Day 25: A Shock for an Ocelot

Ocelot licked her paws clean from the blood of the doe she had just had for dinner. She sat on a log in the middle of the jungle floor, listening intently to the humming sounds of her thickly foliaged home. The anthro creature yawned, barring her fangs and got up abruptly. It was about time to head home.

“Ocelot!!!!!” A high scream caused Ocelot’s fur to stand on end and whip around, only to be tackled by Hummingbird. “Oh Ocelot! I have something to show! Quick quick! Follow me!” Hummingbird’s excitement was evident in her filtering and fluttering up and down and back. She flew ahead, in the same direction Ocelot was going. “Wait up!”

Ocelot grinned at her bubbly friend and quickly followed on all fours. She soon, with a mischievous smile, caught up with Hummingbird and pulled ahead. “This Ocelot is charged up after a meal!” Ocelot’s hazel pools were fired up, a stark difference to Hummingbird’s cooler, but no less crazed, purple orbs.

Hummingbird flew into Ocelot’s den and Ocelot skidded to a stop. All the other animal friends jumped out. “Happy Birthday Ocelot!!!” Fossa, Moose, Beaver, Peacock, Wild Dog, Serval, Hippo, all the animal anthro had come to celebrate one of the most unique cats in the Park. Hummingbird smiled.

“We’re happy you’re a year older Ocelot, You’re such a great friend!” Ocelot’s jaw was on the floor. She was stunned that they had done that much planning to actually genuinely surprise her. She snatched her ears to cover the flush crawling up her fur. When she looked up, a fanged smile painted her face. She pounced in, letting the party truly start.


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