Day 5: Ink Spots

Laying still, lonely on the white washed counter. It can hold so much power, different uses lie hidden in its slim form. Put one end to a sheet and move it the steady rhythm of imagination. It can give power to those who wield it, it can take down thousands upon thousands with it’s colorful or dark power.

It can motivate us, it can enlighten us on matters we never saw. it can create worlds we travel to together. It can create friends and show us enemies we take down. Even if it breaks, there are hundreds to choose from. It is smaller then a dagger, yet it holds it’s might above a gun.

What pictures can you paint with this weapon? What opponents can you destroy with this brush? What lands will you go to and what people shall you meet? What lies on this dresser is nothing special. It’s an ordinary pen, but yet it holds so much more then ink. It holds the endless world of a writer’s imagination.


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