Day 23: The Future Images the Past

Fleurette zoomed down the empty sidewalk on her hoverboard. She had to meet up with Patxi to go see the big electro-pong game. It was a newport that had been introduced only 5 years before.

She up higher to avoid the small, circular car blocks that lined the edge of the sidewalk. it was an empty neighborhood street, which was unusual. Usually the street was filled with kids at this time while the parents did outdoor cooking.

Fleurette sighed as she approached the wall. The wall that separated the suburbs from the city. It’s unfair. What’s the point anyway?! she angrily thought as she flew up the wall on her hoverboard.

The wall’s pixels turned on, causing her to back up and go faster. She shot up the top and did a double hello-flip before diving down to the road below. “Incoming!” she shouted to the crowds as she pulled up and flew above them.

Some kids gasped and pointed, parents grumbled about “air traffic rules” and other just smiled. She and Patxi were pretty well known for their hoverboard. ‘Yo, you made it over here.”

Fleurette grinned at her friend and teammate. Paxi’s bright blue eyes were filled with excitement and laughter as they flew towards the huge stadium. “You ready to knock them out of the water again?”

“Yeah, so that we can finally start this movement.” She replied as they flew up and dove into the stadium. They were ready, paddles out and landed on the field. The crowd went form wild to silent a the lights dimmed. “Match!” The ball was thrown into the air and Fleurette and Paxti stood at ready…


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