CWM’s Writings

Hey y’all! With TPS I attended a Creative Writers Meeting in December and I want to share with you all what I wrote. There is a short story and three poems. Hope you like and please comment down below if you enjoyed them. Thank you and Faith Out!


Black Snow:

Raven ran. She didn’t stop even though the cold wind bit her flushed cheeks. Shouts and hate-filled yells towered behind her. Her crisp ivy eyes were stark against her ebony locks which she brushed out her pale visage. She passed by the tall oaks and huge trunks which seemed black against the blinding white snow. Oh Jake, where are you when I need your comforting and protecting arms?

She always were an outcast among the villagers, her gothic appearance appalled them and she was very quiet. Now, they were trying to drive her out, saying she had evil intentions and was a witch due to her looks and actions. True, I’m odd. But I would never….. She tripped and fell onto the powdery snow, but quickly scrambled up. She had to keep running. She had to or she would die by their dirty, greedy hands. Until she reached the mist. They would never dare go in there. It’s a risk, but only until Jake and Melissa find me again. I’m an outcast and I have to use my skills to survive against them.

Raven stopped at the edge. A lone bird call broke the heavy silence as she stared into the silver promising mist before her. Her dress whipped around her slim legs and the shouts that had been faint grew louder. She slowly turned to face them, the wind picking up her short bangs.They all saw her confident grin as they slowed and halted.

“ She wouldn’t dare….” they murmured among themselves. She glanced at them once more, pain and hope filled her green iris.

Fools, they can never outwit me or Jake or Melissa. We are too smart and skilled in the ways of the forest. Try if they might, we will win. She heard soft footsteps from behind the hazy veil and exhaled. She stepped forward then vanished behind the fog.

It was all like a dream. Leaving the village behind. Raven felt a small voice urging her to go back, but it was snuffed out as a new hope arose in her. She stumbled her way through the haze until the pale cold sunlight broke through the dead branches. Raven stopped to catch her breath. The seemingly cold, lifeless forest now showed her pale, peeping eyes at the dark, shivering teen.

Raven slid down to the ground and wrapped her thin, black-sleeved arms around her bony knees wrapped in dark lacy fabric. Raven heard running footsteps and knew Jake and Melissa had arrived. A new life huh? That’s what we promised each other so long ago. Raven inhaled and stood as a boy and girl her age came into view. They stop and silence fell over them. They just stood there, smiling at each other. Children of the Dark Forest.


Moonlight Choice:

A pure being, a gleaming girl walks alone
Her rabbit hopped behind her as the pale light shone
She walked in the wet grass, following the rough wall
Her whole attire was white, she looked like a doll
She stopped at a sudden brook and bent to see
A gateway with another moon beckoning to a new country
She stood so still, one would see a statue’s grace
Her heart and her rabbit were both in a chase
A choice to make, a new journey to start
A new approach and world would soon leave her an impart



A Hidden Home:

The streets I walk are hard under my feet
I briskly walk down towards home, almost to a beat
Shouts and cries ring out from the street sides
I cover my ears and bolt, wishing to be at my fireside.
Suddenly, I spot a temporary safe place, a man beckons me
I take a seat as he offers me a drink and paper, with an aura of glee
The French books and newspaper are all landed up front
I lose myself in the hot drink and a book, the bury street now distant
Suddenly, I am jerked back by my phone’s buzz and I see the time
I rush up and generously tip him, thanking him for the pastime
Now when I pass by there, I stop and flash him a smile
His cheerful self and his talks always make stopping by worthwhile
It’s now my safe-haven on the strange way home
The streets seem to be lighter and I no longer roam
It’s odd how such a tiny and unknown place can be a comfort
I now see why I love the vendor, it’s an island amongst the desert.


A Chance Encounter:

I remain silent, hidden in my room, darkness
People come and knock and I never answer, pain
My mom is frantic, my dad is concerned, loneliness
My sister is sad, my bro is mad, neglect
I look in the mirror and remember, shackles
“I’ll never by lovely, why even try?” doubt
They told me I was hideous and ugly, lies
Could I ever have someone love me? never
I smash my mirror and tear at myself, despair
Suddenly, a window opens and light fills my room, light
A hand reaches for mine and he smiles, comfort
He jumps in and I feel like I’m dreaming, befriended
He grabs me and whispers, I’ll take you for a fly
I gasp as I know this voice, I’ll make you believe you are lovely
He takes me upon his wings and soars, freedom
He shows me my true self and friends, confidence
I now gaze at the mirror and remember his words, truth
He always is there and stays with me, forever
I put up my mirror and smile at the image, hope


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