Day 20: Flavored Tastes

O.M.S!!!!!! How? Why do i have to be at the library when Nick is here too? Just breathe and you’ll be fine. Ohhh but he’s only about 20 feet away from me!

Lorri glanced up nervously from her upside down Narnia book. Her baby blues glanced dreamily at the blonde hair of her crush in the aisle in front of her. Oh stars above, this had to be a set-up from Parker! Lorri brushed that aside and focused on the fact HE was there.

Lorri was a shy girl around all guys, but around Nick she became a frozen statue. She was quite sweet just not very outspoken and stammered when pressured, or just around her hard crush. She was a bookworm and often stopped by the library just to escape the horrors of school and guys.

She swallowed hard and nervously brushed back her icy blonde hair with purple tips out of her bright blue pools and tried to look back at her book. She saw the words were wrong side up and fumbled with the book until it was upright. Some glanced over at the sound and she buried her nose in the crisp pages, hiding the flush building on her face.

Just breathe, one more look. She lowered the book slowly and saw some strange. Nick seemed to be intensely searching for something. Lorri cocked her eyes a bit and bit her lip. She knew this library like most girls would know their wardrobe. Maybe I can help…..But I’ll stammer….oh, he probably won’t remember me anyway.

Lorri slowly put down her book and walked even slower across the swirly carpet, heart pounding in her chest. She stopped, unnoticed to him, next to him and swallowed. “Umm…are..looking you something?” She flushed, realizing her mistake. “I mean, are you looking for…a…uhh…book?”

Nick stopped and looked at the voice. A short, blonde girl stood in front of him, inquiring if he was looking for something. He smiled and ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah….I’m looking for the book Ingo.”

Lorri gasped and looked up. “Ingo? That’s a great read! But you’re in the wrong place, here follow me.” She whispered and gestured him to follow her out. She walked down and out of the aisle, across the room and down another aisle. She swallowed hard again, trying to breathe and not blush even though she had spoken more words then she usually did in front of a guy.

Nick blinked when the girl raised her eyes and he saw it was Lorri, the shyest girl at his school and yet here she was talking normally to him. She still kept her voice low since they were at the library, but there was an unusual spark in her eyes. He half grinned to himself and followed her, hands in pockets. He stopped when she pointed at a book high up in the aisle and reached up.

Lorri watched as Nick reached up and brought the book down. “Ummm gl-glad I co-co…could he-help you….” she stuttered out and brushed past him. “Wait.” She stopped at his voice and slowly peeked out from her icy blonde bangs. Nick was smiling, at her. Her heart stopped in that moment when he spoke three words she could only of him asking her.

“Wanna exchange emails? Lorri, I see you enjoy books that I enjoy so wanna talk about some other reads you enjoyed?” Lorri just stared with a blush crawling up her neck again and her mouth slightly open. What do I do?! He….wants…MY email? Lorri twirled a piece of hair while thinking and looked at him again. Those deep green eyes showed an interest for books and being friends with a fellow bookworm. Suddenly, a hope filled her and she knew.


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