend and we showed each other memes and funny fandom gifs.

Lance and I are close, if you peeps couldn’t tell. Anyway, we were starting to talk about Teen Titians when a voice perked up. “Ohh I loved that show!” I whipped my black hair out of my green eyes and smiled at Alya, who was in the doorway.

I smiled and scooted closer to the door, since I was on the captain bed. Lance grinned and looked back at his phone, knowing better then to try and get in the conversation. That’s the cool thing about my older bro, he knows when he can stay quiet and when he can talk with my girlfriends and I.

She and I were starting to rant when Zeref popped in his blonde head in the far side of the door way. I swallowed and glance at Lance. “Hey Lance, you got that DW meme for Alya?”

“Yeah…I do.” he answered me a bit quietly. “Ohh could I see?” Zeref’s high voice cut off his little sister. Alya glared a bit, but looked at the meme. I giggled as her face lit up and she held her sides from the impending laughter. “That is..”

“Can I see?” Alia shot her bro a look, but he didn’t see it. He was busy looking at mw, making me feel uncomfortable. I inhaled and threw my bro his phone back. Oddly, he didn’t catch it.

My green orbs widened at the sight of his visage. A look of fury had taken hold of his usual cheery, funny face. I griped the bed frame as he stomped to the door. Alya’s brown eyes were the size of dinner plates as she slid out of his way and next to me on the bed.

Lance wasted no time, he took Zeref by the collar of his shirt and lifted him in the air. I could see the shock and fear in Zeref’s brown eyes. To be fully honest, I was thinking “Finally! About time, get him Lance!” However, my face was showing more shock then triumph.

Alia grabbed me in a side hug as Lance spoke in a chilling voice, it sent shivers up and down my strong spine.

“Listen, leave us alone. I’ve had about enough of your crud and your unwillingness to take hints. So let’s make it clear.” He brought Zeref’s face close to his sterling gray eyes. “Drop it and forget Anika. Only over my dead body will you ever talk to her again and even then she will never…” he rose his voice at the word, “…speak to you again.”

Lance threw Zeref onto the floor, causing me and Alya to jump. “Woah…never getting on his bad side.” She hissed in my ear. “Huh, you’re right about that.” I replied, a bit breathless.

Oh dear, it’s 11:38 and Alya, Lance and I are still playing Swap. I have no idea what Zeref did after Lance shot him down, He’s probably hiding in a corner. I must end my entry here tonight.

See you peeps later, truly Anika.


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