Day 8: Before My Heart Changed

Aqua walked down her street alone. Being a 12-year old wasn’t easy, she sometimes wished that she could disappear or understand what He wanted for her. Aqua sighed and watched her breath rise up into the cloudy sky above, peeking through the red and brown leaves of the park beside her.

Aqua was scared, everyone else in her school knew what they wanted to do and where to go for college when they got there. She was only in middle school, why did everyone expect her to know now? Aqua watched a leaf fall in front of her face. “AT least you know what to do.” she spoke to the crunchy leaf.

The wind blew it out of her hand, but Aqua suddenly felt a strange sensation. Like someone was near here, but was hurting. A pain in her hand griped her and she slowly turned towards the gate. Aqua pushed open the wrought iron gate and took the beaten path through the large park area. She heard the crushing leave beneath her boots and the wind howling through the trees.

But under all those woodland sounds, was the soft hiccuping sound of a boy sobbing. “Who could that be?” It was hard to tell where it was coming from, but she was able to somehow follow it as it grew louder and closer. She pushed back some bushes and there he was, clasping his knees and crying on the ground against a olive tree.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Why are you alone?” Aqua’a bright blue pools looked over the red-haired mess as he lifted his head. “I was bullied again. I don’t know what I want to be and everyone picks on me!” He wailed, but Aqua’s eyes widened. “Hey, I’m the same way! I don’t know what i want to be…” The boy looked at her surprised and the next few minutes passed by in happy, yet stunned silence.

Days later, Aqua ran up to the gate and met up with Ian. That was the same boy she had comforted before and they had become great friends. She and him also discovered they each somehow had special abilities. She could sense other living organisms all around her while he a hidden extra eye that had physic powers.

Ian opened the gate for her and they embraced. “So how was your day?” he asked her. “It was better, they are beginning to lay off the teasing and you?”

“Same!” He smiled and she blushed slightly. The wind blew harder and a leaf hit Ian in the face. “Oh, hehe here.” Aqua reached over and pull it off of him. He grinned and looked down at the leaf. A little green light was hovering right in the middle of the leaf. Aqua’s senses went off and Ian could hear the little light speaking. “So, that’s how….” Aqua and Ian smiled as the light vanished and held hands, walking through the park where they first met.



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