Day 22: Cold Christmas Morn’

I peeked out from under the covers and glanced quickly at my bright, blue numbers of my alarm clock/sound machine. It read 6:30 AM, time for action. I slipped out of bed and crouched on the floor waiting.

I had been planning this night for days. It was Christmas Eve and it was the wee hours of the morning when my parents were dead to the world. I had taken note of each squeaky board in my room, hallway and even on the stairs. I had taken account that my bros had to be asleep too and I had only one shot and doing it right.

I grabbed my giant pillow and pink bear blanket and tip toed and leaped across my room to the doorway. There I peeked out my door to check the hallway. Darkness shrouded the hall, but at the startup light flooded the black away with the rays of the lamp outside the great window over the front door.

Gingerly, I stepped form my doorway to the doorway of the office, then to the side of the stairs then exhaled. “Ok, now to get down there.” I whispered to my self. With bare feet on the carpeted steps, I descended down to the entry way. I stepped over two of the stairs due to their known squeaky boards and I sat at the bottom.

I breathed slowly and quietly, listening for my parents breathing. My father didn’t snore, but was a very loud breather. I heard it, the loud grumbling sound and I smiled. “Success so far” I happily muttered.

I rounded the corner and half skip and half ran into the kitchen and turned to see the living room. But I stopped. A sight before made me freeze in my tracks and gaze at the tree in shock. I wasn’t alone down here, a boy about Calvin’s height was next to my tree with a staff like a shepherd’s crook.

He wore no shoes and brown pants with silver lines towards the pant end and a frosted blue hoodie. From my view, I could barely spot white hair from under the hood. I swallowed and spoke no high then a whisper. “Who are you? How did you get in my house?” My voice hardened, but it seemed to squeak out as I tried to be brave and face this odd intruder.

The boy turned his head and pulled down the hood. My eyes widened as I recognized the boy. “Jack Frost?!” I exclaimed softly with the ghost of a smile tugging at his pink lips. He grinned and knelt down as I came closer. “Hello there Faith, I heard you cry to the wind for snow so I came here.” I blushed slightly. “Are the others here too?” I asked excitedly.

Jack laughed, a soft ringing laughter as small snowflakes came out from his breath. “No, Tooth wanted to, but she said later. Anyway, you wanted to surprise your family by sleeping here right?” I nodded with a bright smile. I was talking with Jack Frost and he seemed to enjoy my company. Without notice, he gently picked my small frame up into his arms and placed me on the couch next to the tree.

I smiled and set up my makeshift bed. Jack watched me with a smirk and suddenly I felt a cold smack to the side of my face. I brushed off the wet substance and I gasped. “Snow?” I looked up as the room began to fill with tiny snowflakes. “Well, you wanted to see it right?” Jack sat no the floor next to the blue couch.

I giggled. “Yes.” Jack smiled and opened his palm. A giant snowflake appeared and a frosted gold then surrounded it. “Shake it and you’ll be able to talk with us. You’re a strong believer in us so here.” He then placed the necklace around my neck and I placed it in my palm. “Thank you Jack!” I flung the blanket aside and bounded up to hug him tight. I think I startled him, but he hugged back. “Now, get some more sleep ok?”

He laid me back down on the couch and helped me tuck in the blanket. “Good night Jack.” I whispered. He smiled and gently kissed my head. “Good night to you too.” I didn’t see him leave for sleep closed my eyes as I held onto the necklace tightly, dreaming of flying with the Guardians in the bright blue Christmas sky.


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