Day 16 & 17: Time With A Ghost

She stood there in the middle of the deserted road, alone. The cold wind blew lightly over the moors, moaning it’s howling call to knowhere. She was breathing like she was running out of precious oxygen and she glanced around wildly like a wild rabbit that was being hunting for prey.

Baraball Salmond, for this was the young woman’s name, took a step forward. She was shaking, not from the cold, but from the fear of the unknown. Barbell recognized the area as the Scottish hill country and she was in a little hill town, but why was no one here?

“Aye, what place is this? Oct, I was in the museum and I went to the painting when the lights grew brighter and now…” Her thick Scottish accent was evident as she went over the last few events. She stopped and grapes her head. “Ehhh!??!?! Did I time travel or teleport? But…How?”

Baraball shook her head. “No, That’s not possible so I’m just gonna walk around until I run into someone.” So she began her short journey. The stone houses were sitting sitting along the dirt road with only ivy as their company until he girl walked into each one. She was honestly surprised at the silence.

“Aye, most Scottish hill towns are more lively. Has everyone gone somewhere?” She asked to herself and the wind wutherin’ in and out of the dead homes. She went around behind the houses and saw the gardens overgrown and heavily weeded. “Aye!” she exclaimed, “hath no one tended to you in years?”

Baraball’s confusion was great as she past the market area, empty. The air seemed hollow and dead as the cold stone walls of the olden abodes. Baraball’s heart was quickening in it’s pace as she began to realize the truth. She HAD time travel and she was now in a Scottish ghost town.

Baraball left the market and walked down the street, green eyes down looking at her brown military boots. She kicked the rocks by while she strode down the abandoned street, fighting back the big, salty tears wheeling in her green eyes.

Suddenly, a hand covered her mouth and dragged into the space between houses. She uttered muffled screams and kicked backwards against her attacker’s shins. “Calm down lass! It’s me Baraball. Sìm Dubh. You got sent ‘ere too?” He let her go and she spun around, red waves flying in her face.

It was indeed her friend Sìm. His blue eyes and auburn hair were his alright. She sighed in relief before spewing out her questions that waded in her mind. “How did we get ‘ere? Do you know lad?” Sìm shook his head. “Nay I don’t. I was looking at that painting of the hills and bam, I was in the middle of the road.”

“Walked around, but there’s no ‘ere. Bara, we gotta find our way home but not ‘ere.” Bara smirked at his nickname for her. “Alright, I trust you. What do we do?”

Sìm smiled and hugged her. “That’s my girlfriend. Now, we gotta walk cause I reckon there should be an inhabited village about 20 miles South. Let’s leave this ghost town.”

Barbell hugged him back. “What if we’re stuck here? In this time What then?” Sìm paused and thought, stroking Bara’s red waves as his blue orbs looked out to the moors and waving flower in the harsh wind. “Then we live, we learn the ways, we survive. After all, He’s got a plan don’t He?”

Baraball smiled. “Aye, that he does. Alright, let’s go then. nothing for us ‘ere.” Hand in hand, they both slowly walked out from the town and into the open road. They weren’t sure how or why they were here, but they did know one thing…….


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