The Awakening

( This is chapter 3 of my Avengers/Guardians fanfic. Enjoy and please comment. Faith Out!)

Wanda glanced at her clock to see the time. It’s 4:30 A.M! We have to leave soon, I still can’t believe we are actually going to Asgard. I wonder why though….it’s so sudden too. Pietro has teased Thor about going and Josh and Joanna most likely have been there before. Well, maybe not. Not after their faces and words….. Wanda looked up from her suitcase and flashed back to the evening beforehand. The memory was still vivid in her mind. They had just gotten back from the dance and the news had hit them like a ton of bricks.

Joanna spoke first after a prolonged silence. ” We…are going…to Asgard?!” she asked breathless. Josh’ emerald orbs flashed with excitement and pumped his arms. ” Sweet! When do we leave?” Pietro swallowed and held up his hand in questioning. ” Please, what I said before was…” Thor shook his head, ” It was my decision and my father is anxious to meet the two who assisted us.” He nodded at the aliens. ” We leave at 0500 hours. Get some rest and packing done.” Nat waved her hand in dismissal. The quartet exchanged excited and bewildered looks before rushing off to pack.

Josh crashed into Pietro’s room with his luggage. ” Это круто! Интересно, что Асгард это как?” ( This is awesome! I wonder what Asgard is like?) Pietro shook his silver hair as he zipped around. ” I dunno…..wait, you haven’t been there? I mean you are…” He stopped, not wanting to offend Josh. Josh sighed. He knew what his friend wanted to say and replied. ” No, we mainly remained within our galaxy. Never outside those bounds so no.” Pietro nodded, ” Then it will be an adventure for both of us!” Josh and Pietro chest-bumped before grabbing their belongings and heading towards the elevator. ” I’ll beat you! In your dreams!”

Joanna went through her packing list on her tablet while the robotic arms placed each item precisely in her suitcase. ” It’s very curious, the circumstances of this trip. I wonder if something is going on with Ordin or Loki even. Best not say the later’s name while I’m there. Now I better find my….where did it go?!” Her amber eyes flashed as placed her tablet down quickly and dug through her vanity. ” Мое ожерелье! Где это сделал …. Является ли это?” ( My necklace! Where is it…Is this it?) Joanna saw Wanda levitate a simple chain with a charm on it. Joanna sighed and grabbed her luggage. ” Yes, thanks. Now let’s get outside!”

Thor waited outside facing the sky, blood red cape whipping in the strong wind. Nat was discussing with Fury on who would protect the Tower while the rest of the Avengers were waiting around for the twin sets. They came rushing our with their suitcases and bright smiles. ” wir sind bereit!” ( We’re ready!) Nat walked up as they all gathered around Thor. ” SHIELD will cover our absence and I hope it stays that way.” She shook her red curls as Clint ended his call to Laurie. ” She scared you’re going to die or something?” James teased. Thor grinned and called out.

” Hamdel, open the bypass!” Light shot down and surrounded them. Josh grabbed Joanna as Pietro did the same. The group banded close together as the wind blew up as they felt themselves fly up. ” Whoooooo!!!! Pietro screamed as Wanda covered her ears. Must the boys be so loud?! Oh lighten up sis! Joanna gasped at the flying stars blur together. “Woah…what a way to travel.” Josh smiled and they all saw the end. ” Hold on.” Thor grinned and swung Mjölnir as they hit the chamber. Everyone dusted off the star sparks from their clothes, but then gasped at the spectacular skyline ahead of them.

They were inside a dome which held the portal entry and a long bridge spanned ahead of them towards the great city.The twins gasped in awe at the room with the on the walls and stars aligned. Thor smiled and urged everyone out to the bridge. Horses waited for them, but Joanna gasped. “Am I dreaming? This is Asgard?!?!” Josh rubbed his eyes and ran his hand through his brown locks. “It’s so surreal. It’s like the future architecture mixed with medieval.” Nat nodded. “Not a bad home you got Thor.” Pietro zipped towards the bridge, but Wanda jerked her hands, slowing him down. “You might fall since there are no rails brother.”

Pietro rolled his eyes, but remained still. They all began to walk towards the waiting steeds. Joanna gasped in awe of the buildings ahead of them, some were even floating in mid-air! Josh gazed at the light the bridge and sea emanated. Wanda was still in shock from the travel itself and the beauty of Asgard added onto that. Every Avengers was fascinated by an aspect of Asgard, but they walked in silence merely taking everything in. “Do you Xanderians know how to ride a horse?” Thor inquired. The twins nodded. “Of course we do! We practiced at the Academy’s racetrack and with the Maximoffs.” With smiles, they all mounted and took off towards the city gates.

They rode through the crowds, wavering as they proceeded towards the huge castle. ” It looks like organ pipes to me.”Josh whispered to Wanda. She laughed along with the others. Steve adjusted his position on the saddle. “Man, now I really feel out of place. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden and now I’m on another planet.” Thor laughed and smacked his back. “Welcome to Asgard. Just wait until you meet the Warrior Three and Lady Sif.” Nat raised her eyebrow. ” She sounds dangerous, I think I might like her.” They stoped at the castle grounds and dismounted.

Thor walked in front of them, leading them towards the main hall. Pietro pulled Joanna towards him. ” This is beautiful….who knew Thor had such a nice home?” Joanna giggled and took some photos. “This is a treasure trove of photos waiting to happen.” Wanda smiled and made an image of the Avengers insignia. “Take one of this and later we can photoshop it everywhere!” The girls giggled, but the boys groaned. They do it all the time! The group went around a corner and three men and a woman in amour awaited them.


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