Day 7: Lucky Winds

It was a slow morning for Aqua Rodriguez. Sitting alone at a table outside a Starbucks. She was a college student at UV and it was spring break. She had decided to stay up in Vermont because she wanted to explore more of this harsh, yet stunning state in the frigid North.

Aqua was currently reading “Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry” while drinking her peppermint mocha at the local skiing resort. It was a bright and chilling day as the sun sailed across the cornflower blue heavens. “I suppose Mum would have loved it here.” The 20-year old mused as she got up. She threw her book back into her bag and walked down from the large wooden porch.

She heard her boots press into the powdery fluff and give off a loud crunch! Being a New Hampshire girl, she was used to this weather. But she always wanted to know…

“MUM!!!!!” She whipped her head around to see a young boy crying. Her mother-like personality didn’t waste a second as she ran over to the young child. “What’s the matter? Are you lost?” Her sweet, soothing tone caught the boy’s attention and he hurdled himself into Aqua’s arms. “I can’t find my mum!”

Aqua frowned. It was a big resort and lots of skiers were gathered today for a big skiing event that ever newbies could enter. “What’s she look like? Where were you last with her?” Aqua rubbed his back gently, asking the questions in the same manner of tone.

“I was at top of the bunny slope and we went down together, but….then she was gone!” He choked out, wiping tears from his rosy red cheeks as more drops streamed out of his grey orbs. Aqua’s pale blue pools were filled with concern. Should I use my power? I have to change his luck.

Aqua closed her eyes and exhaled. The boy frowned before looking up at the slope he just finished. Aqua grinned and rubbed her hands together, yellow tendrils weaved around her hands. They formed words that her heart understood and she whispered them under her cold breath. “I’m sure we’ll find her soon.” she said with a confident smile as the words faded into the cold air. The boy looked unsure. “I don’t-”

Suddenly, snow whizzed past them and stopped. A woman with a pale green and sliver skiing outfit on quickly walked up to them. “Jonah! There you are! Oh you scared the living daylights out of me!” She knelt down and the boy broke into a run. “Mum! How did you find me?”

“I’m not sure. I just felt the urge to stop by the lodge.” The mother explained to her young boy. Aqua grinned knowingly. This story was much more normal then the other times she used her power of super luck, or luck manipulating as she called it, to help others. Recently, a masked young woman was helping others by giving them good luck and casting bad luck open those who deserved it. The city had called their masked heroine Charmer. Little did they know she was just a normal college student at UV.

Aqua smiled and shook the mother’s hands. “I’m glad I found him. I knew his luck would change soon.” The mother smiled. “Well, it sure did. Would you like some coffee?” Aqua considered the offer before nodding. “I would like that.” Even superheroes need a boost after helping others.


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