Day 10: New Perspective

Andrew groaned. He HATED camping and yet here he was, out in the woods with his older brother and sister. No cell reception, no texting, no snapchat, no nothing. “Why did you drag me here?” He whined as his siblings were finishing setting up their cabin interior. His sister flashed him a glare with her piercing gray eyes. “Maybe if you got off your hide and helped us, we would be able to explore and start having fun faster.”

Andrew recoiled at his older sister’s, Daleen, snappy tone and got up in a hurry. When Daleen got serious, it was better not to irritate her further. Grumbling with walking towards the car, he yanked a sleeping bag out of the trunk and stomped his way into the cabin. It was dimly lit by the dirtied glass windows lining the top of the walls near the roof edge. A small table with four old wooden chairs were positioned in the left far wall while two small beds stood side by side on the right side of the cabin.

Andrew threw the sleeping bag on the floor and walked to the end of the cabin, finding a two person bathroom and opened the back door. There was a small, worn trail that lead down, down the hills towards the lake obscured from view by the thick foliage. “Yeah, we’ll head down there after we finish up. Come on Andrew, help me pull the games out.” He wiped around to the voice of his older brother, Gary.

Andrew sighed and reluctantly lifted the game boxes with his brother. He opened one and found to his surprise the game Uno. “Your favorite game. I grabbed it before Daleen closed the games off.” He nudged his stunned younger brother before walking out again. Andrew watched him leave and then looked back at the old stack of Uno cards. Memories of game times long gone came back with each card.

The wins, the loses, the teasing and the challenges. Maybe camping and playing Uno again wouldn’t be so bad. Andrew thought over it and decided to make a design later, but his attitude changed slightly. Slowly as the camping trip progressed, Daleen and Gary noticed Andrew become a bit more open and wanting to play Uno. They later said it must have been Andrew realizing that maybe the world doesn’t revolve around electronics or how many likes you get, but on your experience and the memories you make with the people you meet and have for family.


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