Day 6: Precious Time

He glanced at his watch impatiently. His evergreen pools watched the little hands move time forward, seeming to take forever as they robotically rotated over the silver Rolex face. He leaned back in his gray leather seat of his 2016 Ford-F250 Super Duty. It creaked back and he sighed.

Today was important to him. It was a routine by now, but it never failed to make him anxious. One could blame the circumstances, but he believed it was something else that made his stomach turn and his heart race.

Drew Racer, a 35 successful steel worker, was waiting in front of an Academy store for someone special. She hadn’t been his life long, but had already made an impact in his life. She was coming to him again today after about a month of absence. Someone else had her and would drop her off here.

3:12. The time was approaching fast now that Drew snapped out of his memory. Head lights burned into his orbs and he grinned. Slowly stepping out of his truck and leaning down, he spread his arms.

“Daddy!” Cassie flew into his arms with a giggle. “I missed you! But I still had fun with Maman!” Drew pushed back Cassie blonde curls and swung her up in his embrace. He looked over at the slim, short woman standing by the driver’s door of the Toyota sedan. Her thin lips were pressed together, but some glints of joy were buried in her blue eyes.

“I’m sure you did Princess. You ready to come home with your sad Daddy?” Drew asked his daughter, looking into her big, bright, sparkling eyes. Cassie smiled and hugged him. “Yes and you’re not sad anymore right?” Dew nodded at the woman as she threw Cassie’s luggage into the truck bed. She nodded back at him, blew a kiss at Cassie and slammed the sedan door shut.

“No, I’m happy you’re here with me again.” Drew smiled at his 6-year old daughter. She didn’t get to see him much after he divorce, but those moments never, ever left him.


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