The Awakening

Steve pulled Thor back. “I know I’m still pretty naive to this whole space thing, but will the twins be safe here? Im a bit worried that Loki…” he didn’t finish. I’m technically 70+ years old, but I’m still 20. I still am transitioning in the 21 century and I’m not losing anyone else. Not after Peggy. I refuse that and we forgot Bucky. I wanted him to come, but they said to leave him. Thor walked thoughtfully before speaking low. “Loki is locked away. They sell be safe. No one shall be harmed this night. Come let us drink and be merry tonight!” All the adults cheered while the twin sets rolled their eyes and laughed.

To Josh, the night seemed to pass by in a flash. They entered the Great Hall where a fanfare and cheers awaited them, the heroes of Middgard. The food was delicious, the music was joyous and the stories told were epics. The twins sets each also had a chance to tell their own tale, meet Odin and Freyda, plus spar with the Warrior Three. Now, the dancing had commenced and Thor and Jane along Clint and Nat where on the floor. Sif decided to accept Steve’s friendly dance while Pietro and Joanna danced alongside Wanda and Josh. Within an hour, everyone was gathered around the fire, listening to more tales begun sung.

Joanna yawned a bit and was about to follow her brother towards the minstrels when she noticed a green haze gathering at the doors. It’s not humid in here. What is that? Better get closer to scan it. She walked towards it, but yet it seemed to back away. She opened the door and it fled down a hall. “ What are you?” She quickly ran after it. It twisted around corners, ran out doors and led down a flight of dark stairs. She gasped for breathe and grabbed a lit torch before slowly descending down. “Hello?” She called, but no one answered. She scanned for the mist and caught it’s signature and ran down the steps.

Wanda was thoroughly inthralled by the stories, but Pietro was kinda bored. He looked up and scanned the room for Joanna, but didn’t see her amber eyes. He frowned and zipped over to Nat. “Do you know where Joanna is?” Nat sniffed. “She can take care of herself. Stop worrying so much and just listen.” Pietro grimaced slightly, but remained quiet. She’s right, but Joanna never disappears without saying a word. He zoomed over to Wanda and leaned down to whisper. “Joanna ушла. Вы видели, как она уходит?” (Joanna is gone. Did you see her leave?) Wanda glanced around sent a telepathic call, but came up with nothing. “Я не могу почувствовать ее!” (I can’t sense her!)

Joanna reached the end of the stairs and noted how dark it was. Good thing a brought my halo-lights! She pulled from behind her back a long stick and clicked it. It lit up and illuminated a pat in front of her. She noted a panel on the wall and pressed her earring, causing her glasses to appear. It scanned the system and showed her what to press. Soon, the room came alive with light and she saw a container in the middle of the room. The torches gave a good amount of light for her to see a figure inside. She noticed his black hair and walked up the glass. Why is he facing away from me? She cleared her throat. “Wer bist du? Warum bist du eingesperrt?” ( Who are you? Why are you locked up?) The man turned around and she gasped.

“Loki!” She gasped out his name as he stood up. He looked at er with curiosity as she backed up a few paces. “Obviously you know me, but who are you? I know you are not Wanda Maximoff…unless…” He put his hand against the glass wall and looked at her deeply. Joanna’s heart beat loudly and her griped on the torch was tight. She breathed as quietly as she could, but her amber eyes were betraying her shock and fear. Loki suddenly smiled. “You must be the alien girl. I can’t much from the guards, but I overhear the speak of the alien twins. You must be….Joanna was it?” Joanna saw the green haze collect under where he was. He led me here….for what?


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