Day 14: Staring Down My Foe



Broken wastelands.

Scattered homes and families lie hidden in the light.

They are all that’s left of this world, fighting the monsters.

The women and children are safely guarded by the small light that burns stark against the demons lurking, waiting.

He stood alone in the twilight, the edge of the sanity and reason. He raises the dark, gleaming sword as the demos rear their hideous, horned and shadowy heads and glinting eyes.

The ground trembles under their earth shattering feet, seeking blood and the thrill of the hunt, but a light stands in their way. It burns harshly on their bare knobby skin.

There he stands, in the face of evil itself, willing to lose everything if he can save everything. Behind him, a child’s pale face watches the loner stand against the horrors ahead.

She is safe, but her heart goes out to him. There he is facing her foes, willing to die a brutal death to defeat them and return them to the underworld below, locked away forever.

They charge this nameless hero and he stands his ground, to his last shaking, shallow breath.


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