Day 9: Lingering Times

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled. Vashti walked down the abandoned road towards her backwater tiny town in Idaho. Her glistening green eyes looked over the grain fields beside the road and saw a crop-duster not too far away from the road. She had waited for a time where she could be alone and think about the past events.

She was an adult woman, but also felt like a teen girl when she returned home. Royal Oak Idaho. She was a business major at the University of Idaho about an hour’s drive away from Royal Oak and today she had returned home to share some good news with her family. Vashti used her black hair out of her face as she entered town.

“Now, let’s find that diner.” She muttered to herself with a smile. She walked past the antique shops, old bookstore with the dirty windows and old lettering, the general store with that musky smell of wood and leather, the barbershop with the classic spinning pole above her head and finally the tack shop for farmers to get their gear for horse and cattle alike.

“Evenin’ Vashti! It’s been a while hasn’t it?” Vashti spun around and smiled at the older man’s visage. “You sure have become a fine woman, how’s the business and city life doing for you?” Mr. Sweetwater asked her as he came up to her. “It’s been great. Is my family at your diner?”

“Yes they are, you got some news for them?” Vashti nodded. “I’ll deviled it though. Thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiled and briskly walked across the empty street. She smiled as she spotted her family through the window and swung open the door. A cheerful bell sounded her coming her mother quickly rose.

“Vashti! You’re back already? I wasn’t expecting you until next week. Oh dear, I hope the house is clean.” Vashti’s younger siblings groaned while her father laughed. “All is well Donna, but Vashti what does bring you back so early? You said over the phone next Sunday you would come.” Vashti blushed slightly under her tan skin.

“I have news for you all. You know Carl right?” Her parents nodded, but kept silent. Vashti slowly reached into her pocket and pulled out the small black box. Her mother caught on quicker then a roadrunner and squealed. “ Oh bless your heart and soul! You’re engaged!” Vashti laughed and nodded, bracing herself as she was overcome with his from all around her.

Her siblings cheered and hugged her legs while her father and mother embraced her in-between them both. “When is the wedding?” her father asked anxiously. “In about 5 months. We thought that would be enough time.” Her mother waved her hands. “That’s enough, but while you’re here let’s have dinner.” Vashti smiled. “I heartily agree Mom.” She sat down with her family, box back in her pocket, but a glistening ring was now worn on her left hand.


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