Day 13: Stranger Mystery

In a spilt moment in the flow of time, his hazel orbs locked their colored gaze with the girl’s brown orbs who was sitting in and down in the row in front of his family.

He didn’t know her, he was just a visitor to this church and didn’t really want to be here either. He had tried falling asleep because of the dumb time change, but his mother sitting next to him nudged him awake.

He had glanced at her when she wasn’t looking like earlier she was engrossed in drawing on her iPad that he didn’t approach. After some worship everyone walked around saying good morning, shaking hands and giving smiles. He wanted to meet her, but it seemed both he and her were stopped until the time ended.

And now, durning the offering, they met gazes. She looked a bit surprised, but then flashed a small warm smile at him. Why is she smiling? Who is she and does she attend here? Maybe I can…but she looks tired….how can she stay awake durning this service?

His question were silently answered as the sermon began. The strange girl did stay awake and left for a bit. He saw that when she returned, her hair had gone up and her visage was brighter then before. How? Does she enjoy it here?

He was only a visitor, but now he was curious. The sermon only slightly interested him and he did take notes. But, the mystery of this joyous girl in the row in front of him was running through his mind.

Finally the service ended and everyone started walking out. He spotted the girl, unmistakable with her messy high bun and black backpack. He meant to go after her, but he had to leave right that minute. He sighed and walked out, hoping to maybe…just maybe…meet her next week. Hopefully, I won’t have to leave so soon too…..


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