Day 24: A Veni Trail

Pippa bounded down the clear stone trail towards the Wishing Mirror. His bright green eyes were filled with sparks and excitement for the day. Nothing special was happening, but a Venicot always found a reason to be excited. His long tail and big ears flapped in the wind as he ran along the reflective pebbles that brushed his furry paws.

Soon, he was joined by other Venicots headed to the Wishing Mirror. Despite its name, the Wishing Mirror was only a crystal clear lake that stretched for a great distance, ending in a peaceful waterfall. The pale blue long grass rustled in the gentle breeze over the valley, providing a perfect cover for the small creatures from the looming Bathawks above them.

Pippa yipped at a purple coated Venicot and bounded over to it. Shelia, for that was her name, yipped back as they burst out of the grass and ran into the cave mouth ahead of them. Hundreds of others followed suit, running to both escape from the Bathawks and anxious to get to the Wishing Mirror.

A bathawk dove in after Shelia, eyes hungry for a meal. Pippa squeaked at the bathawks, the high pitch causing the bathawk to retreat. Pippa yelped at other male Venicots to help him while Shelia urged the females to get into the cave’s safety. The bathawk dove again, but the small fox-like creatures were ready.

Pippa jumped and dug his tiny sharp teeth into the bird’s feathered wing. It let out a shrill scream as the other Venicots jumped onto it, tearing into its massive frame. It landed roughly and the Venicots jumped off, forming a circle around it. Pippa hissed before pouncing to end their enemy’s life.

Afterwards, Pippa dove into the cave, rolling head over paws until he hit the rock wall. Shelia gave into laughing sneezes. The other Venicots joined in the mirth and even Pippa, after dusting himself off, laughed as well. Shelia licked Pippa and cocked her furry and feathered head towards the cave’s exist.

Soon, all the Venicots were in a wild chase. Pounding filled the cave’s navy stone walls as they were lined with glowing and floating crystals the size of a girl’s hand. Pippa and Shelia led the crowd of creatures toward the entrance and out they spilled!

There lay the lake, clear and crisp as a spring day. Pippa bounced on his paws in excitement until Shelia pushed him down the hill. He yelped and curled into a ball, rolling down the hill until he again hit something. But it wasn’t a rock to his surprise, when he unrolled himself then gazed up. The other Venicots jumped into the lake, but Shelia trotted up to Pippa and saw the same creature.

The creature bent down and picked up Pippa gently. “Say, is this a Venicot like you told me about?” The voice was soothing and quiet and Pippa wagged his tail. What ever creature this is….I like him!


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