Shattered Emotions

( Hey y’all! This is a steampunk song-fic! This is my first, the song is Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling. I highly advise you all check it out. Enjoy and Faith Out!)



I pirouette in the dark.


I see the stars through a mirror



Jarred heard it all from below and inside in the clock tower. He flew over the floor on his steam-powered skates attached to his metal feet. He stopped at the West clock face, looking down at the Victorian-steampunk London streets. He pressed a broke and boiled hand on the glass, wishing himself down there. It was hard to find time though, being The Time Keeper.

Tired mechanical heart

He was hidden up the famous Big Ben clock tower in London. He had been chosen at school to stay in tall, ornate tower to tend to it due to his genius with fixing gears. But it felt like a boring routine now.

beats t’ill the song disappears

Morning, wake up. Check the gears. Oil self. Rewind the wires. Overview lower workings. Day in and day out. The same thing and at night he powered down. It wasn’t easy being an android so close to other mechanical workings.

If only the clockwork could speak

Jarred rarely had visitors to the upper or lower working of Big Ben, so he would often just talk to himself or to the ever-rotating gears and wheels of the tower. But they never talked back, just kept on with their hissing and squeaking as they did their purpose.

I wouldn’t be so alone

Jarred was alone. He often tried to blame the feeling for “something’s wrong with rector scale again” or “I don’t feel anything.” But he knew that he was faking himself out. Jarred often wished someone, anyone, would join him in the Tower. Even for a day, just so he wouldn’t be alone.

We’d burn every magnet and spring

Jarred would often dream of one or two people he would see pass on the street below as he worked away in the dark residing he held. He could imagine leaving the Tower and joining his old school friends in their android antics in the streets or plays. Jarred often smirked at the thought.

And spiral into the unknown

He remembered very little of the outside world since he was given the title Time Keeper after only 30 days of his existence. The thought of leaving thrilled him, but yet it terrified him too. True he loved fixing any mechanical, but that was all he ever really knew.

Somebody shine a light

However, once every month, durning the night, he could swear he heard someone else enter the Tower. He was always powered off so he was never sure, but when he woke the next morning, that person had left something of the outside London that he never seen before. It was like a beacon to him, calling him down…..

I’m frozen by the fear in me

….But the same fear whispers in his ears and he always discard the little trinket into a basket in his corner. His gear-like green eyes would often have a sad tint to them as he went back to work. How could he overcome this fear?

Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me

But one time, there was a note next to the mini pocket watch one morning. Jarred frowned and knelt his bronze knees down to pick it up. He opened the stiff and sweet-smelling paper to reveal beautiful lettering.

Don’t give up yet. Break free. Follow your gears.

So cut me from the line.

Jarred was stunned. He was never allowed any communication with the outside world, but now that line had been crossed. Who wrote it? What did they want? Questions buzzed through Jarred’s wheels and bolts. “What now?” He realized what time it was and felt his steamboots moving against his will towards the main Tower’s system.

Dizzy, spinning endlessly

He realized that he had almost re-programed himself into his routine. In order to break out, he had to fight himself. He was tired of the same old Tower and now was his chance.

If I break the glass, then I’ll have to fly.

“Now or never?” Jarred froze. He was fighting hard, knowing once out he couldn’t turn back. Once his system changed, there was no reverting to it again.

There’s no one to catch me if I take a dive.

No one was ever there for him. It was always only him. He had to change, he wanted to meet the person who had given him this strength in his bolts.

I’m scared of change, but don’t dare stay the same.

All his life, however long it was, He had been held back by his little knowledge of the world, but yet thats what drove him now. He couldn’t stay the same, not anymore.

The world is spinning, but only in rain.

The world moved on, why couldn’t he? If the world turned and changed seasons, why couldn’t he find a new job? A new life outside the dark and dismal tower? He kept Time and yet it always slipped away form him. It was his time to chase it.

Shatter me!

He brought his arms down on the board and clicked. His program was terminated and he breathed freely. He gasped and ran down the steps, hope filling his metal chest. He flung off his gloves and apron, revealing a forest green vest and long black pants underneath. He burst out the door into the sunlight and people stopped and stared at the young android staring back at them. His hair and goggles were in disarray, but one girl with brown gear eyes and black and blue hair skated up on her boots. “Welcome to London Jarred Gears.” Jarred grinned. His emotions shattered and he embraced the girl who had brought him light to break free.

Somebody make me feel alive and shatter me!



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